tips to making your living room seem bigger

Tips To Make Your ‘Living Room’ Feel Much Bigger Than It Actually Is!

After the pandemic, home buyers and owners want a home that feels SPACIOUS! Living room is the first area that strikes you upon entering a home. The more airy and uncluttered the living room is, the better it seems!

If your living room seems cramped, you sure would want to do something to set it right. If you planning on buying a home, these tips will help you visualize all that you can do to have a spacious looking living room.

To make this happen, you need to TRICK the eyes into thinking that the space is actually bigger than it appears!

That is possible with just smart styling and layout strategy. By doing so, your living room can transform into a comfortable relaxation area that’s truly inviting!

a spacious looking living room.

7 useful tips to making your living room seem bigger!

1. Installing small and happy lighting

  • Lighting must be attached to the walls or hung from the ceiling, and NOT on the floor
  • Lamps and lighting accessories hanging from the ceiling help save floor-space
  • Use warm light- the sunny yellow colour of a LED-bulb looks like the beautiful spring flowers is representative of joy and happiness. With happiness comes a sense of freedom and more breathing space

2. Smaller & lesser sofas with minimal seating

  • A smaller sofa leaves more floor space open to navigation and physical movement
  • Instead of buying a 3-seater sofa, choosing a 2-seater sofa is far more functional. It is common knowledge that no one sits in the middle seat of a 3-seaater sofa
  • Plus, a sleek and small sofa makes the living room more spacious as compared with a bulky one which seems to be consuming the entire living
  • You can also choose to have just one elegant armchair rather than two or more. It helps keep the pathway clear
  • The asymmetric arrangement of a minimalistic furniture looks quite chic and stylish besides giving a sense of SPACIOUNESS to your eyes!
small sofa makes the living room more spacious

3. Replacing sofa with elegant club-chairs

  • While an armchair is always meant to have arms, but a club chair need not have arms. In fact, club chairs can be armless or have only one arm, which looks very chic
  • Besides, a club chairs works better than sofa to give you a sense of spaciousness and gives a distinct character to your living room by breaking the monotony of seating in a very refreshing way

4. Avoiding a carpet in Indian weather conditions

  • An Indian living room, especially, across the warmer non-hilly terrain is ideal for having flooring that can be cleaned easily including wet-mopping
  • A carpet tends to make the floor look cluttered
  • In Indian conditions, with dust settling all day long, it is tedious to roll-up the carpet each time to clean the floor. The dust tends to get stuck in the carpet causing health issues as well

5. Use long, rectangular floor-tiles in living room

  • A larger tile gives a room a larger feeling compared to smaller ones
  • Using tiles of 4 feet by 2 feet (4’ x 2’) configuration make the room seem bigger and clutter-free
  • Smaller tiles give a cluttered-feel because of the grout lines. Grout lines are the gaps or grooves that join or fit tiles together
  • Lesser the grout lines, the more free-flowing and spacious your floor looks. Plus, with smaller tiles, dust also tends to settle inside the grout lines of the flooring giving it a small and untidy look

6. Using small nesting tables instead of large/bulky centre tables

  • Nesting tables in a set of 2, 3 or 4 small tables of similar kind, which can be stacked top of one another
  • The advantage with nesting tables is that you can pull them out when needed and save on space

7. Making shelves along the living room walls

  • Add shelves for extra decorations and create a storage area, and avoid making too many cabinets that eat into the floor space
  • Large cabinets embedded in the wall tend to hang outwards, and look imposing making the living room seem cluttered and dense
  • Floating shelves not only look beautiful, but give a airy feeling of spaciousness
  • You can make your shelves with white materials, or blend in the colour of your wall to look open and pleasing to the eye

One of the simplest thing we can follow is to go minimalist on buying or procuring household items, accessories, furniture…or anything that clutters the floor-space. Lesser the clutter, the more soothing it seems to the eyes!

“Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high-quality life.”

Linda Breen Pierce

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