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9 Space Saving Tips To Get More Out Of Your Home!

Space is at a premium regardless of the size of our home, villa or apartment. With well managed-spaces at home, we can achieve a sense of uncluttered SPACIOUSNESS!

We need to make concerted efforts to ensure that over a period of time, our home remains spacious, and efficiently managed.

With household belongings added over the years, the spaces in any home begin to look cramped, especially if they are not managed consciously. Our belongings and items that keep getting piled-up, and storing them becomes a challenge over a period of time.

Thoughtfully providing for adequate and smart space-management is a must if you want your home to look and feel spacious.

9 Space Saving Tips That Help You Plan Your Home Spaces More Efficiently

1. A welcoming uncluttered entrance

  • A welcoming, usable and free-flowing entrance allows easy movement, and looks inviting
  • A bench or a seating area for removing shoes, especially in Indian households helps
  • You can also have wall-mounted hooks to place caps, hats other items that don’t obstruct a clear pathway
  • A wooden basket to keep wet umbrella during monsoons is a smart solution
  • Putting a large mirror on the wall also gives a bigger look and feel to the entrance

2. A convenient kitchen area

  • A practical, accommodating, and enjoyable kitchen helps family members to spend more time
  • Family needs have to be kept in mind while designing a kitchen
  • Kitchen cabinets, open-shelves, drawer organisers must be adequate to keep food items, gadgets and utensils
  • Large sized food storage containers help maximise utility of the pantry/utility-room
  • Vertical storage shelving frees-up space
  • Space underneath your counters can be made available by adding overhead pot and pan storage
  • Wall hooks to keep your small cookware also gives you easy to access to them. Plus, you free-up cabinet space for other groceries
Space saving for kitchen

3. Smart storage in bathroom

  • Bathroom can be multifunctional storage-area to help unlock extra storage
  • ‘Open’ shelves and baskets under the sink is a good idea, and help get rid of moisture too
  • Mirror on the wall can be used as space-saving medicine cabinets

4. Creating more space in common rooms like dining, living

  • Multifunctional (foldable or dismantle-friendly) furniture can help release spaces when required
  • Coffee tables with drawers and open shelves helps maximise space
  • Hidden spaces in common rooms are a great way to remain optimally functional

5. Beautifying children room as per age and preferences

  • Children’s rooms should speak of their dreams- from being a new born through the teenage years and beyond…
  • Spaces must be multifunctional to allow, study, play and day-dream!
  • Maximise spaces by vertical cabinets, hangings, and other artefacts as per the age of the children
  • Bunk-beds are a great space savers when the children are younger
  • Furniture in children can double-up as a bookcase or shelf

6. Maximize Space in Your Bedroom

  • Avoid bedroom clutter by having closets or wardrobes built against the bedroom wall
  • Have a bed with under-bed storage capacity
  • Seasonal clothes to go in the under-bed storage
  • Dressing area just outside the bathroom can be optimized with a shoe organiser. The dressing area can save space of all kinds of cosmetics and toiletries
  • Accessories such as scarves and belts to go into separate spaces in wardrobe or dressing area for easy reach

7. Create separate work and study from home spaces

  • Post pandemic, you need a dedicated office or study space
  • Either use a section of your bedroom, or use exclusive study room
  • Even living room, and other spaces can be used
  • Ensure privacy and noise-free environment while doing so, especially if work requires video-calling
  • Retractable or folding future helps create this space in bedroom, a dedicated room or a common room (living)
  • Use zip ties, office clips and rubber bands etc. for tidy wiring and cabling

8. Optimize your utility room for laundry, household-items and kitchen-items storage

  • In a post pandemic era, your utility room is most important, and must seem like a most-lived space as you enter this area
  • Laundry storage must be efficient as you wash, dry or even iron your clothes
  • A folding counter space, shelves or cabinets for washing-machine at an arm’s length help
  • Use the balcony or even this space for hanging, drying, ironing clothes
  • Moisture must be managed well in this area with well-ventilated and a natural-light rich utility room
  • Extra clothing, towels, bed-sheets, seasonal items/clothes can be stacked-up here. This helps release your bedroom spaces in your closets/wardrobes
  • This place can double-up to be your pet-room too

9. Add greenery to breathe easy

  • Plant life inside your home using space saving arrangements can breathe life into residents
  • Home feels closer to nature, and more spacious with hanging plant-pots with hooks, vertical hanging, creepers, or plant walls
  • It freshens-up your home

All these elements will surely make your home feel smarter, greener and invitingly SPACIOUS!

“Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong. Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out.”

-Marie Kando


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