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10 Space Saving Furniture For Your Apartments In The Post COVID era!

In the post-COVID era, space is, perhaps, the most precious thing about your apartment. Your dream home needs to be equipped with lesser and efficient household items. This allows you free physical-movement and sense of spaciousness.

The key is to be vigilant and conscious of ‘space saving furniture’. The intent of this article is to instil the sense of enquiry and deliberate choice to look-out for furniture that’s high on saving space!

Regardless of the size of your apartment is, you need to be miserly of every square inch of available space in your dream home!

Space Saving Furniture Ideas

The solution is to look out for functional, multi-purpose, space-saving furniture items and ideas that can make a difference!

1. Space-saving hangers in your entry-way or utility room

  • Photo frame that doubles-up as a hanger for your coats
  • You can put it back to becoming a photo frame later
space saving furniture - a clothes hanger pops out of a rebrilliant clothes hanging system, which looks like a photo frame hanging on the wall

[Source- Rebrilliant Clothes Hanging System]

2.  Benches with shoe-storage

  • Like this, you get many seating arrangements that double-up as a shoe rack
  • You can sit comfortably, wear your footwear and tie your laces
space saving furniture - a black TJUSIG Bench with Shoe Storage from Ikea

[Source- IKEA TJUSIG Bench with Shoe Storage]

3. Box furniture for your kitten or dog to keep the litter inside

  • The one given here is only for illustrative purposes, however, you have many such pet-home, and litter-enclosure options that can fit easily into your utility room
space saving furniture - a merry products hidden cat litter box enclosure that doubles as a shelf

[source- Merry Products Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosure ]

  • This is also a multifunctional furniture that can be used in your utility room to iron clothes, or keep other items

4.  Sofa cum storage seating options

a grey sofa mania arthur classic linen storage sofa with the seating open

[Source- Sofa Mania Arthur Classic Linen Storage Sofa]

  • These kind of couches are best when space on floor has to be saved to store added storage items like books, shoes, snacks etc.
  • Besides sofas, you get many under-the-bed storage options too

5. Space Saving Furniture – Kitchen and Dining Room

space saving furniture - a white boomer and george pet feeding station with pull-out drawers in the bottom

[Source- Boomer & George Pet Feeder Station]

  • This pet-feeder is a great cabinet cum feeding-station for the dogs
  • It can double-up to store dog food or other storage items of the household, dog toys and accessories

6. Simple ottoman style dining single-seaters

a 5-piece baxter dining room set that saves space with 4 storage ottomans that double as seats

[Source- Simple Living 5-Piece Baxter Dining Set with Storage Ottomans]

  • An ottoman is a low upholstered seat that does not have a back or arms. It also serves also as a box, with the seat hinged to it in the form of a lid as shown in the picture
  • This is a neat dining set with storage capability that allows for more movement as well
  • You can store additional items like beddings, linen, and even a variety of foods and beverages inside the lid-cushion of your ottoman seating areas
  • This design is also space saving since it snugly fits under the dining table

7.  Storage racks that’s sneaks into small unutilized spaces in your washroom, kitchen or utility room

space saving furniture - a white 3-tier slide out storage tower with wheels that fits in tight nooks and crannies

[Source- Bed, Bath & Beyond 3-Tier Slide Out Storage Tower]

  • You can just slide this rack into various unutilized spaces in your kitchen, bathroom, utility or anywhere else
  • Similar such vertical storage racks with wheels at the base help you create additional spaces, and give you the flexibility of movement owing to the wheels underneath
  • Using such smart solutions, you end up getting bonus storage areas to hold variety of items like bottles, sachets, spices, toiletries, dry eatable and condiments and more. It saves over-burdening your cabinets and storage areas, especially, when you need to keep frequently used items handy

8.  Space Saving Furniture- Storage racks underneath a wash-basin

space saving furniture - an 88 main expandable under sink storage rack storing toiletries underneath a bathroom sink

[Source- 88 Main Expandable Under-Sink Storage Rack ]

  • This is an ideal example of how you can use the cabinet underneath your bathroom, utility or kitchen sink to help you store many items
  • All your toiletries can fit-in with ease, and you can save yourself from the troubles of having a disorganized access to much-needed toilet-items
  • You can keep an eye for storage racks like this one, made of steel
  • Adjustable/removable shelves make life so much easier, and save on space

9.  Storage cabinets around your water closet (WC) in your restroom

a white over-the-toilet simple living space saver shelf storing toilet paper, tissues, hand towels, and more

[Source- Simple Living Over-the-Toilet Space Saver ]

  • These are clever shelving units that puts your toiletries within easy reach of your WC like extra toilet rolls, soaps, creams etc.

10.  Murphy bed-cum-sofa furniture

a closed queen andrew sofa-murphy bed

[Source- Room and Loft Queen Andrew Sofa-Murphy Bed]

  • Murphy beds are simple fold-down beds that turn into a sofa
  • Ideal for guest-room, and even for children bedroom where the existing space can be used for multiple purposes
  • Cleaning and movement around these rooms becomes much easier
  • You can look for similar two-in-one furniture items like storage cum study, or foldable study table

11.  Beds with storage capability

a chic baxton studio engelbertha white queen upholstered bed that lifts open for easy under bed storage

[Source- Baxton Studio Engelbertha White Queen Upholstered Bed with Storage ]

  • You can simply lift-the-bed and store your items, with the telescopic hinges that allow lift the bed along with mattresses with relative ease
  • All your out-of-season clothes, extra bedding, pillows, comforters, quilts and thick-blankets or winter-wear items can be stashed away with ease

12. Space saving home-office furniture

a 1960s-style walnut loring secretary desk by project 62

[Source- Project 62 Loring Secretary Desk ]

  • This is flexible option which can be turned into a work-station for you to study or work
  • Many options are available where a work-station table or tope can be simply pulled-out of the wall or furniture, and even folded-back to make place for more space
  • The whole idea is to know that you don’t have to buy furniture that eats into scarce floor space
  • Plus, these work/study table options come with in-built electricity outlets, USB outlets
  • They even provide you with storage space for your work and study related needs

13. Space saving book shelves 

a white classic dorm desk bookshelf stores books, a tissue box, and more above a computer monitor

[Source- Dorm Co. Classic Dorm Desk Bookshelf  ]

  • You have furniture options like this one where students can put storage shelves on the desk to add more space for post-its, pens, paper, books etc
  • This way you end up saving more floor space in your apartment

14.  Space saving balcony or picnic tables

a foldable throop portable picnic table by loon peak

[Source- Loon Peak Throop Portable Picnic Table]

  • You can have space saving options like this one for your deck or balcony
  • Such foldable pieces of furniture can be dismantled and brought inside the home when not in use
  • Many furniture items come in an easy to fold and store formats

15.  Super-saver tables/shelves for small balconies

an adjustable gymax hanging railing folding deck table supporting 2 white coffee mugs on plates and a rose in glass vase

[Source- Gymax Hanging Railing Folding Deck Table]

  • An extra small table like this can be pulled out of the wall with ease for a cup of coffee in you small balcony
  • Else, you can fold it and also do other activities like yoga
  • You have many options on buying accessories and furniture where zero floor space is occupied
  • Your furniture should be such that you can stretch it out at will, and does not leave with the worries of invading into floor space

All these space saving furniture ideas are driven by one common factor- to think about space-saving, and find furniture, accessories and fixtures that serve your needs!

Quality of life when you save on floor-space, and keep your apartment de-cluttered!!

“The quality of life is more important than life itself.”

– Alexis Carrel


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