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8 Benefits Of a ‘Home Security System’: Home-Automation To Keep Our Loved Ones Protected!

Monitored security systems are actively monitored by a professional home security companies, and the trend is fasting catching up in India. The system detects an intruder break-in, fires, and even other emergencies. The system sends out a notification to the security team as well as to those who respond in such emergencies.

Monitored security systems require to be installed, enabled/disabled, maintained with a monthly fees, and also deal with false alarms. Despite the hassles, a home security system is really worth it considering the protection it gives to your home and family. Your valuables and your loved ones need to be protected against all odds.

camera for home security

Here are 8 reasons why home security systems are important.

1. Protection for your valuables

  • Keeps your electronics, jewellery, and high-value items
  • Protection to home invasion
  • A home security system sets-off an alarm to scare off intruders/burglars
  • Notifies local authorities in case of a break-in attempt

2. Deterrent to criminal activities

  • Chances of robberies in your home decreases
  • With installation of home security system, your home becomes much safer- both from external and internal threats
  • You home becomes all geared-up to tackle unwanted issues and mishaps
  • Creates a safer neighbourhood

3. Remote access to home is enabled

  • Remote monitoring of what’s happening in your home through mobile phone
  • Security cameras in your home can be seen through mobile app installed
  • Remote access control to thermostats, keyless entry, smart lighting and management of smart devices made possible

4. Added pre-emptive security

  • While you may pay monthly fee or a one-time fee for your security system, but it’s better than seeking claims after a mishap has occurred
  • Besides home insurance, this actually saves from the trauma of being robbed, or preventing any leakage or unfavourable issue with your smart devices at home

5. Instant notification on emergencies

  • Receive notifications with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors even if you are away from home
  • Relevant service providers or authorities can be instantly notified of such emergencies
smoke detector for home security

6. Keep a safe watch over children

  • Perhaps, the biggest boon with home automation, especially when you are at work or away from home
  • You can keep a watch on what’s happening via video doorbells, and alkso know who is entering the home
  • You can even remotely unlock your doors to allow children return from school and enter your keyless entry home. This way children also don’t have to carry a home-key with them

7. Electricity bills are minimized

  • Smart locks, video doorbells and smart thermostats help reduce electricity bills
  • You can control the thermostat of any web-enabled device
  • You can turn-off any electricity outlet from your device even when you are away
  • While you are away, you can turn-on lights remotely to give a false impression to people around your home that you are still inside your home

8. Secures peace of mind

alaram system gives home security
  • An alarm system gives you a sense of security and comfort
  • Feeling safe adds to the overall mental peace and wellness for everyone in the family

A security system at home is like adding another line of defence against many unwanted issues and potential intruders. A home security system aligned with your needs is very reassuring for a superior lifestyle and endless joy!

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