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‘One apartment per floor’ concept homes for 3 BHK apartment buyers in Hyderabad

Having an entire floor of an apartment to yourself is nothing short of a luxury. In Hyderabad, the standalone building apartments segment is getting very innovative. Coupled with the demand for a high quality-living, builders are now offering high-end ‘One apartment per floor’ apartments and offering a variety of facilities in the home.

‘One apartment per floor’ homes are increasingly being built on smaller plot sizes admeasuring between 400 sq. yds. To 1000 sq. yds. These ‘One apartment per floor’ concept homes are usually built with the ground floor reserved for parking, and 5 storeys meant for residential purposes as per GHMC rules in Hyderabad.

The ‘One apartment per floor’ concept homes are lucrative for three reasons– 1) great location, 2) luxury of an independent villa at almost half the price, and 3) relevant amenities like lift, power-back, security, and high-end specifications.

For instance, in a location like Sainikpuri, Yapral, constructing an independent home of 2200-2500 sft on a plot size of approximately 400 square yards could cost over Rs 4 Crores in this same locality. Whereas, buying an ‘independent floor’ in any ‘one apartment per floor’ could cost less than Rs 1.5 crore.

Buying an independent ‘one apartment per floor’ home is like owning your own ‘SKY VILLA’!

In Hyderabad, usually, you have only 5 floors permitted in a single building, so you end up getting an advantage of ‘low-density living’ in a well-established colony across Hyderabad upon buying an ‘independent floor’.

one apartment per floor

Superior living experience with a ‘one apartment per floor’ concept home

1. Privacy and easy living of an independent floor

  • With owning an exclusive floor, you can have the advantage of collective-power for all the amenities like security, power back-up (DG Genset), plumbing, electricals etc.
  • Being much smaller than large gated communities, you get personalized services from vendors you outsource your maintenance activities to
  • Privacy is as good as what you get with an independent home, because you do NOT have anyone frequenting your corridor
  • With special treatment of having entry to your floor with the lift, having exclusive reserved parking for yourself, you get to enjoy a bundle of benefits
  • Unlike maintaining an independent home and cramped gated-community apartments, you get exclusive attention on upkeep and maintenance, be it plumbing, electricals, GD, security or other amenities you chose to create for yourself

2. Sense of exclusivity, and a feel of moving-up the social ladder

  • With owning a ‘one apartment, per floor’ home, you make a statement in your social circles
  • It is joy to entertain guests at your own exclusive ‘independent floor’ with all sides open
  • Having an exclusive floor to yourself in an established colony means you are living a better lifestyle
  • The ‘one apartment per floor’ are exclusive and more expensive. Clearly, you stand pout, and stand apart from those who buy regular luxury apartments in gated communities or even in standalone buildings, where they live in a cluster-living
  • For instance, a regular high-end apartment in a locality like Sainikpuri and Yapral could cost anything like Rs 4200 to Rs 6000 per sft depending on the specifications, but an exclusive floor would be marginally more for similar specifications
  • You get better quality and superior specifications in a ‘One apartment per floor’ concept home in a locality like Sainikpuri, Yapral

3. Convenience of a great location and a sense of spaciousness

  • With an exclusive ‘one apartment per floor’ you are instantly living in a great location with a well-developed social infrastructure around it
  • The troubles of buying a plot and constructing a house are saved with good builders offering high-end specifications
  • The sense of spaciousness with a 2000 sft exclusive floor is unbeatable
  • With good ventilation and sunlight all around, you gain access to an inspired sense of living with good health of the family members assured

The exclusivity that comes with a ‘One apartment per floor’ elevated the ‘quality of life for the entire family. Buying a spacious 3 BHK or bigger ‘independent floor’ is guaranteed insurance for the better health of all your loved ones!

To quote Mahatma Gandhi- “It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.”


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