4 Aspects Of Home Automation Solutions- Combine Luxury And Convenience To Your Dream Home!

Home Automation Solutions Combine Luxury And Convenience To Your Dream Home!

Homebuyers in India are seeking increasingly more spaces, and more luxuries like home automation solutions for greater convenience, a better lifestyle and greater peace of mind.

What Exactly Is Home Automation Solutions?

Home automation goes beyond being just a collection of technologies. A home automation system is an integrated ecosystem that brings the luxury and convenience of complete control. Connecting entertainment, environmental management, and security to your home brings you unparalleled peace of mind.

A home automation solutions effort can encompass many things that matter, for instance: 1) home audio, 2) security of family and house, 3) features to keep family members and home protected 4) air-conditioning and temperature controls, 5) lighting arrangements to improve overall wellness and so on.

4 Aspects Of Home Automation Solutions

1. Sound, vision and entertainment

  • Entertainment, music and movies help us avoid stress. It is energising, and even inspires creativity
  • The way to achieve automation here is through a DISTRIBUTED AUDIO and VIDEO SYSTEM
  • You could automate the music systems and video devices around your home
  • With distributed audio system, you can make music as an everyday part of your life
  • The music of your choice could follow you in all the rooms of your home
  • As soon as you wake up, music can stick with you through your daily chores, both inside and outside home
  • Music inspires, relaxes, and sets the mood for any occasion or event at home, so automation can bring you closer to sustained happiness
  • Using DISTRIBUTED AUDIO SYSTEM, you could have the right background music
  • You could use ‘calibrated speakers’ that easily blend into the walls. Further, they do not intrude with the home, and blend in well with the décor
  • Each bedroom, bathroom, or living area can have different audio system or speaker
  • The choice of mood and genre of music can be different for every family member. The younger lot could tune into peppy music, and those sitting in the living area could listen to exclusive collection appropriate for the setting and preferences
  • Thus, automation of access to music can provide the ideal environment to work, play and engage in social conversations
  • Similarly, you could have your home immersed with a 4K video and surround sound experience to help you accentuate moods as per your liking
  • With home-automation solutions, you could have a movie-theatre to view latest movies or classic movies, to binge-watch shows or enjoy programs of your choice

2. Lighting accessories and fixtures

  • Lighting is much more than just a way to help illuminate the home, or to help you navigate your way around the house
  • Good automation in lighting can set the mood for any part of the day! Home automation of lighting can bring rhythm and excitement to your daily life
  • Good lighting can transform the ambiance of any room
  • An AUTOMATED LIGHTING SYSTEM can work beautifully with natural light to tune well with the colours outside the home
  • An automated lighting system can be a great balancing factor to your circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycles)
  • Lighting can make night seem bright, or relaxing depending on how you want to glide through your evenings or end your day
  • Motorized shades’ go way beyond just being a fashion accessory to your window. They help enhance quality of lighting, and also save on energy bills
  • Using automation solutions, you can connect ‘motorized shades to sensors’, and these can be pre-programmed to be adjusted as per the time of the day. This way you can even decide the sheers’ levels (extent to which a shade should be thing/visible)
  • ‘Motorized shades’ help block heat and lessens the strain on your air-conditioning system

3. Comfortable temperature and air purifiers

  • Temperature outside can vary depending on the weather, and on the time of the day
  • A home may not heat-up or cool-down uniformly throughout the day. This is where automated ‘CLIMATE CONTROL’ automation solutions come handy
  • Using automation, you can have ‘sensors’ distributed across the home to manage various zones of the home giving you consistent home-temperature throughout the day
  • Besides temperature, you can even manage humidity levels. Having control on humidity can influence your mood and increase general wellbeing of family members
  • Automated air purifiers can be installed to maintain optimal percentage of humidity levels, and reducing allergens to ease your breathing

4. Safety, security and constant monitoring

  • Safety and security needs have can be automated to keep worries at bay!
  • With safety secured, you can be at ease about your family members, or leaving the home unattended
  • An automated SECURITY SYSTEM allows you peace of mind regardless of where you are physically
  • Having your family safe, or having the option to be instantly notified when someone is at your front door is always a relief
  • You could even remotely unlock your certain sections of your home even when you are not in town
  • Necessary access levels can be automated for visitors or others
  • Home security goes way beyond being notified of unwanted intrusions
  • With automated home security, the infrastructure of your home can be monitored. You can check whether or not other programmed instructions on home-automation are running smoothly or not
  • For instance, a home automation system can monitor for any problems like leaks in the air-conditioning, or keep your alerted of excessive moisture build-up in any room, or even about any section of the home becoming hotter than expected

Use of technology and home-automation can help bring more peace and wellness to our family members!

“Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness.”

Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

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