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‘Owning the entire floor apartment’ gives a sense of exclusivity that’s simply magnificent! A perspective for 3 BHK homebuyers in Hyderabad

‘Owning the entire floor apartment’ gives a sense of exclusivity that’s simply magnificent! A perspective for 3 BHK homebuyers in Hyderabad

The concept of ‘one apartment per floor’ in Hyderabad is not new in Hyderabad, but with added amenities like access to your floor with an elevator (lift), and ground floor reserved for spacious parking slots, things are getting really exclusive!

Due to the high-end specifications, and demands of discerning customers, these ‘one apartment per floor’ homes are turning into a splendid luxury.

No wonder, the preference to own these apartment floors in the range of Rs 1.3 Crore to Rs 2.5 Crores for a 2300 to 3000 sft 3 BHK range are fast catching up with homebuyers in Hyderabad.

What’s special about owning the entire floor with ‘one apartment in the entire floor’?

The idea of ‘owning the entire floor’ means that it gives the buyer an independent home-like feel! Indeed, these are your own private spaces, and feel like a ‘SKY-VILLA’!

The joy of getting into the elevators and directly landing on the corridor to your own floor is precious. The corridor, the walls, the surroundings are exclusively meant for you, your family and your visitors/guests.

It speaks that you have arrived In life, and seek nothing but the best for your family. This is why you chose to break away from the more economical regular apartments! And, instead, choose to opt for exclusivity and a higher sense of privacy for yourself and your family.

What do you avoid with these exclusive floor residence?

You avoid disturbance, intrusion, and unnecessary caution you need to excise while living in regular cluster-living apartments. You move away from compromising on your sense of privacy, not to disturb your neighbours or catch their attention.

In a cluster-living apartment complex, you have neighbours surrounding you and connected to your home through the corridor. So, you live a constrained life, where you are expected to comply and accord importance to others’ expectations/privacy. You cannot sing loud, laugh loud, play music, or entertain guests as freely as you would want! You are simply restricted!

With an exclusive floor apartment, you can live free, live unrestricted!

On the other hand, with your own ‘independent floor’ you live FREEDOM! No noise, no disturbance, and far more tranquil spaces as compared to the more populated regular apartments, packed corridors, and higher visitor traffic in the premises including highly-frequented elevators!

Plus, you can choose to do what you feel like on your own floor without worrying over much!

An apartment that can truly be Vastu compliant

One of the most critical reasons for these independent homes is Vastu. Vastu is possible in an apartment only when you do NOT share your four walls with anyone (neighbours).

So, you get all the scientific benefits of Vastu Shastra with a ‘one apartment per floor’ configuration!

Where are these ‘One apartment per floor’ apartments coming up in Hyderabad?

These ‘One apartment per floor’ residences are mushrooming across Hyderabad in on small plot sizes ranging from 400 square yards to 700 square yards. For a ‘single floor exclusive floor’ these plot sizes are optimal, and one can easily create a 222 to 3000 sft home, with spacious rooms, balconies and walls that are exposed to sunlight.

This Vastu compliance is just not possible with regular apartments wherever you have 2 or more homes and neighbours, and you often share common walls. Even if common walls are NOT shared, you do not have access to sunlight throughout the day!

A truly Vastu compliant home is possible only with a standalone building apartment with a ‘one apartment per floor’ concept home.

What aspects of Vastu really make ‘one apartment per floor’ villa-like?

The reasons simply are:

1. Having access and inflow of natural light (sunlight) from all directions

2. Having good, fresh air freely flowing in from all corners as per the season

These two factors are the hallmark of an independent home built on a residential plot. Plus, with an ‘independent; floor, where you own the whole floor, the same advantages accrue.

In Hyderabad, the 5 storey configuration is permitted by GHMC for plot sizes of this configuration. Plus, the builders are required to make provision for parking, electricals, water, sanitation, sewage etc.

What aspects ‘one apartment per floor’ exclusive, and more expensive than regular apartments?

The buyers on the other hand are willing to pay more to get more. Thus, exclusivity comes when you get high brand accessories, branded international-quality lifts, security systems, home automation systems and more.

While a high-end luxury apartment (regular cluster living) in a standalone building, in a certain locality like Sainikpuri may cost approximately Rs 4500 per sft. A similar specification ‘exclusive floor’ would easily cost approximately rs 6000 per sft. This is because of the exclusivity being offered to only 5 families in a single building. It’s like having 5 luxury ‘sky villas’ in a 5—storey building!

A ‘one apartment per floor’- villa-like feel that’s truly magnificent!

Given below is a floor plan of an ‘independent floor’ with Vastu compliant design and the feel of an independent house-

entire floor apartment

[Source- Tamanna Lakeview apartment plan- 2300 sft]

Hence, owning the entire floor is like owning an independent own, and you get all the relevant amenities and benefits of an apartment living.

This means you get the best of both worlds with an exclusive floor apartment, and that is a blessing!

To quote Helen Taylor-

“Bless this house, Oh Lord we pray
Make it safe by night and day.
Bless these walls so firm and stout
Keeping want and trouble out.”


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