Remote work from home triggers preferences for builder floor

‘Remote Work From Home’ Factor Triggers Demand for Spacious ‘Builder Floor Homes’ In Hyderabad!

‘Remote Work from home’ factor has boosted demand for spacious builder floors across Hyderabad. These builder floors come in a ‘5-floors, 5-homes’ configuration, as per GHMC norms, and are usually built on residential plots in well-established colonies like Sainikpuri among others.

The element of being closer to nature, and in a tranquil locality, away from high-population, is driving those working from home to opt for low-density localities in Hyderabad such as Sainikpuri, Yapral etc.

These localities are safer and also boast of an excellent social infrastructure.

1. Increased preference for ‘standalone building’ apartments in Hyderabad

Despite the pandemic, the residential market has bounced back in Hyderabad, and standalone buildings with both 1) regular apartments, and 2) builder-floor homes (one apartment per floor), are being preferred increasingly by home buyers.

While gated-community apartments have the lure of many amenities, but paying for various amenities that won’t be used regularly, and exposure to contagious microbes is a dampener.

Home buyers are preferring to pay for more space inside the home, rather than outside of it.

Pandemic has increased the life-arena of a home to include ‘office and school/college work’ as well. This means you spend more time at home, doing office and studies at home. Entertainment and wellness/exercise spaces are now required to be adjusted into the residence with the pandemic woes.

remote work from home

Standalone building apartments offer the unique option of not paying for unnecessary amenities that are not used by the home buyers. Instead, the home buyer can spend the money for more space inside the home.

This has resulted in a preference for standalone building apartments in Hyderabad.

  • Housing sales have reached the pre-COVID levels in Hyderabad in 2022
  • Low home loan interest rates have added a further boost to sales
  • Plus, the builders offering builder-floors are approved for home loans making it easier to opt for them without worrying overmuch about legal and safety reasons
  • Home owners are feeling the need to own a spacious home for the safety and increased privacy to all the family members
  • ‘Remote Work from home’ now includes both office-work by earning-members of the family, and children (students) who need to ‘study from home’. Both need to be catered to!
  • Remote work from home and studies at home has become a common phenomenon since March 2020
  • The incentive to live closer to place of work has fizzled away with companies getting comfortable with at-home work, and schools/colleges with at-home studies/exams

3. ‘Remote Work from home’ factor makes ‘builder-floors’ an attractive residential option

A builder floor meets the wellness needs of ‘remote work from home’
  • To explain this with an example- it is better to go for a spacious 2200 sft builder-floor in a locality like Sainikpuri, instead of choosing a regular-apartment that is less than 1800 sft for a budget of approximately Rs 1.50 crore
  • Plus, you can re-design spaces to incorporate ‘work and study’ areas in a builder-floor
  • A builder floor is open-on-all-sides, which makes it ideal for ample of sunlight and ventilation
  • A builder floor also gives a consumer options for flexible spaces, since you can experiment with spaces only if its available
  • A builder floor measuring 2200 sft or more allows the designing and adjustment of multiple-use furniture due to the available spaces
  • A builder floor meets the wellness needs of ‘remote work from home’ much better compared with a smaller, regular apartment that’s surrounded with neighbours on the same floor
  • With a builder floor you ‘own the entire floor’ which allows for superior privacy, freedom and greater breathing space
  • You can walk into you balcony or stray into your corridor, or even step out to the multiple parks in these low-population density areas
  • Colonies like Sainikpuri where builder floors are being constructed by many professional builders, one can even step-out in a noise-free, clean environment to take a break. You can even continue working while taking a stroll in the lush-green environments which are relatively peaceful without much vehicular or other disturbances
  • Builder floor units are located in colonies with good eateries and cafes also allow you to have better efficiencies. You can seek a change of venue for your work schedule with such cafes/eateries where you can sit-back, work and relax
  • A spacious builder floor allows extra spaces in the apartment to be easily converted into functional and flexible workspaces. When you have a builder floor to your disposal, you can have multiple options to create your work-spaces. It can be-
    • …in your bedroom
    • …in your living room
    • …adjacent to your open-kitchen
    • …or even in your balcony, especially in comfortable weather (Winters)
  • Builder floor designs also indicate more efficient layouts to customize your demands
  • Home buyers in Hyderabad who are already living in smaller apartments are also actively exploring moving into much more spacious builder floors. This UPGRADE to builder-floor works very well for the overall well-being of the family
remote work from home needs greater breathing space
  • A builder-floor also promises to get you better resale value in the times to come
  • While a regular apartment is meant for the common, middle-class buyer, a builder floor is meant for those seeking luxury and a superior lifestyle
  • Even first-time buyers in Hyderabad are aware of the premium-value a large home holds. Builder-floors are an attractive proposition for those looking to have spacious homes (2000 sft to 3000 sft) in the range of Rs 1.5 to Rs 3 crore in Hyderabad

With travel costs saves, and more focus on providing a better and spacious environment to each family member, build floors are being increasingly preferred in Hyderabad.

In any locality in Hyderabad, a regular apartment will always be cheaper that a builder-floor. However, for those seeking an enriched lifestyle, a builder floor makes for a perfect choice.

A builder floor is actually much cheaper than an independent bungalow, but has all the advantages for a villa with all-sides-open.

The luxury factor of high-end specifications, elevator access, use of contactless technologies and home-automation measures makes a builder-floor an attractive proposition for the discerning customers of Hyderabad!

Home buyers in Hyderabad are seeking a better lifestyle with exclusive builder floors!

“Success is a lifestyle, not a final goal to be achieved.”



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