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6 reasons why modern modular kitchen is being preferred by new-age home buyers in India!

Indian home buyers are increasingly opting for open kitchen regardless the size of their family.

Most people, including men in Indian households now enjoy being around kitchen. Clearly, the Indian kitchen is no longer a Bastian of the women alone! You find men in the family being on equal footing with women when it comes to household chores including cooking, baking or even housekeeping activities.

L shape modular kitchen design: 12 Indian designs that can transform your  kitchen | Housing News

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An inviting kitchen space is a pre-requisite for anyone to step into a refreshingly smart looking kitchen.

This is where the joy of cooking is accentuated with a modular kitchen, where the meal or snack you cook becomes a joy-to-craft in a beautifully gorgeous kitchen.

Home buyers in India are increasingly seeking a functional, interactive, multi-task enabling and spacious MODULAR kitchen.

Let us explore reasons why MODULAR kitchen is the most basic need for the emerging uber Indians.

Your guide to planning and buying a Modular kitchen

[Source- http://ghar360.com/ ]

Traditional Indian kitchen integrated with a modern modular kitchen

  • A modern modular kitchen is SMARTER, and integrates the essentials of a traditional kitchen with the help of technology
  • By SMART, the modern modular kitchen aims at giving the new-age home owner a more convenient and luxurious option with a modular kitchen
  • Being the smarter version of a traditional boosts kitchen efficiency with a high glam-quotient 

Why are modular kitchens appealing to Indian home buyers?

1. Convenience

  • modern Modular kitchen allows you to perform multiple tasks
  • Convenient place helps you cook, prepare and do multiple kitchen-tasks smoothly
  • A modular kitchen is more convenient than traditional kitchen in many ways simply because the traditional carpenters cannot produce the results that come with a modular kitchen
  • A modular kitchen with its in-built flexibilities allows you to make an ideal design
  • Modular kitchen gives you a systematically made kitchen design
  • Convenience is key, and the kitchen is made-up of smart factory-made modules
  • Every square inch of your kitchen is utilized well with a modular kitchen
  • Every nook and corner of your kitchen is utilized

[Source- https://www.mydeal.com.au/ ]

2. Flexibility to be tailor-made

  • You get a customized kitchen based on your needs
  • It is beautiful with stunning aesthetics
  • Being customizable, you can make storage, platform, cooking-areas as per your needs and preference
  • The kind of kitchen you want is possible. All you need to do is communicate the makers of modular kitchen or your interior designed
  • Even specifications, accessories etc can be made to order

3.Neat and clean clutter-free feel with specifically designed storage areas and shapes

  1. Modular kitchen makes things extremely organized
  2. You can have spices, accessories, utensils etc. of different shapes stored as per your expectations
  3. All shapes and sizes of grocery and crockery can be fitted therein
  4. We can organize things in a modular kitchen better, since all the accessories are made and designed for specific purpose
  5. Storage is NOT haphazardly unlike a regular kitchen made by a carpenter
  6. Storage solutions are made systematic and scientific in a modular kitchen which has tremendous options of superb accessories that become part of the modular kitchen
  7. Items get randomly stored in a traditional kitchen
  8. With smart storage solutions of a modular kitchen, you can store everything properly

4. Easy to maintain and durable

  • The modular kitchen design is easy to maintain
  • Plenty of materials you get to choose which is high-quality and durable
  • Modular kitchen materials are much easier to clean
  • Smooth finishes of a modular kitchen are easier to clean
  • The modules in a modular kitchen are detachable
  • Kitchen modules of a modular kitchen can be easily taken out and cleaned
  • Repairing a modular kitchen module is easier
  • Modular kitchen comes with a beautiful embedded chimney to remove the smoke, oils etc. to keep the
  • Modular kitchen is designed to remain well-ventilated
  • Quality of materials used in modular kitchen is meant to be sturdy to last for years
12 Trendy Modular Design Ideas for Small Kitchens - Dengarden

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5. Chic and appealing looks

  • Lighting and accessories are also optimal in a modular kitchen
  • A modular kitchen can be designed beautifully with the most stunning designs
  • Sleek layouts are possible with modular kitchen and its accessories
  • You have the flexibility of many designs like the carousel units, pull-outs and more
What is Modular Kitchen Design? | Wonderful Kitchens

[Source- https://wonderfulkitchens.com.au/ ]

52 Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas - Tiny Kitchen Decorating

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6. Functional and efficient

  • The modular kitchen is definitely the most beautiful and functional kitchen design that you will come across. Plus, the enhance your efficiency and bring joy as you use your modular kitchen

Overall, a modular kitchen is the ideal marriage between beauty and functionality which is attractive to the Indian home buyer.


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