2 & 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad – 5 things home buyers need to get right apartment

5 things home buyers need to get right about 2 & 3 BHK flats In Hyderabad

With the pandemic still hounding us, the scenario of how to select the right 2 or 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad needs to be a well-thought decision. Certain parameters that need special attention along with others are discussed in this article.

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There sure has been a psychological drift in the home buyers’ needs in Hyderabad. A home buyer seeks 2 and 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad for a comfortable living. The idea of ‘safety’ itself has been redefined COVID-19 in our lives. The social distancing norms, the importance of sanitization, prevention from contagious bacteria/viruses are some of the things a home buyer needs to consider before choosing an apartment.

Pricing alone can no longer be the sole criteria for buying your 2 and 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad.

Things which home buyers needs to get right 2 &3 bhk flats in hyderabad

Clearly, the decision depends on personal preferences and thoughts of the home buyers.

The best way to arrive at the right decision is to ask yourself- ‘what do I want from my 2 or 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad, and the building I might choose to live-in?’

1. Common spaces in the apartments or gated community- what’s important, what’s not

  • Common spaces could be common walkways/corridors (as you exit/enter your elevators), the clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, play areas and courts, gardens, parking, walking-tracks, spa-room, yoga-room etc. in the gated community or standalone building you planning to buy an apartment in
  • The pandemic has shown that many of these amenities and common-spaces could not be used for obvious reasons
  • The question is: even after the pandemic is over, would you feel safe using all these ‘common spaces’
  • This is a very subjective question, and can vary with your own beliefs, attitude, taste and overall long-term vision
  • So, while a few home buyers may want many of these amenities, the others may shy away from them
  • Amenities cost, and all these additions add to the per square foot price you pay for your apartment. The cost of amenities are all baked into the per square foot price
  • The decision about these ‘common spaces’ that a home buyer in Hyderabad needs to take is: “Which one of these amenities are not useful to me? Why pay for amenities like a swimming pool or a gymnasium when I am not going to use it? Can I look at apartment options where I pay to get more square foot space in my apartment instead of paying for amenities and common spaces that I can do without?

2. Spacious staircases and elevators (lifts)

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  • Space where required must not be compromised with. So, you may want to ask yourself what you expect the building you would live in
  • With social distancing norms and the need to maintain a distance of at least 3 to 4 feet, you need elevators that don’t squeeze you in
  • If the pre-pandemic requirement is to have an elevator that can accommodate 6 people, you may seek an apartment building with elevators than can accommodate 8 to 10 people.
  • Same goes with stairs, which may be spaced well to accommodate people ascending or descending. If the requirement is to have 4 feet of stairs, then an extra few inches can go a long way to secure social distancing, Plus, the height of each step of the staircase could also be adjusted to approximately 4 inches to make for easy climbing and descending using the staircase
  • Even the corridors leading to your home should be such that they are just adequate, and not overly spacious or unduly cramped
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3. Presence of a utility room inside the apartment

  • Utility room has hitherto not been getting the required attention, but in the post-pandemic era, this space cannot be undermined
  • Normally, we would depend on our ‘dhobi’ (laundryman) for taking care of our washing and ironing needs (clothing, bedding etc.). But, with the pandemic, lockdowns became a common scene
  • Many households found it very difficult during the lockdowns, especially those who did not have a dedicated mechanism to take care of their laundry and adequate space for storing kitchen-related food, equipment, cutlery etc.
  • Being self-reliant is important, and a dedicated space with provision for washing machine, dryer, and extended-kitchen are now needed to face adversity efficiently
  • You simply cannot do without a separate ‘utility room, which has dedicated spaces for kitchen and laundry spaces being provided by the builder

4. Living in a high or low population density area

  • A home buyer in Hyderabad needs to determine the extent of ‘high density living’ one is willing to go for- a gated community apartment building with two elevators and 5 floors is obviously less dense than one with 2 elevators and 15 floors. This is again a matter to be thought about by the home buyer. Of course, if the number of elevators are more than 2, then it gets that much safer
  • However, the number of people in a building also attract that many visitors, vendors and domestic help
  • Elevators are used by all those who enter and exit the building, and the home buyer needs to make a conscious decision on what kind of population density does one want to live in
  • This has to even do with the locality. An apartment in Madhapur will obviously be more densely populated compared to one in Sainikpuri area in Hyderabad

5. Social infrastructure around your chosen locality

  • The social infrastructure in Hyderabad is now quite symmetrically developed whether you talk about West Hyderabad (I.T employment Hub) or other areas like Kukatpally, Tarnaka, Sainikpuri ,A.S.Rao Nagar, Ghatkesar, Uppal and so on. All these are now self-sufficient micro-markets which can support a comfortable living for all age groups
  • However, distance from these Social infrastructure facilities is all that is important
  • A home buyer in any one of these micro markets needs to decide how far away (or closer) are you willing to stay away from these social infrastructure facilities like- shopping areas/stores, educational institutions, entertainment spots, eateries, medical facilities etc.
  • There is no ideal distance, but with the experience of pandemic, it is wise to stay ‘neither too close, nor too far away’
  • Localities with a low to medium population density living, with well-connected social infrastructure in about 2 to 4 KMs vicinity seems to be a good mid-path to go with
  • Safe living, spacious uncluttered roads, and easy access are to be assessed by the home buyers


Buying a dream home is a very personal decision. Yet, the final choice of home now needs to be made in light of the new realities of pandemic and safety of your family. Besides other things, you need a pandemic ready home, which caters to all the basic needs to ensure a fine and safe living experience.

This is possible with a balanced approach while trying to seek amenities, access to social infrastructure, extra space inside the home, and living in a safer low-density environment.

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