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Homebuyers in Hyderabad: Seeking ‘quality of life’ while searching for a 2 and 3 BHK flat

With the pandemic in the passing phase, many homebuyers in Hyderabad are taking a conscious decision to seek QUALITY OF LIFE! What are those things that are now more important to a home buyer who wants a 2 or 3 BHK apartment?

The psychological dent of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in home buyers more than just an apartment. Those seeking a 2BHK flat in Hyderabad are now thinking of a more spacious 3 BHK apartment.

Futuristic homes with work-from-home options are a priority for a comfortable living.

Safe and worry-free living has prompted home buyers to seek more than just ‘pricing incentives’ (low-cost deals) or ‘location’ (Near IT Hub) as the primary criteria.

1. Homebuyers in Hyderabad: Seeking more space ‘inside’ the apartment rather than shared amenities

   Having a more spacious kitchen, bedroom, living, and dining has become important   |  Homebuyers in Hyderabad
  • Having a more spacious kitchen, bedroom, living, and dining has become important
  • Home buyers are finding that many common spaces may not be very attractive if they eat into their SPACE inside the house
  • For example, buying a 1200 sft gated community apartment with all amenities vs. 1400 sft with relevant amenities. Many home buyers in Hyderabad are seeking a 1400 sft flat. It is a matter of choice whether or not amenities are needed. Amenities like clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, play areas, courts, etc. are not attractive to those who seek more space inside their home
  • So, a gated community home with more amenities gives you lesser space compared with a bigger standalone building flat in Hyderabad
  • In the post-pandemic era, many of these amenities are NOT attractive to home buyers in Hyderabad
  • The homebuyers in Hyderabad are asking themselves: ‘Why go for amenities that are not useful to me? Why pay for a swimming pool or a gymnasium when I am uncomfortable using them? Instead, I want an apartment in a standalone building with more space available to me! They too give basic amenities like lifts, power-generator, and car-park!”

2. More spacious elevators, stairs, balconies, open kitchen, and well-ventilated spaces

 More spacious elevators, stairs, balconies, open kitchen, and well-ventilated spaces | Homebuyers in Hyderabad
  • With social distancing becoming a habit, homebuyers in Hyderabad are seeking high-quality elevators that are more spacious
  • Home buyers are seeking elevators and stairs that feel airy
  • Balconies are a big hit, and people want to have spaces they can breathe in while standing on their balconies, looking at the skyline around their home
  • Open-kitchen makes you feel easy, and with men too wanting to participate in creating dishes, an OPEN kitchen is being preferred

3. Having a place for your own laundry and storage

  • A utility room with a washing machine, a dryer, and an ironing place is a must-have
  • Home buyers in Hyderabad want adequate STORAGE and WORK space for their laundry as well as kitchen items
  • Having a separate laundry and storage makes you self-reliant. This is also a must, as you remain prepared in a pandemic-like situation

4. Living close to nature

  • Home buyers want to live in areas and localities like Sainikpuri that are located in the lap of nature
  • With lesser population density, a thick tree cover, and wide roads, you feel so much at peace
  • With trees, you also get to hear the birds chirping in the morning
  • Living in the lap of nature secures good health and wellness
 Living in the lap of nature secures good health and wellness  | Homebuyers in Hyderabad

5. Having a life outside the home with good social infrastructure nearby

  • With the social infrastructure in Hyderabad well-developed, you can live in any area of your choice
  • Areas around West Hyderabad (I.T employment Hub) are popular
  • Other areas that are increasingly being preferred by home buyers in Hyderabad are Kukatpally, Tarnaka, and Sainikpuri/A.S.Rao Nagar, Ghatkesar, Uppal, and others
  • A home buyer in Hyderabad is surrounded by micro-markets, so facilities like shopping areas/stores, educational institutions, entertainment spots, eateries, medical facilities, etc. are within easy reach!
  • Homebuyers in Hyderabad are increasingly realizing that with well-connected social infrastructure quality of life will be better regardless of the distance of the place-of-work

Homebuyers in Hyderabad are considering factors related to a better quality of life, and that comes by having a pandemic-ready home.

A home that feels spacious, airy, and caters to all the basic needs to ensure a fine and safe living experience!

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