Tips & ideas to manage apartment rooms efficiently

Tips & ideas to manage apartment rooms efficiently: get more out of your apartment, Part-I

A 3 BHK apartment in India usually ranges anything between 1400 sft to 2500 sft. Space is something that is not just about what you buy. As a home buyer, how you live and use that space matters!

Spacious Modern Living Room Interiors

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A beautiful sense of spaciousness in your home- small or big, makes it feel welcoming and relaxing!

Let us explore how we can maximize space in your apartment rooms.

Life becomes easy when you can do store more, and cross-utilize spaces to be more functional.

ideas to manage Apartment rooms efficiently

1. Having more space at your entrance to enter or exit conveniently

  • Your entrance needs to be highly functional, and easy to move around
  • Keep it clear of any obstacles
  • At best, place a bench (sitting) to wear/remove shoes, or to place backpacks when rushing in or out of home (school/work)
  • If space is short, forego the bench and place wall-mounted hooks, open shelves, and even a large mirror to get the space looking bigger
  • Lesser the clutter, the better

2. Vertical and cabinet storage in kitchen

ideas to manage Apartment rooms efficiently-kitchen space saver cabinets

[Source- https://www.planndesign.com/ ]

  • A kitchen must functional, welcoming, and enjoyable to cook meals
  • Having an open kitchen that reduces extra walls is good
  • An easy to walk and work kitchen with a kitchen island works best in saving space, and looks much more spacious
  • An open kitchen makes the living room also look huge
  • Maximize space with vertical storage shelves and cabinets in your kitchen and pantry/laundry
  • Use drawer organizers to organize storage containers
  • Utensils, pots and pans can be stored in space below your counter or kitchen-top, and fees-up spaces

3. Open shelves and baskets in washroom

ideas to manage Apartment rooms efficiently-Bathroom Storage Idea

[Source- https://renoguide.com.au/ ]

ideas to manage Apartment rooms efficiently-  makeup organiser

[Source- https://www.amazon.com.au/]

  • Storage matters in a kitchen besides being moisture free, else the dampness hampers health and is bad for storage
  • Shared bathrooms should have open shelves or baskets beneath the sink
  • Electrical beauty appliances should have place to be stored in washroom, when they are not in use
  • Space saving mini-cabinet or shelves could holds makeup, toiletries, combs & brushes, jewellery etc.

4. Space saving and less furniture in living room

ideas to manage Apartment rooms efficiently-  Sofa Couch

[Source- https://www.ubuy.co.in/]

ideas to manage Apartment rooms efficiently - Transforming Furniture

[Source- https://www.thespruce.com/]

  • Living room tends to get occupied the most by all family members
  • Friends could visit, family members could be watching television or simply lazing sitting on a sofa in the most spacious room of the house
  • The living room is quick to get cluttered too
  • You can maximize spaces by having multifunctional furniture like ottomans (to store things like video game accessories), or having smaller coffee tables (with drawers and open shelves)
  • You could create lots of space saving spots in hidden spaces in your furniture even when the room is packed with people

5. Clutter-free children’s room used for multiple purpose

ideas to manage Apartment rooms efficiently - clutter-free children room

[Source- http://www.home-designing.com/ ]

ideas to manage Apartment rooms efficiently -children room

[Source- https://www.wetwillieblog.com/ ]

  • Children grow from being new-born to adults in the house
  • When the child is a new-born, the room reflects how the parents want to it see. Slowly, the control shifts to the child with all the things that are needed by the growing adult
  • Whether your child is a new-born or a teenager, you need to make sure their room is fully functional
  • Children should be able to effectively use the room for studying, playing, or just relaxing
  • You could maximize space in your apartment rooms by hanging artwork, putting bulletin boards, or different kind of art work that does not further clutter your rooms
  • Furniture could be portable or as per needs to use the spaces for different purposes during different stages-of-life and different-times-of-the-day

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