9 tricks to divide a room of your home efficiently!

9 Smart Tricks To Divide A Room Of Your Home Efficiently!

With a spacious apartment, you have the option of cross-utilizing spaces, and getting more out of your apartment. Bigger is better when it comes to the extent of possibilities you get to ‘split’ your rooms, and to cross-utilize them for multiple purposes. These smart ideas make sense in a post-COVID era, where space ‘inside the home’ is a luxury in itself.

You could split a room into two portions in many ways depending on your need. With more dedicated-spaces in your rooms, you can be creative in having multiple sections within the same ‘floor spaces’ of ‘walls’ and cross-utilize the space for different purposes.

For dividing a room, you don’t need to build a wall or create anything permanent in nature.

Instead, you could go with some quick and easy ways to split a room temporarily. This allows you for flexibility to change as and when you want. For instance, you can separate your living and dining room using a wooden screen or a curtain. Similarly, you can have more privacy for different purposes by creating room dividers. This is helpful for work-from-home or study-from-home study rooms. Even a new furniture arrangement which work well as an alternative as ‘partitions’ or as a ‘divider’.

Smart tricks to divide a room for creating space in your home efficiently.

1. Using a wooden partition-screen

  • Installing a wooden screen brings an earthy touch to your room
  • It act as a superb room-divider
  • A movable wooden screen, sliding door or panel is very flexible and allows for experimentation
  • These are excellent for an open kitchen with no separate dining space

2. Effective use of curtains

  • Budget-friendly and ideal for separating rooms
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Trendy designer curtains gives a quick makeover
  • Can be used in a bedroom or to split the bathroom

3. Using a cabinet or book-shelf

  • A large open bookshelf or a fancy cabinet with décor items kept is a beautiful choice
  • Serves the purpose of storage as well as partition
  • Can keep artefacts or even indoor plants to create a whiff of freshness

4. Floor to roof panelling

  • A creative ways to split a room
  • Decorative panels are elegant in enhancing aesthetic appeal of your room
  • Economical, and allow free flow of light
  • Sleek panels in neutral colour tones make the room look spacious too

5. Use of beaded-curtains

  • A beaded-curtain is a quick-fix solution to partition any space
  • It is a stylish way to modify living spaces
  • Beaded curtains create an easy barrier without blocking views
  • Beaded curtains are easy to walk through, and are maintenance-free

6. Installing glass partitions

  • Glass partitions are glamorous, and efficiently split the space without blocking natural light flow
  • Trendy designs and colours are available
  • Are terrific in blocking noise and smell, especially from the kitchen
  • Tinted glass or frosted glass styles give you privacy where needed as they block the view

7. Setting-up a counter

  • A counter is an innovative way of partitioning a space
  • Very helpful in splitting a kitchen and a dining area
  • Doubles-up as a beautiful high-rise breakfast counter, besides being a soft barrier
  • Helps maintain a great feel of spaciousness without hindering views

8. Innovate with furniture

  • A skilful arrangement of furniture can visually separate one room by adding different sections to it
  • An L-shaped sofa can be strategically placed to draw a boundary
  • It allows free flow of light and air, especially where there is no solid wall separating two areas
  • The trick to save money, and get the benefit of MORE SPACE is to think of a furniture that serves the purpose of partition as well

9. Installing blinds

  • Stylish blinds effectively mask the views you want hidden or blocked
  • They are super easy to assemble and move around
  • Add a plush and chic look to your room
  • Create a division without fully enclosing the space, thereby maintaining a breezy feel

These tricks are long-lasting ideas that you can use as often as you want, and to the most out of your spaces!

So, take control of your home! Live smart, live free!!


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