Tips to manage home space efficiently

Tips & ideas to Manage Home Space Efficiently: Get More Out Of Your Apartment, Part II

This is part II of how we can maximize space in each and every room of our Indian home.

You should be able to cross-utilize spaces in your apartment to get better ‘functionality’ out of your home. Every square inch of your apartment floor space must be carefully used. The vertical spaces must give you optimum convenience and a sense of airiness.


ideas to manage Home space efficiently

1. Optimizing bedroom spaces

ideas to manage Home space efficiently-Optimizing bedroom spaces

[Source- https://www.hgtv.com/]

ideas to manage Home space efficiently-Optimizing bedroom spaces

[Source- https://www.architecturaldigest.com/]

    • Ensure that your bedroom is designed to accommodate both your bed and work-spaces

    • It is fine to be open to dual-furniture which allows you to optimize spaces when your bed is not in use

    • Long windows and tall ceiling in your entire home, particularly the bedroom looks good

    • Your wardrobe or closets should be optimally designed to store clothes and things for at least two people

    • Master bedrooms with walk-in closet or a separate dressing area should be used for keeping cupboards or in-built wardrobes

    • Beds with storage are a great way

    • Consciously keep the design elements to get more floor space

ideas to manage Home space efficiently-Optimizing bedroom spaces

[Source- https://www.livspace.com/]



2. Efficient work from home spaces

Efficient work from home space

[Source- https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/]

Efficient work from home space

[Source- https://www.mydomaine.com/ ]

    • Home office spaces need to accommodate your books, computers and other items with ease

    • Not too big, not too small work-from-home work-spaces

    • A portable work-station helps, especially when you have to shift places within the house

    • Make a built-in work-station in niches or corners of the house that are left unutilized

    • Ensure adequate lighting in and around work-spaces

    • Having a work-station or table near window gives you ample natural light, which is good for mental health as well

    • Your work-from-home office area must have effective storage. Using vertical storage in walls (shelves) or tall-standing units/cabinets/furniture is a good idea to save on space

    • Keep minimalistic furniture that help you keep your work desk organized

    • Use your favorite color and patterns to make the place inviting and good looking

3. A lovable laundry or utility room

 A lovable laundry or utility room home space

A lovable laundry or utility room home space

[Source- https://www.elledecor.com/ ]

    • This needs to be most loved room by making it super efficient in functionality, design and lighting

    • You should feel like going into this room, be it for washing clothes, ironing them or organizing your kitchen-related items

    • The storage should be adequate for you to adjust your seasonal items, clothing etc.

    • Maximizing storage in your utility/laundry room can release lot of space in other rooms

    • Folding shelves, hangers, vertically-placed ironing-table can help release space, and make it look effective and spacious

    • This room can also double-up as your pet-room

4. Smart and innovative interiors

Home space - Smart and innovative interiors

[Source- https://designs.spacejoy.com/]

Home space - Smart and innovative interiors

[Source- https://www.mydomaine.com/]

Home space - A wall desk with top-tiered shelving.

[Source- https://www.architecturaldigest.com/ ]

    • The ‘need for home space’ and ‘aesthetics’ need to determine how you plan your interiors, not the other way around

    • Do not over-clutter your rooms by turning them into a storage nightmare

    • Habit of not over-accumulating things, and buying items in the spur-of-the moment has to be controlled

    • ‘Impulse buying’ is one of the main reasons why even a spacious home becomes cluttered much faster that you can imagine

    • Go all out to be innovative like hanging bicycles from the ceiling/walls, installing bookshelves in unconventional places, and installing built-in shelves all your rooms

5. Identifying and discarding junk 

Home space-  Identifying and discarding junk 

[Source- https://www.istockphoto.com]

Home space- a Joyful, Clutter-Free Living Room

[Source- https://www.houzz.com/]

    • Don’t convert you home into a junkyard. Consciously discard unwanted and useless items in a planned manner periodically twice a year!

    • Your home must not look like a garage for storing items, whether or not you are using them

    • You need to put an end to keeping items for some future date which never comes

    • Get rid of old luggage, smaller clothes, accessories/equipment, seasonal decorations etc. that you know are not needed, or do not have any emotional-attachment to it

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

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