Stay protected in Post-COVID by using air-purifier at home during seasonal changes!

Air purifier at home are a great way to stay protected from the cold or seasonal changes that bring along flu, cold and other problems. However, air-purifiers are not a permanent solution to COVID-19 viruses. Yet, it can cleanse the indoor air filled with many other pollutants and microbes.

Post-COVID, we need to take greater measures to keep our family protected from respiratory troubles like sniffling, sneezing etc. We don’t want anything that brings in chills and fevers. Winter season, monsoons, and erratic changes in weather tends to increase the chances of our loved ones falling sick.

With COVID-19, it is good to be careful about things like common-cold or flu-like symptoms. One of the ways to stay protected is to have air-purifiers at home, besides, good ventilation systems.

1. What impacts indoor quality of air?

  • It is the poor quality of indoor air that causes respiratory diseases like common cold and flu. Even indoor air pollutants tend to rise due to continuous exposure to polluted air in the locality we live-in
  • Indoor air quality is impacted in the locality we live-in, and with a high traffic area, the air pollution gets worse. Sometimes, we are unable to live in a home located in a healthy air environment. This causes spread of an airborne viruses

2. Importance of clean and healthy air in Post-COVID

  • In post-Covid Clean and healthy air matters to avoid exposure to microbes and viruses that feast on the respiratory system
  • Poor air quality can even cause chronic respiratory illnesses like asthma
  • Breathing tends to become difficult due to a respiratory infection

3. Does an air-purifier help?

  • It is surely much easier to breathe with an air purifier
  • Air purifiers reduce airborne contaminants like viruses in a confined spaces of your home
  • An air purifier cleans the air of pollution
  • Airborne allergens and germs that pollute indoor air are taken care of by the air purifier
  • These microbes tend to be more dense during winter when the air is cold
  • An air purifier cleans these harmful particles with the help of air purifiers to give clean breathable air
  • An air purifier filters out particles in the air that cause viruses, colds, and flus
  • This prevents sickness and eliminates probability of getting re-infected

4. How an air purifier filter works

  • Mechanical air purifiers trap particles with the help of purifiers that use a mesh filter or specialty synthetic fibres
  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are mechanical air purification filters which are considered safest as well as effective method for removal of airborne particles from indoor air

[Source- http://air-pollution.in/trap-small-pollutant-hepa-air-purifier/ ]

5. The reality about air purifier at home

  • Air purifiers are good but, cannot be the only solution to viruses
  • Best thing is to engage in Social distancing, wearing masks, and practicing good hygiene
  • An air purifier can surely filter airborne ultrafine particles, including viruses like COVID-19
  • With post-Covid, Viruses are captured by filters designed for tiny particles, but there is no guarantee that you’re fully protected
  • Even the most efficient air purifiers can take care of spread of viruses with 100% surety

Viruses and diseases are transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids with an infected individual. So, while air purifier at home enhance quality of life, one has to be careful not to breathe-in infected droplets that are dispersed through coughing or sneezing. No manufacture of an air purifier at home can claim to virus can be prevented solely through air-purifiers.

“Clear skies and clean air must become the new normal. We must re-design our cities, reclaiming the streets for cycling and walking, allowing people to walk along streets unpolluted by traffic”.

– Caroline Lucas


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