tips making a room look bigger and brighter

6 Tips To Making Your Room Look Bigger And Better!

In a post-COVID era, one of the most important factors a home-buyer is looking at is SPACE. A sense of spaciousness is a pre-requisite in a post-COVID era, where home buyers want more floor space to walk, work, play, and entertain themselves inside their homes.

Even those who were once looking at a 2BHK apartment in the pre-2019 era have graduated to buying a more spacious 3BHK residence.

The demand for 3BHK apartments has more than doubled all over India. The lock downs and suffocation of being tied-up, coupled with the need to at-home work and study spaces has resulted in this change.

Despite have a spacious 3BHK or bigger apartment, the home buyers are looking at making their room look bigger and brighter. Regardless of how big your floor plan, is, the trick lies is making what we own seem BIGGER and BETTER! No one likes a cramped-up home!

However, space comes at a premium, and no matter how much of space you have, it tends to run-out quicker than we can imagine! Homes start getting cramped-up as time goes by.

So, let’s look at some practical tips to retain as well as create more space to make a room look bigger and brighter!

6 Tips To De-Cluttering Your Room Look Bigger and Brighter

1.Light coloured walls, furniture, cabinets, wardrobes and flooring

  • Shades of white, light blue and pastel shades make your spaces look roomy
  • Dark colours feel cosy, but create the illusion of smaller spaces
  • Using whites, creams or yellows with light reflecting capabilities works well
  • Light furniture, walls, floors, cabinets create an illusion of more space
  • You get a sense of airiness with light colours

2.Adequate and appropriate lighting

  • Adequate electrical lighting opens-up spaces
  • Many a times, apartments do not have adequate natural-lighting, which is where creative lighting effects make the home seem SPACIOUS
  • Overhead lighting must be avoided since they illuminate only one spot
  • A combination of lighting is good one room
  • False ceiling lighting is particularly spacious-looking

3.Camouflaging tricks for more space

  • Light coverings and long drapes on windows to brighten up the room
  • Length-wise camouflage of floor tiles, especially rectangular tiles of 4’ x 2’ make the room bigger
  • Minimal furniture by choice helps
  • Creative and effective partitions in the home can allow more usable space
  • Mirrors create an illusion of depth
  • However, too many mirrors must be avoided
  • Using a mirror next to window to reflect light into the room is a great trick to make the room look well-lit and more spacious

4.Multi-functional and space-saving furniture

  • Furniture must fit the room, and must be bought consciously
  • Avoid the temptation of impulsive-buying, and think about space while considering heavy furniture-items. For e.g. a 4-seater dining can well be a better choice than a bigger 6-seater that occupied more space
  • Large furniture items like sofas could be against the wall. You could even consider buying more of 2-seater or 1-seater sofas rather than a 3-seater sofa
  • Ensure that furniture does not block or obstruct walk pathways
  • Furniture should double-up as multiple items like a open-kitchen table can be used for meals, as a storage-cabinet, as a partition, for entertainment, and even for studies/work
  • Foldable beds and work-stations can release space as per the needs

5.Belongings & furniture to be regulated- by choice

  • Make sure that you don’t buy without a deep thought to available spaces in the house
  • Make SPACE as a priority rather than furniture that will only occupy more floor-space
  • Treat your free movement in your home as a luxury that’s more premium than adding things that occupy floor-space
  • Indulge in a space-creation drive every 3 or 6 months, and consciously discard unused furniture and household items

6.Adequate storage capability

  • Take professional help of an interior-designer if the need be. Alternatively, think like one! Utilize every square inch of space optimally while creating storage space for all family members!
  • Adequate wardrobes, cabinets, vertical/wall spaces help to last the needs of all in the family as they grow older
  • An efficient utility room with adequate storage for pantry and laundry items is critical
  • Planned storage for seasonal items helps utilize space effectively in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living and even dining room makes your home spacious

With these tips, you can consciously make your apartment seem much better and bigger that it may actually be!

A well-planned approach to managing your home-spaces passionately is all that you need!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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