Spacious 3BHK Builder Floor

What makes a Rs. 1.5 crore, spacious 3BHK builder floor worthwhile in Sainikpuri location, Hyderabad?

The pandemic has certainly inspired home buyers worldwide to seek out more spaces. Social distancing and pandemic-friendly homes have turned into important criteria when buying a home regardless of the location or city!

Hyderabad has no dearth of excellent residential options. In Sainikpuri, which is North-East of Hyderabad offers standalone building ‘apartment options’, and a 3bhk ‘builder floor’ is fast catching up.

Sainikpuri as a colony that was initially a secluded abode for the Armed Forces personnel is now one of the most sought-after localities to call home in Hyderabad. Many homebuyers in Hyderabad, NRIs, and even active professionals from all walks of life are looking at Sainikpuri for buying their dream home apartment.

The lush green environs, thick green cover of trees, the chirping of the birds, the cantonment feel, well-laid out roads, availability of parks to walk around, and excellent social infrastructure make Sainikpuri an enviable location in Hyderabad.

Why Should Someone Invest Rs 1 to Rs. 1.5 Crore To Buy a 3bhk ‘Builder Floor’ In Sainikpuri?

Here are the reasons-

1. Spacious homes

  • A builder floor in Hyderabad comes usually in a 5-storey building with 5 homes constructed in plot sizes between 400 square yards to 700 square yards in well-established colonies
  • If you buy a builder floor, you get to ‘own the entire floor’ which seems spacious
  • Are is usually over 2200 sft that gives you ample space to cater to the needs of family members
  • You have the flexibility to make multiple uses of the rooms

2. Luxury and status

  • A builder floor is obviously more expensive as compared to a regular apartment
  • The reason is ‘exclusivity’ and high-end specifications, which is usually high-end compared with regular apartments
  • Plus, you get to own a decent chunk of the land as well when you buy a builder floor apartment
  • You get amenities like an elevator taking you directly to your floor, access to generator, exclusive parking among other things
3bhk builder floor

3. Unparalleled privacy

  • With no neighbors around you, there is no disturbance
  • A 3bhk builder floor is where you have ‘one apartment per floor’- this is uniquely quiet
  • You even have rights to your corridor that leads from the elevator or stairs to your builder floor entrance
  • With a builder floor, you could just step out of your home for a private stroll even in your own corridor
  • You don’t have to worry about shutting the doors or windows to prevent neighbors gaining visual access to your home
  • You can speak loud, sing, dance, and do what you want without worrying about being a disturbance to your neighbor

4. Better well-being

  • The pandemic has resulted in mental health being impacted adversely, and many people experiencing anxiety, stress, loneliness, and even depression
  • With more spaces, and legroom to walk around, you feel much at ease
  • With all 4 sides open, you get uninterrupted natural light and ventilation with a builder floor
  • Sainikpuri being a green area, the views outside the balcony invariably make you feel one with nature
  • With a 3bhk builder floor, you live in a low-density population are, which automatically makes you feel active and happy

5. An independent villa-like living

a 3bhk spacious builder floor
  • This is the best part about a builder floor since you get a feeling as if you are living in an independent bungalow since all 4-sides are open, just like a villa
  • In fact, higher floors give you a ‘sky villa’ feeling as you get better and unrestricted views of the blue skies from your balcony or windows
  • A builder floor admeasuring about 2300 sft at Rs 5800 to Rs 7000 per sft in Sainikpuri costs anything around Rs 1.5 crore. A builder’s floor is much cheaper than buying a residential plot of 400 sq. yds. in Sainikpuri and constructing an independent villa costing approx.. Rs 3.5 crore

A builder floor in Sainikpuri is approved by GHMC, and even Banks are now making home loans available for buyers. This makes them not only desirable but also a safe proposition.

So, if the quality of life in Hyderabad is what you are looking at, then it is worth exploring a builder floor option in the Sainikpuri locality.

“To live well, one must live unseen.”

René Descartes


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