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Indian home: Tips & ideas to create more space in your apartment-home – part 1

Indian home: Tips & ideas to create more space in your apartment-home – part 1

Whether you have a 2BHK, 3BHK, bigger apartment, or independent home, the need for space is always the biggest challenge. Plus, with family needs ever-expanding and changing, we need to find ways to create more space!

With the passage of time, we continue adding more personal and household items. Soon then we imagine, the space crunch is felt by everyone. This happens all the more when we buy heavy and space-occupying items. Adding furniture makes us feel as if the walls are closing in.

That’s why you need to be very cautious while adding furniture and space-occupying items that clutter your floor spaces.

some ideas and tricks that are a must for our Indian homes.

1. Folding tables- dining, coffee, or even study to generate more FLOOR SPACE

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Objects of Design #138: Folding Hanging Chair - Mad About The House | Hanging  chair, Hallway chairs, Hallway decorating

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  • Indian homes are now open to having dining, study, or coffee table folded alongside the wall
  • Folding chairs could be folded or hung on the wall
  • The open kitchen could also make the space more airy

2. Having adequate storage under stairs or furniture items

  • The Indian homes make sure to have drawers, shelves, and cabinets under every piece of furniture that needs to be placed on the floor
  • Use the space under the stairs, if you have a duplex home
  • Never let space under your stairs or furniture go waste 

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3. Buy a king-sized bed and NOT a small one

  • A bigger bed in a small room actually makes the room look big
  • It makes you feel as if you have more space in the house
  • Having a folding bed that stands against the wall is also a good idea 

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

4. Make sure you have long French windows

  • Long windows that extend up to 7 feet or more in height make even a small room look big
  • With long French-style windows, the exterior views and space come inside
  • With walls being replaced with unrestricted views, you do not feel restricted
  • So, tall GLASS windows and doors are a great idea to create a more airy and spacious feel

5. Do away with as many walls as you can

Photo by Im3rd Media on Unsplash

  • No wonder open kitchen designs in the Indian homes are being accepted by Indians more than ever
  • Lesser the walls, more the space
  • More the space, better the flow of light as well as free movement of people inside the house
  • This also allows you to gain unused space that connects various rooms

6. Use of mirrors and reflective/glossy paints create a feeling of ‘more space’ using ‘reflective surfaces’

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

  • Wardrobes with a sliding mirror are a good idea to make the room feel bigger
  • Semi-gloss or even glossy paint finishes help spread the light around
  • Using REFLECTIVE SURFACES, you feel the rooms to be larger and extend beyond their areas

7. Borrowing ‘space occupying’ tools and hardware, OR hiring professional-help  

  • Borrowing tools from neighbors or friends is good, especially, items that are big
  • Indians are increasingly using social media connect to share/lend items like power tools or appliances like cleaning devices, house-painting accessories, garden-equipment and more
  • Even if you are lending some of your own things, the space they occupy could be saved on an ongoing basis

8. Indoor plants and herbs feels

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

  • Planting herbs and plants at home makes your home feel more LIVELY
  • Nature at home is a great MOOD ELEVATOR
  • Taking care of plants, watering them and tending them daily is a great anti-depressant and brings joy!
  • Plus, you could have Indian herbs like coriander leaves, mint leaves, curry leaves or even wheat grass for fresh use in your cooking
  • Plants inside apartments are particularly healthy, and make you feel better

9. Having mesh doors/windows and half-glass doors

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  • This not only takes care of the insects like flies and mosquitoes but also bring in fresh air
  • Sense of space is more with half-glass doors which bring in more natural light

10. Adding a kitchen island

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

  • Formal dining table gets difficult on a daily basis
  • Instead it is much more convenient to hop on a bench or chair placed alongside a kitchen-island table
  • A kitchen table being right adjacent to the kitchen tabletop space gives extra surface to have a meal
  • It creates an informal environment, and doubles up as an ideal place to grab coffee or tea, and even work-from-home
  • Children at home also love to hop on a kitchen island for studies while they watch the food being cooked
  • It not only releases space inside the apartment but is also a great place to connect


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