Remote work from home spaces

Basics to plan your ‘Remote work from home’ space at your 3BHK home in India!

Before you think of ideas for permanent work from home spaces or buy an apartment, you need to mentally prepare yourself well in advance.

For many homebuyers, a remote work from home office space is permanent in nature. This means you need to be well planned in how you go about putting it together.

remote work  - home office wfh design ideas

[Source- https://www.countryliving.com/]

1. Identifying the right space in your home

Identifying the right space in your home for remote work

[Source- https://www.countryliving.com/]

  • A room for your own self without distractions or family or visitor disturbance is good
  • Your remote work from home space must give you the office-like freedom
  • You should be able to clearly carve-out office space within your home, have a start-time and finish-time to close shop when you are done
  • Establishing these boundaries help design as well as work more efficiently & effectively
  • Underused spaces in any room can be used provided it turns out to be comfortable and give you the ideal environment to work

2. Ensure the work from home space serves the purpose and your needs

Ensure the remote work from home space serves the purpose and your needs

[Source- https://www.trimitrachana.com/ ]

  • Spaces that are practical and high on functionality
  • Meet your storage requirements
  • Have ample drawers or a tall shelving unit
  • Vertical spaces (walls) to be used to retain spaciousness
  • Chalkboards and desk organisers when required

3. Create sections and partitions in rooms if space is a problem

remote work - room divider home office design tips

[Source- https://www.countryliving.com/]

  • With smaller apartments, use partitions if rooms are not available
  • Use a section of a larger room and convert it into your office space
  • Curtains, screens, or room divider help separate spaces

4. Keep a minimalistic workspace that is inviting, refreshing & motivating

for  remote work  from home Keep a minimalistic workspace that is inviting, refreshing & motivating

[Source- https://www.cortlanddesign.com/]

  • Less clutter is good, and doesn’t look messy
  • Use items like postcards, a mood board, or prints/photos that bring life to your home office space
  • This helps increase productivity and keep your mind clutter free

5. Remain open to using your balcony or outdoor spaces to remote work-from-home

Remain open to using your balcony or outdoor spaces to remote work-from-home

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  • Balcony or garden shed or a room with clear access to outdoors is good
  • Rooms with long french doors and woindows that give you expansive views of the skyline outside are good for mental well-being
  • Outdoor office spaces also help reduce distractions
  • They help separate home-life from work-life
  • Plus, you are closer to nature which is healthy for your mind and soul

6. Opt to be surrounded by greenery, plants and trees

Remote work from home - Opt to be surrounded by greenery, plants and trees

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Remote work from home - Plant Design home office

[Source- https://www.thejoyofplants.co.uk/ ]

  • Having your work station be surrounded by greenery like plants makes you happier and healthier
  • Proximity to nature, uninterrupted views outside the window or door are very relaxing and rejuvenating
  • Simply by looking at trees, sky or water can reduce stress or exhaustion
  • An indoor herb garden or bonsai tree on your work station desk is a beautiful thing
  • Wall art depicting nature is equally great

7. Have soothing colours to keep you relaxed and inspired

remote work from home - paint colours productivity home office design

[Source- https://www.countryliving.com-office/]

  • Colours like blue promotes help clarify thoughts and help increase concentration and calmness
  • Colours like yellow and orange help you gain creativity and energy
  • Over use of bright colours must be avoided so that they keep nervousness away from you
  • Light and airy spaces help you feel lighter and boost your productivity

8. Remain open to standing desk for work occasionally

remote work from home - Remain open to a standing desk for work occasionally

[Source- https://www.countryliving.com/]

  • A standing desk helps energize and enhance your focus too
  • Helps prevent you from bad posture or slouching that result in back pain
  • The design of your desk could allow you to work both sitting and standing at regular intervals without having to move anything

9. Ensure there is adequate natural light and lighting

remote work from home - Balance the glare and light

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  • A well-lit room makes you feel awakened, ready and alive
  • Lighting- both natural and electrical- helps boost creativity
  • Natural daylight can be enhanced with the use of mirrors
  • A window-facing work space helps you look away from the laptop every now and then

10. Use kitchen table as home office space

remote work from home - Use kitchen table as home office space

[Source- https://www.ikea.com/]

remote work from home - Use kitchen table as home office space

[Source- https://homedesignlover.com/ ]

  • Kitchen table can be used as an office space
  • Open kitchen gives you more space, larger walkways, and better ventilation
  • Plus, storage is no issue, as you can use cabinets or drawers of your kitchen-table to double-up for your office-related things
  • With eatable and refrigerator close by, you remain energized and active working in and around a kitchen-cum-living room

These are some of the ways you can find happiness as you work or study from home!

Happiness already exists in your life. All you need to do is tune into it. And you can start doing that right now.”

Anthon St. Maarten

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