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Modern Space-Saving Furniture Ideas For a Tiny 3BHK Apartment!

If you have a tiny 3BHK unit less than 1400 sft, you need to be very judicious about how you use the spaces. Given below are some ideas to save on space, and also generate adequate storage space within the limited floor space of your dream home.

It is possible to have a good sense of spaciousness even with a tiny home. Quality of life gets better with efficient management of floor space, styling your floor space with lesser items, and optimizing on every square inch of available space!

Being creative needs to be a deliberate act, and your intent to make modern space matters the most!

One great way to achieve that is to thing right!

How to thing right? The answer is simple-

  1. Think NOT about how a piece of furniture is going to look
  2. THINK how much space is it going to occupy
  3. Is your furniture functionally worth it?

…..and the rest happens automatically!

Modern Space-Saving Furniture Solutions For Tiny Homes In Vancouver, BC.

[Source- https://expandfurniture.com/modern-space-saving-furniture-solutions-for-tiny-homes/ ]

Modern Space-Saving Furniture Ideas

1. What kind of furniture works best for your Dining, Bedroom and Home Office?

  • Not to settle for low quality furniture
  • Furniture must be reliable, sturdy and provide the needed functionality to the fullest
  • It must satisfy on both style and comfort
  • Furniture must offer unique solutions to optimize on your space

2. Expandable Dining Tables

modern space saving furniture - Flip Mini desk to that doubles into a table or larger desk

[Source- https://expandfurniture.com/product/mini-flip-compact-desk-to-table/]

  • A table that doubles-up as a study or work table as well as a dining table when required
  • You can sit down for a formal meal or open your laptop as per convenience
  • Such expandable dining tables offer exceptional style and space saving option along with flexibility for multi-functional use

3. Bunk beds and murphy beds with storage

  • A bed is used mostly at night, so it can be put to better use throughout the day by purchasing the right kind of furniture
  • You have many bed options that can help you clear the floor space completely during the day
  • A wall-bed is one such option that works well
modern space saving furniture - Hover Queen 2 cupboards shelving
modern space saving furniture - bed

[Source- https://expandfurniture.com/product/hover-compact-wall-bed/ ]

  • With an in-built wall or cabinet-like bed, you can just lift the bed and hide it away inside the cabinet when not in use
  • A foldable bunk bed in children’s room also serves the purpose well
folding bunk bed-open-web-1.jpg

[Source- https://expandfurniture.com/product/murphy-bunk-bed-from-italy/]

  • You also have beds that remain stationary and give you lots of storage space

[Source- https://expandfurniture.com/product/pratico-queen-storage-bed-gas-lift/]

  • If you want a bed that stays in place, but you want to make more use of the space, you could consider buying a storage bed. All you need to do is lift the mattress to find a spacious cabinet underneath to store all your household items, clothing and accessories
  • You have multiple options available with wall beds connected to couches, desks etc.

4. Space-saving work-from-home furniture and shelves

  • You can create stylish and productive working area with dual-furniture items like a table cum bookshelf spaces
modern space saving furniture - Revolving-italian-wall-bed-with-library-vertical-storage
modern space saving furniture - Revolving italian wall bed with table desk

.[Source- https://expandfurniture.com/product/italian-wall-bed-revolving-bookcase/]

  • You could even have a bed with a drop-down desk to help you work at home during the day
  • Furniture options in bed can also include a desk and a bookshelf that’s revolving. Such options allow you to lift the bed and hide it inside the cabinet, while you continue using the space as your office
modern space saving furniture - 
wenge and white revolving wall bed

[Source- https://expandfurniture.com/product/italian-wall-bed-revolving-bookcase/]

While the space saving options are many, all you need to do is inculcate an eye for it, and seek multiple functionalities out of them for modern space!

The more creative and space conscious you get, the better are your creative skills at getting more out of your tiny 3BHK apartment.

“The quality of life is more important than life itself.”

-Alexis Carrel


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