3 BHK apartments In Hyderabad!

5 important tips for home buyers wanting to buy Standalone 3 BHK Apartments In Hyderabad!

The builder of a ‘standalone building’ residential project will usually be a small-scale builder who serves a very niche group of customers who want more! These builders normally specialize and make 3 bhk apartments in Hyderabad between 700 square yards to 2000 square yards. These standalone projects come with all the relevant amenities barring the lavish ones offered by gated-community complexes (Gymnasium, swimming-pool, club-house, etc.).

Builder of a ‘standalone building’ can offer a range of residential projects- ranging from low-budget project to a lavish & luxurious high-end project depending on the locality and target-segment.

For example, you could have a super-premium ‘standalone building’ apartment project in Jubilee Hills, Gachibowli, or Madhapur area costing more than Rs 10000 per sft. Alternatively, you could choose to opt for a project in the economy range in the same area that costs less than 7000 per sft.

Similarly, in areas like Sainikpuri or Yapral, you have 3BHK ‘standalone building’ apartments being sold for anything between Rs 4000 per sft to Rs 7000 per sft. They cater to economy as well as the high-end specification preferences of customers.

What do you seek? The key is to know ‘what you want (your priorities & preferences), and ‘finding the right builder’ who offers you a ‘standalone building’ dream-home you can be proud to own!

The budget matters, however, it is important NOT to compromise of the basics of the home. You surely don’t want to buy a sub-standard home that’s not sturdy and won’t stand the test of time for decades to come!!

Here are 5 tips to make sure you find the right builder in the ‘standalone building’ segment who gives true value for your money!

1. Check reputation of the builder of ‘standalone building’ 3 bhk apartments in hyderabad

  • Reputation matters! A true reflection of reputation is what the existing customers have to say about the builder
  • Reputation comes with the promises kept by the builder
  • The quality of construction, specifications, finishing, vastu-compliance, water & electricals, drainage, parking-arrangements, lifts, generator etc. are all important elements to be considered
  • The builder should be fully involved in construction, and must be using the money for timely construction

2. Check for quality of construction, pre-construction rigour, professionalism Of 3 bhk apartments in

3 bhk apartments in Hyderabad -  Quality of construction also comes with ‘quality-consciousness’
  • Deeper elements like soil-testing based construction, a rigorous anti-termite treatment, structural strength of the building, efficient plans/designs by architect, branded construction materials like cement, TMT, bricks etc. being used are extremely important to ensure strength of the building
  • Quality of construction also comes with ‘quality-consciousness’ of the builder. The right attitude to deliver quality, long-lasting homes must be a priority of the builder
  • Some builders just want to sell their projects and vanish- never to be seen again! Identifying the right builder can happen only when we know how ‘quality-conscious the builder is!
  • Check if the builder deeply believes in quality or is only interested in superficial quality
  • Deeper elements like the construction materials being used matter
  • Similarly, construction must be done based on the ‘quality of soil’ in the area
  • Using high quality cement for pillars and beams make the structure strong
  • Quality of bricks, plumbing elements, electricals matter a lot
  • Professional team with complete involvement of structural engineers on-site are important

3. Check for RERA approval and GHMC permit to be legally safe

  • A RERA approved standalone building means it has gone through all the pre-requisites of a safe building
  • Plus, TS RERA approval makes sure that the state government is on your side to take care of your interests in case of delays or intention-issues of the builder
  • Besides, even for bank loans you need the standalone building residential project to be RERA approved
RERA for a 3 bhk apartments in hyderabad

4. Check the previous project by physically visiting the project

  • Seeing is believing, so a visit to the previous project delivered by the builder makes a difference!
  • If you make an effort and approach an existing owner of the project, it can really help take an informed decision

5. Check the specifications, and compare costs of other projects in the locality

  • Specifications play a major role in determining the quality you are getting
  • More important- DO NOT choose cheaper options with cheaper or sub-standard specifications and materials
  • For example, in Sainikpuri, if you were to choose between a Rs 4300 per sft project as against a Rs 4500 per sft project, but the specifications of the cheaper one are lower- CHOOSE the SUPERIOR SPECIFICATIONS
  • Superior specifications means better construction rigour, better (branded) raw materials like cement, TMT, bricks, plumbing and electricals etc.
  • Paying Rs 200 or Rs 300 per sft extra means you are buying peace of mind
  • A better constructed property gets you better ‘return on investment’

With these tips, you are better equipped to make the right decision. Cheap properties and excessive cost-focus are a blunder. As a home buyer, you must evaluate all the elements that go into the making of a standalone building project.

A single-minded focus on ‘low cost’ lands a home buyer in making the wrong choice of residential project that’s low on quality and long-term sturdiness!

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Tony Robbins

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