Housing sector and builder floor preferences in hyderabad

Housing Sector In Hyderabad, And Preference For Builder Floor Apartments In 2022 And Beyond!

Recent developments in the Hyderabad real estate market are more than encouraging for home buyers considering purchasing their home in 2022 or beyond.

1. Key elements indicating housing sector recovery in Hyderabad

  • Record low home loan interest rates. Lowest in the last 15 years
  • Record low affordability
  • Stable real estate prices in Hyderabad
  • Housing.com as per their IRIS index have witnessed increase home buyer activity since April 2021 onwards
  • IRIS index has indicated that Hyderabad property search volume has gone up. This means that the ‘intention to buy’ is high in Hyderabad
  • In 2021, residential real estate in Hyderabad has witnesses a positive change. The year 2022 will see a strong momentum in the housing sector in Hyderabad

2. More spacious homes being preferred by home buyer in Hyderabad

Demand for large homes, especially in the housing sector,the builder-floors measuring more than 2000 sft in area will see a special interest by the home buyers.

With the prices of residential plots increasing, the standalone building segment- 1) regular apartments, 2) builder floor (one apartment per floor concept) will witness a major boost in Hyderabad.

The attraction of larger homes will remain the preferred option, since the home buyers are seeing lockdowns, and preventive measures requiring them to stay indoors more as a norm than an exception.

The more you stay indoors, the more sensible it is to choose a home that offers you more space, more privacy, and more well-being for each family member.

Remote work ways have evolved, and people are willing to move to far-off, low-density population places. For instance, within Hyderabad, many IT professionals are choosing to move to areas in and around Sainikpuri, Yapral etc. where they feel safer. Low density areas with lots of green cover makes these areas all the more attractive, especially in the situation of a lockdown. Surrounded by trees and green-cover, even the children and elders at home want to be closer to nature.

Data across the property-websites has indicated a sharp rise to the extent of 30% over the last one year, with home buyers in Hyderabad searching for spacious 3 or more BHK homes.

Price of any property type is determined by the size and amenities. In Hyderabad, online search for properties costing between Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.5 crore has also gone-up.

Proximity to excellent social infrastructure, health-related facilities and security would remain are being considered most important. Consumers in Hyderabad are also being far more amenable to properties in standalone buildings for the lower cost, and better location. Plus, a home buyer in a standalone segment, like the gated-community segment does not have to cough-up extra money to pay for amenities like gymnasium, swimming-pool.

3.Housing sector Preference for builder floors in Hyderabad: a perspective for 2022 & beyond

Here’s why builder floor apartments, measuring above 2000 sft area, in Hyderabad will be a preferred option in 2022 and beyond

  • Provides for unparalleled privacy to the home buyer, since you don’t have any neighbour on the floor you occupy
  • You ‘own the entire floor’ in a builder-floor which is constructed in small plots of 400 to 700 square yards
  • High on cross ventilation, airiness, and natural light
  • Construction quality offered by small builders matches and even exceeds expectations with high-end specifications
  • Builder floors with ‘5 homes’ in a 5-storey configuration are being constructed in peaceful and quiet colonies like Sainikpuri, Yapral in Hyderabad
  • Ensure wellbeing and wellness of family
  • Low-rise, low-density occupancy, low-visitor-influx securing health and safety from pandemic
  • Better community living environment with 5 families in a standalone building
  • High-end specifications including elevator (lift) access, 24/7 security add to the luxury element
  • Very safe, since, during calamities one can securely move out of a standalone builder-floor building
  • Excellent alternative to villas with all four sides open-to-sky
  • 100% Vastu compliance is possible with a builder-floor just like in independent Villas since all four sides are open-to-sky
  • Gives the best of both worlds- benefits of an apartment-living, plus, a villa-living
  • Builder floor is high on luxury, lifestyle and status since they are more expensive than regular economy-range regular apartments
  • Safe investment, especially if the builder floor project is approved by banks for a home loan
  • Separate water and electricity connection makes life simpler in a builder floor
  • Spacious balconies that give you a sense of airiness and wellness
  • Excellent specifications, high-end plumbing and electrical accessories and fixtures
  • Customisation and close monitoring is possible
  • Possession time-frame is much sooner, especially with professional builders
  • Maintenance costs are low as these are shared by 5 families in a 5-storey ‘builder floor’ building

To put it simply, a builder floor is a lifestyle home built with luxury in mind.


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