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Home painting colours: Creating the ‘right feel’ using ‘right colours’ to paint your Indian home! Part 1!

The Colour of your room’s paint can be a huge contributor to your mood, lifestyle and personal choice. We all have a taste and distaste for colours, so the choice to paint your home to get the best out of an array of paints must be available to each one of us.

You could feel happy or gloomy depending on the colour of your walls. With this article you will surely get a slightly better idea about how you go about choosing the right paint colours that you will love to be surrounded with.

This is part I of the article.

Understand Warm and Cool Colours | Home painting colours

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What Color Describes Your Mood Right Now?  |  Home painting colours

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Another aspect is SPACE! The Colour of the walls determines how we view spaces at home i.e. sense of SPACIOUSNESS or otherwise.

Colour can also alter how we perceive the size and shape of our rooms. Colours do the job of tricking our eyes to perceive them in a certain way. This too can be used to our advantage, and we can allow the colours of our walls to trick, entice or mesmerize us in different ways!

Tips below on painting and colours will help you get the right framework for choosing the right paint CONFIDENTLY and with CONVICTION. You must be able to independently choose a painting for each room of your Indian home. Paint with the colour, shade, contrast, brightness or hue of YOUR CHOICE. A colour that certainly aligns with your lifestyle goals and personal preferences.

Using colours to change mood & perception: the concept

Different colours have different effects on our mood. Even within a colour, you have a range of shades and hues which impact your mood differently. For example, blue is NOT just a single colour. You have hundreds of different BLUES which give you different shades and hues of BLUE. Each gives a different look and feel. Each blue colour can evoke a different sentiment. This is called colour psychology.

Colour psychology is also used for therapeutic purposes. For instance, (a) Red is used to stimulate the body and mind and increase circulation; (b) Yellow is thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body; (c) Orange is good for the lungs and increases energy levels; (c) Blue soothes illnesses and alleviates pain; (d) Indigo shades are believed to help with skin problems. The list goes on.

You understand what colour does to you psychologically, and go for the colours that give you satisfaction and a pleasing disposition.

How To Use Color Psychology to Calm Your Home | Home painting colours

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Overall, colours that are lighter and cooler colours seem like they are RECEDING or MOVING AWAY from us. Which means they appear farther away visually! They seem light, non-intrusive and fading just like mist!

Darker and warmer colours seem like they are MOVING TOWARDS us. They seem more imposing and dominating. This concept is used by interior designers to make your rooms and spaces look bigger or smaller.

With this logic (colours moving towards/away) we can change the shape of our home spaces. We can draw attention to specific focal points, and highlight the positive aspects of our chosen space. Likewise, we can hide or minimize the unwanted or unattractive elements of our home spaces.

Using home painting colours as per your needs: explained with examples

1. Changing how you perceive the size of your rooms

If you have a very large room that feels uneasy, and very exposed, paint the ceiling with a darker colour like dark grey, dark maroon, or even dark brown. This will make the room feel more cosy. Likewise, if you feel suffocated and claustrophobic in your room, a light colour ceiling like white or other pastel shade will make you feel as if the height of the ceiling is raised. A light-coloured ceiling makes you feel that your room is more spacious.

Ceilings: how to enhance them with color - Interior Notes| Home painting colours
 Best Colors to Consider | Home painting colours
 Awesome Kids' Rooms That Use The Pastel Color Palette | Home painting colours

It also depends on who is using the room. For instance, with a small room for 10-year-olds, you may want to make their room feel more open and under the sky. This mirage can be achieved by using LIGHT BLUE paint to create that OPEN SKY illusion.

Sky ceiling kids bedroom decorating ideas bunk bed with slide blue wall color | Home painting colors

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2. Making your room look airy and big!

With lighter colours in your rooms, your eyes are more relaxed. This happens because your eye can travel around the spaces with ease. When your eyes can move around the room with ease, it gives you a feel that the room is very spacious. Lighter colours allow the free flow of visual gaze as you look around the room.

The  Best Bedroom Wall Colors - Home painting colours

Also, you can have the same colour for all walls. If you use two colours, then our eyes tend to stop where one colour ends, and the other begins. This allows the eyes to distinctly identify the EDGES and makes the room look small. This happens because the continuity of visual gaze is broken with two colours in the same room. While twin-coloured walls look beautiful, they do break the easy-flow eyes moving from one wall to the other. It depends on your personal preferences whether or not twin-coloured walls work well for you!

Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls | Home painting colours

So, using the same colours, you don’t see the edges or boundaries, and the space of your wall seems to continue evenly when the wall takes a turn from one side to another side of the wall.

 Painting Walls and Trim Same Color | Home painting colours

“Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”

– Oscar Wilde

To know more about “Home Painting Ideas: Things To Know About Painting Your Home Apartment In India- Part I”. Click here!

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