What motivates NRIs to live and invest Sainikpuri, Hyderabad?

7 reasons why NRIs are motivated to choose Sainikpuri, Hyderabad as their dream-home destination!

Sainikpuri as a locality has been gaining popularity amongst Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), software professionals, Businessmen, and virtually professionals from all walks of life!

In this article, we shall explore some of the prominent and compelling reasons why NRIs are more than keen on Sainikpuri for owning a home- be it for investment, or living once they come back to India.

1. Comfortable look and feel of Sainikpuri locality

  • Having lived abroad, you get used to a certain level of sophistication and structured locality to live, Sainikpuri offers that to NRIs
  • With wide roads, well-planned colonies, and neat and clean environments, Sainikpuri ticks all the right boxes as a beautiful aspirational locality to call home
  • Even after you have moved in from developed nations such as the USA, UK, Australia, or elsewhere, you don’t feel the difference too stark
  • You feel comfortable with proper street lights, parks, and a well-connected neighborhood

2. In the lap of nature

  • The locality of Sainikpuri is synonymous with plenty of trees, green cover, parks, and easy-walkways
  • Whether it is the chirping of the birds or the sweet aroma of green woods, you get it all in Sainikpuri
  • On one hand, you have well-maintained parks by GHMC, and on the other, you have the natural Kapra lake which is being taken up for preservation and protection by the Telangana State Government authorities

3. Social infrastructure to cater to all needs

  • Whether it is supermarkets, groceries, eateries, exclusive or branded stores, educational institutions (schools/colleges), jewelry shops, restaurants, Cafés, banks, Home furnishings, Building materials, Beauty Salons, Hospitals, gymnasiums, health/organic foods, Specialty medical care, sweet shops, South Indian Tiffin centers and so on…you name it, and it’s all there in and around Sainikpuri within easy reach!
  • Some of the prominent names are: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan school and college, Ratnadeep Supermarket, Tanishq, Reliance Digital Electronics, Croma Electronics Store, Karachi bakery, Pista house, Concu bakery, barbeque Nation, and plenty of eateries
  • In fact, Sainikpuri is fast turning into a hub of eateries, and people from far off places in Hyderabad love to visit Sainikpuri to unwind and spend time with friends

4. Great location for health and well being – NRIs

  • Morning and evening walkers flock to Sainikpuri to rejuvenate and energize themselves in this beautiful location
  • You have wide areas of over 250 acres, especially around AFOCHS Sainikpuri, and Vayupuri that is plush with a green cover, and walking in these areas is a delight!
  • NRIs love the refreshing feel in this locality

5. Gentry

  • With retired Armed Forces personnel, many Government officials, business people, and working professionals from various states throughout the country, Sainikpuri is a great pot-pourri of cosmopolitan people from all over India
  • This makes for an excellent gentry
  • It is well-known fact that living in Sainikpuri is a matter of pride, be it an independent bungalow or a decent-sized apartment
  • The neighborhood is peaceful, with near-zero disturbance of privacy that’s required for a peaceful living

6. Long-term investment prospects

  • The prices of land in Sainikpuri are rising. From Rs 50,000 per square yard about a year ago (2021), the land prices in some pockets (in mid-2022) are already breaching the Rs 60,000 per square yard mark
  • Over the next 5 years, the land availability will further shrink, and this means capital appreciation in the Sainikpuri locality
  • This means that even apartments will appreciate, be it ‘regular apartments’ in standalone buildings or ‘builder-floors’ (one-apartment-per-floor)
  • Seeing an appreciation or ROI of over 25% in the next two years (mid-2024) is very likely
  • With construction costs (cement and steel) rising, the properties all over the country will automatically appreciate even more
  • With apartments ranging from Rs 4500 to Rs 7000 per sqft, NRIs have all the luxurious options with relevant amenities like lift (elevator), car parking, power- back-up, security measures, and more in Sainikpuri
  • Builders are adapting to the discerning needs of NRIs and offering many luxurious options to NRIs for a fine living experience

7. Well-connected to city, yet seems away from it

  • With the advent of ORR, the city of Hyderabad is fully connected from all corners, and that holds true for Sainikpuri as well
  • The connectivity of Sainikpuri, ECIL, Neredmet, A.S.Rao Nagar, and Yapral is further going to improve
  • The Defence Ministry in April 2022 has agreed to give away a significant chunk of land for the expansion of roads. This means that traffic congestion in this area will disappear in the decade ahead

These are huge incentives for the NRIs and other professionals who seek a quality lifestyle to own dream homes in and around Sainikpuri, Hyderabad.

Quality of life’, good health, and well-being are assured in Sainikpuri locality for decades ahead, and that’s motivating for the NRIs!

” The quality of life is more important than life itself.”

– Alexis Carrel

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