‘Work from home’ requirements of home buyers boost demand for spacious 3 BHK apartments in Hyderabad

With the Covid-19 pandemic leading to lockdowns, the scenario of global work culture took a giant leap forward to the future of work- WORK FROM HOME.

This is why the demand for luxury properties is on the upswing in Hyderabad. 3 BHK homes upwards of 1600 square feet give you adequate space to cater to work-from-home needs.

work from home

The bigger the home, the better it is! This is being felt and understood by home buyers the world over!

The concept of location- changing trends

  • ‘Location’ as a concept is being viewed in new light. The home buyers who were considering moving closer to Gachibowli, or Hi-Tech city till end of 2019, are now wanting to move towards more spacious places like Kompally, Yapral and Sainikpuri among other localities in Hyderabad.
  • The localities in Hyderabad are all very-well developed. With a population of over 80 lakh people, the localities all across Hyderabad are self-sufficient on social infrastructure. Hence, there is no longer a prominent locality which is preferred over another.
  • All this has resulted in a change of expectations amongst homebuyers in Hyderabad. Many Home buyers in Hyderabad work from home, and are seeking more spacious residences with superior luxury specifications.
  • Being in a gated community with multiplicity of amenities has lost its appeal, since people don’t want to pay for amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool etc. which they are not able to use freely in the post-COVID era.

Impact on demand of 3 BHK, and ‘one apartment per floor’ spacious residences

  • Consequently, the 3 BHK home segment has witnessed a surge in demand. The ‘one-apartment per floor’ homes in well-established colonies have witnessed an even higher demand.
  • These ‘one apartment per floor’ units are usually admeasuring over 2200 sft, which caters to all the SPACE-related needs of the family.
  • The advantage of these ‘one apartment per floor’ residences is that they are built on smaller plots of up to 600 square yards. These low-rise standalone buildings come in a ground plus 5-storey configuration packed with relevant amenities like elevator-access and power back-up being the prominent ones.
  • With work from home priorities, houses with an ‘extra room’ are preferred. Even living and dining room in these spacious homes double-up for work-from-home and study-from-home spaces.

Recent trends in search for a home

  • According to authentic studies, nearly 70% of the online organic searches on various websites is for larger housing units across the country. In Hyderabad alone, there has been a two-fold rise in demand for three BHK units in the first two quarters of 2021 as compared 2020.
  • An additional bedroom, or even a separate room is being offered by builders that can be used while working from home. A study room is often being re-christened as a ‘home-office’ as per designs by the builders.
  • While affordability may be an issue for the middle class buyers, the middle class buyers are resorting to move to low or reasonably priced localities like Sainikpuri or Yapral.
  • Home buyers in Hyderabad open to shifting to these greener suburbs of Hyderabad more than ever before.
  • A need for bigger, more spacious homes has further enhanced housing demand towards areas like Yapral, Kompally Sainikpuri among others.
  • A home buyer in Hyderabad no longer prefers to stay near the city centre.
  • As a result, even the capital values of these localities in Hyderabad is poised to rise in the times to come.

These spacious residences allow for healthier living that brings balance to life!

More space allows the family members to have separate work-from-home spaces, and allow much-needed inner peace!

“The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.”

Vincent Peale


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