advantages of a builder floor apartment

Advantages Of A Builder Floor Apartment – A Perspective For Home-Buyers In Hyderabad!

The residential real estate in Hyderabad has been on the upswing despite the pandemic, which augurs well for the home buyers in Hyderabad. Willingness to buy more spacious homes in Hyderabad has witnessed steady growth with home buyers willing to opt for 3 BHK apartments upwards of 1800 sft in preferred and beautiful localities like Sainikpuri and Yapral.

Focus has shifted to a superior lifestyle. Builders in Hyderabad are offering a wide range of residential options in this segment across the city. Besides high rise buildings, demand for villas, bungalows, row houses and builder floor apartments has been steadily rising.

Lifestyle preferences are taking precedence over external amenities where space within your home is being viewed as more important than ever before. Work and study from home needs has made builder floor apartments very popular among buyers in Hyderabad as they offer you an independent lifestyle living.

Let us explore the benefits of opting for a builder floor apartment in Hyderabad.

1. Builder floor– what does it mean?

A builder floor apartment is an exclusive residential apartment which is part of a low-rise and independent/standalone building. These standalone buildings typically consist of five storeys in Hyderabad, considering the GHMC approval norms in well-established colonies.

Builder floors are normally constructed on residential plots which are small or medium size ranging from 400 square yards to 700 square yards in Hyderabad, in well-inhabited residential colonies which are still much lower in population-density. GHMC allows for only 5-storey construction with ground floor usually reserved for parking. The builder sells each floor independently along with a portion of the residential plot also allotted against a home buyers’ name.

In a builder floor apartments, the builder, usually, constructs them either on their own or by collaborating with the owner on redevelopment basis.

2. Advantage- Builder floors

Own the entire floor: 

You get to own an entire, independent floor all to yourself, and can design it as you like. You get all the benefits of a luxurious/expensive independent villa. Privacy is one of the biggest rewards of an exclusive floor builder floor apartment.

Maintenance charges nominal: 

Depending on the amenities shared by the 5 home-owner, the monthly maintenance can be nominal. This is also because you do not have to pay for lavish amenities like swimming-pool, gymnasium, clubhouse etc. With a builder floor, you can restrict your expenses only to relevant amenities like security, regular house-keeping, power back-up, elevator upkeep, and maintenance of the building.

Close-knit community:

 With builder floors you can choose to have family, relatives and friends also choose buying the units within the same standalone building. It is great if you get to live with like-minded individuals/families you can count on, and have a social-connect with.

Amenities exclusive to each floor: 

Owners of a builder floor apartment gets a separate electricity and water connection for their residence/floor. Scope of disputes is eliminated.

Luxurious high-end specification, and possibility of customisation: 

Owners of a builder floor apartment get a superior home, with branded fittings and fixtures. With a small builder, you can also get a customized specifications since the small builders are more open to catering to your specific family needs.

High return on investment: 

You can expect a higher resale price with an exclusive builder floor home, especially because of the luxury and exclusivity element.

3. Checks before you buy your builder floor apartment in Hyderabad

  • Legally safe home, especially, with approval from GHMC– a duly approved building-permit
  • A builder floor approved for home-loan by financial institutions makes the home worth considering since the bank would have done various legal checks before approving a ‘standalone building project’
  • Market reputation, professionalism and past-projects of the builder or land owner, especially quality-consciousness so fat as construction quality is considered
  • Family preferences, and the overall social infrastructure in an around the locality

Proper due diligence is a must before your choose to opt for a builder floor apartment! This will ensure peace in the long run, besides securing the well-being of your family!

“Peace is liberty in tranquility.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero

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