one apartment per floor 3 bhk

Spacious ‘one apartment per floor’ 3 BHK residences can truly help lead a healthy life- a perspective for home buyers in Hyderabad

The concept of ‘one apartment per floor’ is fast catching up with homebuyers in Hyderabad, more importantly for HEALTH reasons.

Builders are increasingly offering standalone apartments in Hyderabad built on plot sizes ranging from 400 square yards to 800 square yards. These ‘One apartment per floor’ homes are coming up chosen by builders in well-established, clean, and relatively peaceful colonies across Hyderabad. One such lap of nature is the Sainikpuri, Yapral locality. With the times, even those who work in the Western corridor of Hyderabad are choosing the Sainikpuri locality.

Plus, the home buyers are able to buy spacious ‘one apartment per floor’ low-rise dwelling units for the same cost. The prices in Sainikpuri are hovering in the range of Rs 5500 to Rs 6500 per sft for ‘One apartment per floor’ low-rise residences build up to 5 storeys. The prices of much more cluttered apartments in Western Hyderabad go way beyond Rs 6000 per sft.

So, buying an ‘independent floor’ in Sainikpuri, Yapral locality is an attractive proposition. These ‘One apartment per floor’ apartments are open on all sides, with abundant natural light and cross-ventilation is a no-brainer.

How do spacious ‘one apartment per floor’ homes contribute to a healthy living?

Many have a dream of living in a spacious home regardless of the city. A spacious home means more personal space for your loved ones. Hyderabad is the IT hub of the country and is witnessing a massive influx of people from the entire country.

This means that home buyers are growing, and so is their lifestyle quotient.

These new-age home buyers want a spacious living space. Hence, the ‘One apartment per floor’ configuration is increasingly becoming sought-after since these are spacious- usually more than 200 square feet.

The perks of living in a spacious independent floor that’s wider and brighter have a positive impact on your life and health.

Spacious homes mean more personal space and privacy

  • More personal space and privacy means that you have the right ingredients in your life for a healthy lifestyle
  • More space, good ventilation, and natural sunlight allows tranquillity, peace, and harmony among the family members. This is akin to tenets of Vastu that allows for a blossomed lifestyle of all the family members
  • Vastu itself is possible with ‘One apartment per floor’ homes since there is ample sunlight and ventilation to allow the tenets of Vastu to take effect
  • Privacy is an important element for a clear-headed development of both the elders and youngsters. Family members get their own space that allows them to flourish mentally and physically
  • This allows mind and body to relax and rejuvenate

Spacious homes mean more room for activities, workouts, cardio-exercises and entertainment

  • Flexibility to workout, have your own yoga room for asanas or meditation
  • Allows you to breathe easy
  • Gives you room for indoor games and entertainment since the home is not suffocating
  • This means better mental and physical health

You own work and study from home flexibility

  • Work-from-home and study-from-home option becomes possible with a spacious home
  • Work from home becomes pleasurable when you have the boon of ‘space’
  • With more space, and well-designed home, you can reduce noise levels and increase your productivity as well as concentration levels
  • Both elders and children benefit from a ‘One apartment per floor’ sense of SPACIOUSNESS, as well as an ability to achieve their professional and personal pursuits

One apartment per floor: concept home redefining luxury homes in Hyderabad

  • These homes not only provide space and luxury, but have the location advantage
  • You can live in the lap of nature with your own sky-villa in localities like Sainikpuri & Yapral
  • The builders are offering Vastu compliant homes, with access to home through elevator
  • The builders are leaving no stones unturned to include all the luxuries and braded accessories, fittings, flooring, electricals, plumbing etc.
  • The finishing of these ‘exclusive independent floors’ is being made enviously stunning to give it an upscale look
  • With home automation, exclusive car park, power back-up options, these homes can be the epitome of luxury
  • Elevated life is possible when you invite your guests to your luxury home that’s NOT a regular apartment

‘One apartment per floor homes’ are decidedly more luxurious and more costly than a regular apartment in the same locality.

The innumerable health benefits make these ‘one apartment per floor’ residences even more desirable for our loved ones!

To quote Lord Buddha- “To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”


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