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Improved Ventilation Tips For a Safer Living In Your Dream Home!

Good ventilation at home is the best way to ensure good and healthy living! This is why you must have your doors and open windows, especially if you are living in clean surroundings.

Added measures for good ventilation is include use and upkeep of air filters in your air-purifying devices like air-conditioners, HVAC systems, etc. Turning on ceiling/table fans also help get rid of different microbes (bacteria, virus etc.), and general allergy-causing dust particles at your home.

Bringing in fresh, outdoor air inside your home is the best way from preventing accumulation of microbes from nesting inside your home.

exhaust fan for ventilation

In general, keeping the doors and windows open helps bring-in fresh air. If you have air-conditioning switched-on, even then, leaving the windows slightly open helps in a big way!

Cross-ventilation is even better with multiple doors and windows kept open during the day. Even as per Vastu principles, fresh air and natural light helps keep the microbes at bay!

You need to regulate you doors or windows, and NOT open them if doing so is unsafe for family. E.g. bad weather, cold or hot winds, excessive pollution outside, dust or other particles that can trigger allergy reaction, or get microbes/viruses etc.

1. Improved Ventilation – Maintenance and upkeep of air-filters in Air conditioning devices, HVAC systems

Graphic showing what a properly installed  air filter looks like

[Source- www.cdc.gov]

  • A home with central heating, or air conditioning system such as a HVAC, it normally has a duct that runs throughout the home. It has a ‘filter’ to trap the particles including microbes like viruses
  • The HVAC fan operation must be switched-on when to help clear the microbes, especially, when the visitor influx at your home is high
  • Filter must be fitted properly, and changed every three months
  • A ventilation system must be serviced by a professionals each year to keep your family safe
  • Portable air cleaners are good if you do not have a HVAC system. A portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) cleaner is efficient in trapping particles that people exhale (includes activities like breathe, talk, sing, cough, and sneeze)
  • A HEPA cleaner, must be right sized to cater to the room. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) must be appropriate to the size of the room. Larger the CADR, the better it is in cleaning air
  • When used properly, air cleaners and HVAC filters can surely reduce the probability of airborne microbes/viruses at home
air purifier for ventilation

[Source- www.wired.com]

BlueAir Pure Auto air purifier for ventilaion

[Source- www.wired.com ]

2. Exhaust fan- bathroom or kitchen

Graphic showing poor ventilation and good ventilation

[Source- https://www.cdc.gov ]

  • Good ventilation reduces the concentration of microbes and virus particles in the air
  • Good ventilation along with use of exhaust fans means you are ensuring that microbes leave you home
  • An exhaust fans above cooking area, and restroom vents help move the contaminated-air out of the house
  • The objective is to ensure that no microbes are concentrated in one place
  • Exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom can be left switched-on when you have visitors at home
  • After your visitors leave, still do not turn-off the exhaust for about an hour to let the microbes and viruses find a way out of your home

3. Using fan effectively

  • A fan placed close to an open window is good, since it helps blow the air outside
  • Even if the window is open, a ceiling fan improves air flow
  • Fans must not be pointed toward people, especially floor or wall-fans. This leads to contaminated air flowing directly towards them
  • Using ceiling fans are better for an improved air flow of your home, with or without doors or windows open

4. Reduce visitor influx to your home

  • Lesser the visitors, the better in keeping viruses out of your home
  • Maintain social distancing norms, and keep a distance of 6 feet from visitors entering your home
  • Wearing masks till they leave is a good idea
  • Time the visits to keep them as short as possible. This is best for keep the ventilation inside your home clear of microbes

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