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Split AC Vs Window AC: A Perspective For Middle-Class Homebuyers In Hyderabad!

Split AC vs Window AC: a perspective for middle-class homebuyers in Hyderabad!

In India, an air-conditioner (AC) is primarily meant to escape the scorching heat of summers, and we want to have the best for ourselves by balancing our priorities in our new home.

This article is aimed at a balanced approach to the process of buying an AC, and not just to slay the good old window AC by making unfair comparisons with the stylish younger sibling- the split AC.

Window AC

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Split AC

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While you will find lots of perspectives which recommend you choose a split air-conditioner over a windows air-conditioner, the reality is that it is a matter of three things: (1) what you can afford, (2) the kind of provision for air-conditioning units you have, and (3) your taste for aesthetics and other priorities.

A window AC is robustly inbuilt, and a Split AC is a feature-rich alternative. Installing a split AC calls for more complications compared with a window AC.

Split ACs are generally more expensive as compared with window AC of a certain star rating. Star-rating matters, since that’s all about how much electricity bill you are going to pay. The higher the star rating, the lower your monthly electricity bill.

However, if buying a 5-star AC is difficult, and you can keep a tab on your usage, then, buying a 2 or 3-start rating AC is also doable. However, it’s good to stretch for once and buy a 5-star rating AC.

A suggestive Electricity bill with the usage of 12 hours daily of a 3-star and 5-star rating 1.5-ton AC is shown below for comparison-

Split AC vs Window Ac: a middle-class buyer angle

  • As a home buyer, if you are a middle-class buyer, and can afford to purchase a split-AC, go right ahead
  • If the provision for window AC is available on the window, you can save a few thousand rupees. It makes absolute sense to go for a window AC
  • Split AC in all rooms looks excellent and is worth it if properly installed, and belongs to the 5-star category
  • Even a window AC does its job well, especially 5-star rating
  • Window ACs hanging out of the window certainly don’t look appealing, if aesthetics is important to you

2 or 3-star Split AC Vs Window AC(5-star)- which one to buy if both can fit well in your spaces?

  • Again a matter of choice
  • A split AC is more aesthetic, quieter
  • But if budget is a problem, and you are thinking between 2-star or 3-star split AC versus a 5-star window AC, then you can conveniently for a 5-star window AC may be a better choice

Do window ACs make unbearable noise?

The answer is NO. The sound of a window AC is not at all unbearable, especially if the cooling effect takes precedence over the noise element.

Portable Air Conditioners Wiki |Split AC Vs Window AC

[Source- http://www.theairgeeks.com/ ]

The real difference between Split and window AC

Split AC vs Window Ac

Window AC– All in one package, install wherever you have the window that’s strong enough to take the weight

Split AC– 2 units, Outdoor Unit and indoor unit + wiring/ducting, require a 3-inch hole to connect both units

Window AC– Reduces space of the window, not very aesthetic, does the job very well, efficient since the compressor is not too far away from the AC vent

Window AC– On the noise front- a window AC could be as loud as 55 decibels. Most good branded window ACs make a sound of about 50 decibels, which is perfectly fine. This is a little more than a humming refrigerator. If your family is too sensitive to sounds, then you may want to consider split AC. If not, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a window AC. Since an AC which is between 50 to 60 decibels is considered normal

The real difference between Split and window AC

Split AC- Quieter. But, even a split AC makes some humming noise. A good branded split AC makes the sound of about 34 decibels. But if the outdoor unit is not well installed, it can turn very loud and ugly. So, installation matters!

Split AC– Aesthetic, does not disturb the window, may need to break walls for 3-inch piping if ducts not provided (connecting piping) by the builder

So, depending upon your priorities, you can choose the AC of your choice!

“The Principle of Priority states (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what’s important first.”

– Steven Pressfield

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