Balcony space- a tranquil retreat within your home!

Optimal Use Of ‘Balcony Space’ In Your Apartment To Brighten-Up Your Life!

Balconies are sometimes not put to complete use. Sometimes, we often keep the balconies locked away as an extra space that’s often unwanted. Some home buyers even regret having a balcony in their apartment! When a balcony is not put to use, it is often regarded as a place where ‘space and money’ are assumed wasted!

However, if used properly, there’s nothing better and more rejuvenating like relaxing in your balcony. In the post pandemic era, many home owners and potential home buyers have actually realised how important a balcony is!

A balcony in these times of lockdowns, social distancing and restriction can be like a respite from the pressures of daily life. A balcony can be like a getaway within your home where you can connect with yourself and with nature!

balcony space for furniture

1. Why does a balcony space matter?

balcony space can allow us to breathe easy
  • Balcony area can actually be a life-saving part of your home where you can avoid the feeling of gloom and suffocation.
  • A balcony can help you live your life, allow you to breathe easy, and be the favourite part of your home.
  • Regardless of the size of your home, a balcony is actually your very own private outdoors area that can be decorated really well. It gives you an incentive to unwind amidst the chaos of your urban lifestyle.
  • It’s a matter of fortune to have a balcony, where you can turn your outdoor square foot space into your very own tranquil hub. A balcony can be modified to serve your needs in all seasons of the year, multiple times of the day!
  • Balcony serves as a beautiful extension of your living or dining room. It doubles-up as a beautiful work-from-home open space with a surreal ambience and refreshing look!
  • Attending video calls from your balcony can be a beautiful experience, where you stay connected with the blue skyline and elements in your balcony.
  • You can enjoy the uniqueness of each beautiful day every day from your ever-refreshing balcony.
  • The furniture, decoration, and utilization of balcony spaces can help you expand your living area. This way you can enjoy your outdoors with the right seating and accessories to turn your balcony into a beautiful haven!

2. Getting the best out of your balcony

A. Follow ‘society rules’ before decorating or modifying balcony spaces

  • Follow apartment society rules about outdoor decorations. Respect and make changes as per the society do’s and don’ts
  • In certain residential societies, the façade cannot be changed; In some other societies, you are allowed to extend outwards to use spaces of balcony as you please

B. Greenery in your balcony 

balcony space is  full of greenery
  • Use vertical spaces by using hanging pottery for lush green plans
  • A wall full of greenery like creepers, lattice or trellis are very beautiful
  • Hanging small potted plants or herbs offers soothing beauty even to your room attached to your balcony
  • Use plants, outdoor furniture, and items that are meant for the outdoors
  • Greenery further enhances your privacy by creating a wall of greenery from neighbours

C. Seating that ‘fits’ the small balcony area 

  • A balcony can anything between 30 sft to over 100 sft. So, use every square inch of your balcony space judiciously
  • You get extra seating room with furniture that fits-in well
  • Add comfortable seating, floor pillows, day bed, a hammock or a lazy lounge seating- depending on your space and preferences
  • Make sure everything fits your balcony space before buying
  • A coffee table or an outdoor bench with storage space is also a great idea
  • Storage space helps you store your outdoor pillows, cushions, or blankets when not in use

D. Minimalistic and foldable furniture 

balcony space
  • With foldable furniture, you can cross-utilize balcony space for other purposes like hosting a meal, just standing, or hanging a hammock
  • Not having a permanent furniture item gives you unbeatable flexibility to change the balcony venue depending on your mood
  • With foldable furniture (tables, chairs and side-table), your balcony could serve as a breakfast spot with a foldable table, or a coffee spot, your yoga-space or even a work station

E. Using multi-purpose items & furniture for balcony

  • Saving space and money by choosing multiple purposes furniture and items for your balcony
  • For instance, a table that can also turn into a standalone stool (for seating) when needed
  • A table with storage, planter pots with lighting
  • You can even get furniture with planting capability to serve both seating and garden needs

Even if your apartment balcony is small, with the right decor and multipurpose furniture, your outdoor spaces can be transformed.

Turn your balcony into a peaceful retreat area to eat, sit, read, garden, or entertain guests. A well-transformed and well-utilized balcony can add a spark in your life!

You balcony can be your favourite spot to just relax, enjoy fresh air, and recharge yourself!

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

– Sydney Harris

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