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Welcome to the post-pandemic dream homes with ‘more spacious 3BHK apartments’ in Hyderabad!

With the extra time the Indian workforce is spending at home, the pandemic has made home buyers completely aware of what they like or don’t about the extent of space they live in. This is applicable not just to Hyderabad, but to the entire country!

Natural sunlight is not just a small offering, but instead a life-giver. While the threat of the pandemic has weaned off considerably. It sure has left home-buyers wiser and certain about what their re-kindled dream home should look like.

spacious 3bhk apartments

Being at just one place throughout the day, and spending a great deal of time within the confines of the wall has most certainly changed our views about ‘what we expect out of our homes’ in the post-pandemic era.

What home buyers have learned is ‘what they want from their living space’!

1. Need for spacious apartments or independent-floor residences

  • Home buyers in Hyderabad as well as the world over now want something more out of the design of homes—their size, features, layout, and location
  • Two elements that are now on the forefront of designing homes is: 1) home as a workspace, and 2) a much deeper focus on health and overall well-being of family members
  • Housing choices in the pre-2020 era was determined by ability to afford, and proximity to their job-hub. Features like size, amenities, came in much later, and were dictated by tight budgets. This has changed with changed priorities
  • For those who can afford, and are working from home have chosen bigger spaces above 1600 sft, and that too away from the concrete jungle
  • The ‘one apartment per floor’ homes are even bigger admeasuring over 2200 sft, which cater to the changed priorities better still
  • Besides, even those who could NOT afford spacious homes, have changed. These home buyers are far more flexible and willing for a higher budget considering that ‘life comes at a premium’. So, a buyer who was earlier fixated on a Rs 50 lac budget, today is talking about a Rs 65 lac budget
  • The home buyers are now buying homes in less populated locations, especially in sparsely populated low-density localities in Hyderabad like Yapral and Sainikpuri
  • Preferences of home buyers in Hyderabad are:
    • Seeking more space,
    • more closed-off space when it comes to getting privacy, and
    • more open-to-sky space so that you breathe easy in your balconies, corridors
  • Many home buyers who were living in rented apartments in Hyderabad simply don’t want to go back to a smaller apartment, if they can help it. Consequently, spacious 3 BHK apartments and ‘one apartment per floor’ options in standalone buildings present a promising alternative

2. Innovative workspaces at home

  • Architects and builders are resorting to ‘create’ space even in tight & smaller apartments. At times making use of the lobby, or tucking a small work-from-home space under the stairs
  • At-home workspaces are being made more space-efficient, and innovative like having sliding partitions or even desks that can be hidden
  • Interior designers as well as home-owners are also getting innovative in providing many space-saving, and utility options like the back-rest (headboard) of a bed that is ergonomic and can be used as a comfortable seat back, or, an adjustable lighting, and TV monitors installed at places that can help them work (video-calling as well as entertainment options combined)

3. Health friendly automation and contactless options driven by technology

  • Homebuyers are now willing to pay more for clean water and air, better air-ventilation and air-recirculating technology
  • Touchless technology that allows people to enter a building, including elevators using QR codes
  • Builders and designers are even using the entrance (transition) spaces to provide spaces to de-sanitize yourself, freshen-up and even drop potentially contaminated/dirty clothes before entering the home
  • Home owners are already seen having stock of alcohol based sanitary wipes or masks in their home. These are placed conveniently, and allow ‘visitors’ to clean their hands as well as contact points of chair etc.
  • Pandemic-inspired features like roof lounges, spacious balconies, and open gardens are also being offered by builders, as these cater to social distancing norms

Overall, the apartments as well as ‘low-rise’ standalone buildings with ‘independent floors’ are now moving to a whole new level in creating the perfect dream home.

To quote Gaston Bachelard– “If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.


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