A perspective for Homebuyers in Hyderabad: Why upgrade from a 2BHK to a 3BHK

11 reasons to upgrade from a 2BHK to a 3BHK- a perspective for homebuyers in Hyderabad

A home is where our story begins! There’s something very nostalgic about a home since it’s a place we choose to make our own!! 

A perspective for 3bhk homebuyers in Hyderabad

A home is where you connect with your loved ones, make your family, provide for them, create memories, and end up becoming the most beautiful place on Earth.

The dilemma of homebuyers is big when they are grappling with a choice- choosing between a 2 and 3 BHK. The budgetary constraints sometimes put a boundary around our choices. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with a 2 BHK or even a 2.5 BHK apartment, the intent in this article is to put across the right reasons why a 3 BHK scores over a smaller apartment. This article is meant for those who have the capability to afford a bigger 3 BHK space by citing very practical reasons.

A perspective for Homebuyers in Hyderabad: Why upgrade from a 2BHK to a 3BHK

A perspective for Homebuyers in Hyderabad:Why upgrade from a 2BHK to a 3BHK

Difficulty accommodating all family members due to lack of space Can easily accommodate up to 6 family members with more space
Lack of privacy- No scope for an independent room for children. As time goes by, a 2 BHK invariably feels more suffocating. The children also need their work, study,, and play space. There is hardly any scope to add more entertainment-related or exercise-equipment in a 2 BHK even if you have the ability to buy them. The reason, you cannot add more space to your existing homeIn the case of 2 children, each one get more privacy and time to study, which is healthier for their mental growth. Your home is simply more inviting, more welcoming with bigger rooms, and you don’t feel caged when getting under your own roof. It’s a place where you can relax, rejuvenate and spend quality time with your family. A 3 BHK gives you a sense of airiness and tranquillity
Inviting guests becomes difficult. If you do, you are forced to give-up your room to accommodate themYou can easily accommodate guests without disturbing your own and your children’s privacy
Rooms in a 2 BHK get cluttered with more personal belongings, additions etc. The furniture tends to occupy a lot of space, and this is NOT visible initially while seeing a 2 BHK home-plan. As time passes-by, a 2 BHK gets more and more claustrophobicYou get more spacious rooms in a 3 BHK. Since belongings are well-spread out, it feels de-cluttered. You can accommodate more furniture, have much more flexibility available for renovations/additions. More space simply means more fun and more peace of mind
Possibility of balcony is less or reduced. With a 2 BHK, builders want to give you more space inside the house, and homebuyers do not see much value in balconiesScope of balconies is more in a 3BHK, and more space to lead a more free and contented life with unrestricted access to the skyline of your area
Utility room may or may not be providedUtility room usually comes with this. In post COVID times, this is an important feature for laundry and kitchen related storage. Family members can be more self-reliant for their daily needs like washing, ironing, storing food, clothes etc. A utility room allows you space for  keeping pets too

A 2 BHK is definitely smaller, hence, cheaper. But, it does not meet family needs in the long run. You may hesitate to invite guests to visit you. Even your guests may not be comfortable visiting you due to lack of adequate accommodation in your home, although your love for them would remain unquestionably high
A 3 BHK is 20-30% more expensive but makes for an excellent choice in the long run. With children growing-up, and getting married, they will also add to the strength of the family. Plus, a huge respite when you have to entertain or invite guests to your home
A 2 BHK may not be a good investment option when looking at a 5+ years of time frame. 2 BHKs are in demand in localities like West Hyderabad- Gachibowli, Madhapur, where per square foot prices are higher. The same homebuyers can buy a 3 BHK in more economical locations. Plus, in times to come, people are more likely to buy beautiful and spacious 3 BHKs in good localitiesPeople are increasingly looking at 3 BHK homes for a comfortable living, Invest in a 3 BHK in a decent locality of your choice, and you stand to gain. For instance, in more peaceful places like Yapral, Sainikpuri, Kompally, Tarnaka, the demand for 3 BHK and bigger apartments is high because they are cheaper than Western Hyderabad (IT hub) 
2 BHKs are good for renting. But with pandemic, people are now increasingly seeking a 3 BHK for want of more work-from-home space3 BHK will keep getting more and more preference due to pandemic related realities of work-from-home, and a need for more air to stretch your legs and walk around. With home getting converted into offices, the perspective both homebuyers and those seeking home for rent are favouring a 3 BHK
Possibility of more than one car parking is lesser
These days, many builders are providing 2 car parking slots with 3 BHK units
The space tends to run out very fast in a 2 BHK for family members, and you may rethink about acquiring a bigger home much sooner than you expectGoing for a 3 BHK means you are likely to stay put in that locality and apartment for a longer time, perhaps, for you entire life. You can entertain. A 3 BHK also signifies you having achieved a certain level of status in your life
Happy family | A perspective for 3bhk Homebuyers

While this is an intriguing and difficult decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons of buying a 2 BHK, and candidly evaluate the benefits a 3 BHK offers you in the long run!

A long-term vision while buying a 3 BHK will surely serve you well, especially, if you have the wherewithal to afford one. After all, it’s not every day that we buy a home for our family, and NOT having adequate space for them is certainly not a pleasing choice to make.

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”

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