Should QUALITY-CONSCIOUSNESS matter for your 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad?

For a middle class home buyer, the options are plenty for the limited resources we have. The idea is to make sure we strike the right balance, and get the best deal albeit VALUE for our money.

The more important question is “what exactly should define VALUE FOR MONEY?” as we deal with the multiple thoughts that cross our mind.

The answer to this is “being QUALITY CONSCIOUS” about your dream home matters! It is very difficult to find builders who share this commitment to quality. Especially, finding QUALITY CONSCIOUS builders who would make your home as if they are making it for themselves!

Forego bigger and cheaper apartments in favour of smaller, more expensive apartments (in rates per square foot) provided it OFFERS YOU SUPERIOR QUALITY.

Typical buying process we go through while scouting for the right home i.e 3 BHK apartment

Typical buying process we go through while scouting for the right home i.e 3 BHK apartment | 3 BHK apartment

A typical buying process is normally the same for most middle segment buyers:

  • we first try to understand what we want
  • we have a limited budget, or may have to even to arrange for money through family sources of taking a home loan from banks
  • then, our family requirements come into play. We figure out what kind of area we want, which location is preferable, what amenities we cannot compromise on, parking, power back-up facility etc.
  • with the limited budget, we also make a list of where we could COMPROMISE depending upon our priorities, and the demands/needs of our family members
  • based on all this, we begin our search of a project. We depend on internet search, recommendations by friends/family, word of mouth etc.
  • we begin evaluating designs, plans, specifications etc., and try to make sense of what the builder is offering, and
  • finally we shortlist ONE or TWO options based on all the family, budget and other factor

Things NOT to miss in your buying process

finding the right builder and the right home requires a deeper commitment to QUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS.
  • What we must not miss is- WHAT & HOW ‘WE THINK’ WHILE EVALUATING OPTIONS
  • By evaluation criteria we mean, “HOW WE GO ABOUT looking for the BUILDER and the property!”
  • Many home buyers struggle with this one. More often than NOT, home buyers do not follow a structured and sensible approach while buying their dream home
  • The most critical element- With plenty of options available, finding the right builder and the right home requires a deeper commitment to QUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS.
  • Without the right thought process, and with half-baked knowledge, buying-process becomes extremely RISKY! By knowing the importance of QUALITY

Three parts to buying process

Buying process for 3 BHK apartment | 3 BHK apartment

Learning about ‘what goes into the making of the property’

Learning about ‘what goes into the making of the property’ | 3 BHK apartment
  • This has to do with ensuring we do NOT compromise on QUALITY aspects
  • To learn all we can about construction, and pre-construction processes a builder should undertake, especially, if you are opting for standalone building apartment
  • The list involves major items such as- soil-testing, anti-termite treatments, use of branded construction materials, professional approach to safety and quality, superior specifications of exterior and interior elements, high grade accessories & fitting, superior quality electricals and plumbing items, water connection, provision of borewell and so on.
  • Not to fall prey for low priced lucrative deals. Builders reduce price by lowering the quality of specifications of everything that goes into the making of the building
  • Opt for a HIGHER GRADE and HIGHER QUALITY home whose specifications are high, and branded elements are used
  • Pay a slightly higher [rice per square feet, if the specifications are superior
  • Opt for a slightly smaller apartment, if the specifications are superior. Never try to save at the cost of QUALITY
  • If QUALITY remains In focus, the PRICES are also likely to be steeper compared with low-quality builders who force-fit the customers’ budgets with low-quality construction.
  • For example, within Yapral, Sainikpuri– let us assume that we have a builder A who offers the apartment at a price of Rs 3700 per sft. Another builder B offers a price of Rs 4100 in the same area. Clearly, if you check the specifications, and construction rigour, the builder B is most likely to offer SUPERIOR QUALITY. Buy that one, even if it means compromising on the total square foot area of the home. ‘Lesser area’ is much better than a ‘bad quality, bigger home’!

Expensive quality work doesn’t cost more – it pays.

– Louis C K

To know more about “Tips on evaluating QUALITY vs. PRICE- a ‘wise approach’ before booking your 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad” . Click here!

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