Residential apartment get spacious, flexible & innovative for 3 BHK home buyers in Hyderabad in a post-pandemic era

Home environment in a post-pandemic world has taken precedence over all other matters. Home is no longer just a shelter, but needs to measure-up as an office, a kitchen that remains operational full-time, and a place that keeps you entertained and at-peace!

This multiplicity of roles is being expected from a home, and this is a challenge that the architects and builders across the world are rising-up to.

The city of Hyderabad being no exception, the number of flexibilities and options being offered are now more than ever before! The conventional BHK-pattered fixed designs are no longer relevant.


The builders and architects have been quick to re-visit the ‘role’ that a post-pandemic residential apartment needs to play, and the latest offerings in the residential apartment market are surprisingly innovative.

The design elements is based on strategies to offer the most desirable environment for families in Hyderabad and elsewhere. 

1. Experiencing spaces that uplift moods and offers well-being

  • Spending majority of your time at home means that your home needs to give you the right environment of productivity and well-being.  Spatial experiences within the homes allows you feel the bright, open rooms, well-lit in enhancing the mood and spirits.  
  • The rooms need to be relaxing as well as designed in such a way that they allow for maximum natural light while keeping the unwanted noises at bay. Builders are able to provide rooms that have noise-proof PVC doors/windows that are tall and wide allowing ample natural light.
  • Work from home features need acoustically well-designed private spaces that help optimize productivity with least amount of distractions. Designs are being made to partition the ‘noisy rooms’ from the work-from-home rooms or study-rooms. These rooms are quiet, and offer the ideal environment both for adults working from home, and children studying at home.
  • Builders are also offering larger than usual dining tables in a ‘casual setting’ to make the areas available for co-working and for other activities while at home.
  • Having the flexibility to convert spaces into variety of functions is a welcome change being preferred by home buyers. The ‘fixated areas’ with relatively ‘immovable-fixtures & furniture’ tend to get boring. Flexibility and change within the confines of the home offer the much needed respite and fresh-feel every time you need change within the home.

2. Flexibility in cross utilising spaces by home-buyers

  • Flexible planning is the key to using spaces. For instance, the guest rooms which are NOT inhabited can be used for multi-purpose themes like exercise room, yoga room, entertainment room, indoor sport room or even music room. This room can be shared by the family members, and can be switched back into a guest room when needed. 
  • Flexible spaces allow us to quickly adjust an extra room into a child’s study room, or even a second work-from-home room for adults in the family. 

3. Furniture that’s flexible, home-buyers who are willing to use them

  • Home buyers are now open to have detachable (dismantle-friendly) furniture to create flexible spaces. 
  • A bedroom could be converted into a sitting-room, or a television watching exclusive space. Varity of furniture automations are available where parts of the furniture can be concealed in such a way to create multiple uses of the furniture items and spaces they occupy.
  • Incorporating innovative furniture and automated-systems can provide for spaces on the run, without any complications.

The builders in Hyderabad are responding well to these needs, and the homes are now far more innovative than ever before. The home buyers’ in making this change and innovation happen is a major contributor. The homes in the future decades will see more and more CREATIVITY & innovation that will cross-utilize every square inch of space, and allow more cross-utilization on the go!

To quote Maya Angelou- “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”


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