5 simple joys of living in a spacious ‘independent floor’ 3BHK luxury apartments!

The residential market in Hyderabad has many exciting residential home offerings. One configuration that stands out in the crowd is the ‘one apartment per floor’ exclusive homes format. These are homes where you own the entire floor. With 5 residences built on a small plot of 400 to 700 square yards, these 5 luxurious units allow you to own the entire floor plate, all to yourself! With no common walls, no neighbors to invade your privacy, and no restriction on the free flow of natural light and cross-ventilation, these independent floors are the envy of many people. Obviously, they cost more than the usual cluster-living apartments, but the benefits and luxury elements far outweigh the price element.

Clearly, these homes are more expensive than regular apartments in both standalone buildings in smaller plots, as well as the gated community apartments.

With amenities like elevator access (lifts) going to each floor, these ‘exclusive & independent floors’ feel truly luxurious. Plus, being spread over 2200 sft in a super built-up area, the homes are truly spacious.

Most people dream of owning a spacious and well-designed residence. Space in itself connotes luxury, besides the sense of pride that would have a positive impact on the lifestyle and health of your loved ones!

Spacious independent floor homes allow you to fuse functionality with aesthetics. The result is a conducive living environment that gets you unparalleled joy.

Given below are 5 simple joys of living in ‘one apartment per floor’ luxury apartments

1. Spacious living spaces give you more personal space and privacy resulting in personal growth and happiness

  • Space and privacy is something everyone craves. These give you a superior quality of life that brings along peace, tranquillity, and harmony for all the members of the family
  • We would all want to come back to a home that soothes our senses with comfort and peace of mind
  • Spacious ‘one apartment per floor’ homes offer this, and allow us to enjoy the high-end living that comes with these peaceful and well-crafted ‘independent floor’ home environment

2. More room for activities of all family members

  • Wellbeing is both mental and physical, and many activities we love to perform daily help us achieve this
  • A spacious home allows your children room to play, grow and remain energetic
  • A spacious ‘independent floor’ also lets you create additional spaces in your home where you engage in activities such as reading, working (office-work-from-home), study and keep yourself entertained

3. It gives you the space to create activity areas

  • Don’t we all want more room to work in a quiet space inside our home? A spacious home allows us to create space for our daily chores and activities viz, work-from-home space, at-home study area for children
  • With more carpet area available to you, you get the advantage of having your own quiet corner where you can focus on work, and not get mentally or physically fatigued
  • With a spacious ‘independent floor’. you can define and create spaces within your house where you can indulge yourself in activities you enjoy

4. It gives the much need space for kids to play and blossom

  • Children need enough room to play for their physical and mental growth. This is not possible with small apartments
  • With a spacious luxury apartments with 3 bedroom, living, dining, open-kitchen and other rooms, you can create adequate play-areas for your kids
  • This gives the young ones room to experiment in an unstifled environment. So, a spacious home alone can allow children to grow to their fullest potential

5. More room for health enhancing activities

  • These days most people are health conscious, and with space alone, you can create work-out/yoga/exercise spaces for your family
  • Only if you have space, can you keep equipment at home, and become free from the worries of hitting a gym and struggling with traffic and parking woes in the bargain
  • A spacious independent-home helps you create a tranquil environment even for yoga or meditation
  • A spacious ‘one apartment per floor’ residence, you can actually dedicate your attention to your health
  • You don’t have to worry about finding a clutter-free space to work-out when space is on your side

Clearly, these are 5 simple yet very attractive bargains you strike when you choose to own a ‘one apartment per floor’ unit in Hyderabad. The price range of these apartments varies between Rs 5000 per sft to over Rs 9000 per sft in more expensive locations like Western Hyderabad. In places like Sainikpuri and Yapral, these units could cost around Rs 5500 to Rs 6000 per sft, which is very reasonable for the benefits that accrue.

To quote Thom Mayne- “My buildings don’t speak in words but by means of their own spaciousness.”


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