home automation in the post-covid era

Home Automation in The Post-COVID Era: Looking Beyond 2022!

Over the last two years, the evolution of smart home technology has gone to a whole new level the world over, and India is quick to adopt and adapt.

There has been a concerted effort to make home automation affordable, and universally available to home buyers across the world, especially after the pandemic. Technology and buyer preferences indicate a growing inclination towards this inherent need!

Builders in India too are responding to this consumer demand for home automation solutions. The way we think about the ‘spaces’ we call home has changed, and preference for contactless technology is in demand more than ever.

Automated solutions are needed at home to keep the family members safe. Consequently, reliance on automation for health, safety, and convenience is being preferred by home-buyers. With cost factor sure to come down, and the need for safety riding high, automation and contactless technology is bound to boom in the decades ahead.

Home automation in the post covid era

Has pandemic changed the way we accept and interact with technology?

  • The answer is a BIG yes! Pandemic triggered precautions has led to creative problem-solving and research for innovative home-automation changes
  • Pandemic has virtually accelerated the pace towards an automated future. Spread of disease and prevention thereof are a must, and this can be achieved effectively and efficiently through home-automation, besides office and public arenas
  • In residential homes where home-automation is not part of the package, home buyers are open to considering automation post taking possession of their homes/apartments
  • Post the pandemic, how we interact with our smartphones, and home automation technology has also changed
  • There is a unanimous preference amongst home-buyers to make the home a safe, healthy place with automation playing an important role.

Will home automation remain a luxury?

  • Even if it is a luxury in 2022, it will not remain one for long!
  • Post the pandemic, home automation is now an essential- a hygiene
  • Home automation is needed to keep your homes safe from burglars, to achieve social distancing, minimal contact and for security-purposes in the post COVID era
  • When someone knocks on our door or rings a bell, they are touching the surface of an element of our home. We need to physically open the lock. This needs to change in the times to come
  • Smart home technology’s ability to control devices, provide information and more should aid in faster adoption of a family of products that was already on the rise. And as home automation becomes even more mainstream, your products’ reliability, convenience and control will drive their success

Interactive security systems on the way to becoming a hygiene!

  • Post the pandemic, interactive security systems and smart speakers have been at the forefront in smart home devices the world over, and India is no exception
  • 2022 onwards, low-cost, flexible devices and systems will only grow as home buyers, especially, the millennial homeowners will want smart technology integrated to their homes
  • Home automation solutions that can be installed/setup in a hassle-free manner will rule the roost
  Home automation solutions that can be installed/setup in a hassle-free manner will rule the roost

Voice-assisted technology will eliminate repetitive, mechanical tasks

  • Voice technology has taken prominence with many people not wanting to touch their phones or any other germ-infested surfaces, be it playing music or seeking information
  • Relying on a voice assistant will only increase in the times to come, where you will be able to complete everyday tasks and get all the information you want without having the need to touch anything!
  • Voice assisted technologies will find place in our bathroom, washing hands, illuminating the electrical points, operating our kitchen devices, playing music, our audio-video interactions, and just about anything we can possibly imagine!

Examples of home automation

home automation examples
  • Lighting and electrical controls. Scheduling and automation to switch on or off electricals as required
  • Apps to control the whole house to perform routine tasks using apps, including scheduling the tasks across the home
  • Ultimate Touchless experience by voice-assisted commands on single-use devices like mobile phones
  • Door locks, garages and gates controls
  • Multiple remotes in an smartphone or device App
  • Motion sensors and contactless elevators

With home automation, not only will the quality of life improve, but it will keep our loved ones safer in the post-pandemic era.

“The pandemic has been such an awful time for so many people around the world, but it has also been a reminder for us about the things that really matter – the people in our lives and the love we have for them.”

– Ananya Birla


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