Reading ‘floor plan with dimensions'

Reading floor plan with dimensions: a perspective to get a ‘feel of space’ while buying your 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad!

Planning on buying a 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad? Not sure how to read into the dimensions of the design on the paper. This is just a suggestive guide, purely based on how ‘spacious’ you feel when you look at a certain space in a square foot of in any room of your 3 BHK or smaller/bigger residential unit.

The focus of this article is really on whether or not the dimensions mentioned will be spacious enough to cater to your current and future needs. Also, to understand what the dimensions actually feel like once we actually move in with all our belongings.

Reading floor plan with dimensions :

Carpet area vs. Built-up area

To begin with, we need to understand two things-

  • Carpet area– this is the ‘net usable area’ available to you- RERA prescribes this to make it simple and easy to understand for the home buyer. This way, we exactly ‘how many square foot of area will actually be available to us’
  • Built-up area– This is the carpet area + walls


RERA clearly states that for registration of the residential project we need a carpet area available for sale, plus verandahs, balconies, and exclusive open terraces that are a part of the apartment being sold.

Simply put, the carpet area comprises of Bedroom, Dining room, Dressing room, Kitchen, Study, Stores, Any other room, Bathroom, Balconies within the house, Staircase within the house

Thumb rule for carpet area calculation (not necessarily true always) is about 70%.

This means the carpet area is usually 70 % of the built-up area. For example, if you are buying a 1400 sft apartment (which includes walls), the carpet area will be 70% of 1400 sft, i.e. 980 sft.

Classifying rooms in Small, Medium, and Big- for sake of simplicity

The home comprises of many rooms. Let us assume our home buyer is a middle-class or upper-middle-class buying with a budget ranging between Rs 60 lacs to Rs 1.3 Cr for buying an apartment in Hyderabad ranging between 1400 sft to 2200 sft.

SPACIOUSNESS ASSESSMENT GRID- An indicative measure based on a ‘feel of space’

Basis this range, let us arrive at what size approximately would be SMALL, MEDIUM, or BIG.

Type of Space


(area in sft)


(area in sft)


(area in sft)


100 to 140 sft

140 to 200 sft

200+ sft

Family lounge (hall)

140 to 160 sft

160 to 200 sft

200+ sft


50 to 90 sft

90 to 120 sft

120+ sft


100 to 180 sft

180 to 240 sft

240+ sft

Dining & living

150 to 220 sft

220 to 300 sft

300+ sft


30 to 42 sft

42 to 80 sft

80+ sft


25 to 40 sft

40 to 60 sft

60+ sft


30 to 40 sft

40 to 60 sft

60+ sft


12 to 25 sft

25 to 40 sft

40+ sft

[Floor plan with dimensions]

  • These are only indicative measures, and are based on the ‘feel factor’. The intention is to give a sense of ‘spaciousness’ one may feel in terms of being small, medium, or big.

[Floor plan with dimensions]

  • So, there is no ideal mix of how spacious a bedroom, toilet, living, dining, or utility should be. The objective for a home buyer in Hyderabad should be to optimize space and choose the right 3 BHK (or bigger/smaller unit) depending on family needs and budget.
  • What is visible on paper in terms of design and dimensions can be elusive. Once the furniture, household goods and family members move in, the real spaciousness can be felt.

The more spacious your home, the more comfortable will be the living. So, know how much spaciousness matters to you, in which rooms, and how much!

“You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you.”

– Marissa Mayer


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