3 BHK Home In Hyderabad- 6 Essentials To Evaluate Before Purchasing Your Home

Buying your dream home is one of the most important decisions in life. Having a spacious apartment in the beautiful city of Hyderabad, which you can call your own, is like a dream fulfilled.

Before you choose that right 3 bhk home in hyderabad for yourself, you need to check these 6 parameters.

1. Location that gives you peace of mind, plus, ‘a happy & healthy living’

The locality you choose to live in matters! The location of your home needs to ‘add years’ to your and your family’s life and well-being. Factors that count are-

  • Commute to work, markets, educational hubs
  • Density of population (crowded or not)
  • Amenities & social infrastructure
  • Connectivity to shopping, healthcare and
  • Security

Living in a good locality with good connectivity and amenities is very fulfilling in the long run for a superior lifestyle and peace of mind!

3 bhk home in hyderabad - The locality you choose to live in matter

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

2. Amenities and social infrastructure that’s relevant

‘Amenities’ that come with the home are meant for your ‘comfort and convenience’, and should be worth paying for! The social infrastructure is equally important. Although, fortunately, in Hyderabad, the social infrastructure is well spread out since the city has a vibrant population of over 80 lakh people. With a reasonably high ‘average per capita income’ in Hyderabad, you everything in close proximity across Hyderabad regardless of the location!

3. Investment angle, and bright future prospects of resale for 3 bhk home in hyderabad

Whether you are purchasing an apartment or a ‘One apartment per floor’ residence, it must appreciate in monetary terms as time goes by. For that to happen, the builder should give you a high-quality home that would remain attractive and sturdy in the decades ahead. There is no point in compromising on the quality of construction. Saving a few lakhs only to lose in the long run. You would want your home to be viewed as an asset with time passing buy. That’s truly satisfying even if you do not plan on selling your home.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

You should be aware of the ‘add-ons’ that contribute to the ‘total price’ of a home. These add-ons come with the apartment, especially in gated-community apartments –

  • Internal/External development fees
  • Preferential location charges, if any
  • Parking charges
  • Statutory/club charges
  • Taxes

The final cost is much lesser with a standalone building apartment. These apartments are built on smaller residential plots in Hyderabad admeasuring 400 sq. yds. to 2000 yds. With only relevant amenities like parking, power back-up, elevator, security, etc. the money you pay is primarily for the roof over your head. Consequently, the ‘add-ons’ are much lesser with these standalone building apartments. Hyderabad is a market where home buyers value this saving and are happier living in well-established residential colonies where you have plenty of options in this ‘standalone building’ segment.

4. Reputation and past performance of the builder

Choosing the right builder is a prerequisite to your ‘peace of mind’. Credible real estate builders are the ones who follow the law (RERA and GHMC norms) in letter and in spirit.

  1. Check the title deed of the plan, RERA (for bigger projects)
  2. Check if the builder has approvals from the GHMC
3 bhk apartment in hyderabad

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

5. Home type, configuration (size), design element

Home type is where you decide the area, the type (gated, standalone, duplex, ‘one apartment, one floor’ etc). This includes common areas such as lobby areas, staircases, etc. A home buyer needs to know what the ‘super-built-up area’ is and the ‘carpet area’ which you actually get. Always consider the carpet area while buying a 3 bhk home in hyderabad , and check if this meets your family’s needs, especially in a post-COVID era.

6. Payment plans

Real estate developers sometimes offer different payment plans and schemes like subvention schemes, construction-linked plans, and possession-linked plans. Understand the financial and long-term implications of these before committing to a purchase.

Homebuyers in Hyderabad are now demanding relevant amenities, high-end specifications, and more space inside the home rather than on amenities like swimming-pool or gymnasium, which are not put to effective use. As a home buyer, only you can decide what matters to you. So, think and weigh your priorities and needs and take a deliberate decision with this wisdom.

‘Trust your instincts, and make judgments on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.’

David Gemmell


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