Interior design tips for utility room

13 Interior design tips for utility room for 2&3 BHK home buyers in Hyderabad!

With the balancing act between budget and space, home buyers today seek more rooms and more space, but these spaces are increasingly getting cramped up. Home buyers in Hyderabad are not wrong in seeking ‘more for less’ i.e. ‘more space, for a lesser amount’. The trend very clearly is leaning towards demanding spaces like an efficient utility room, especially, in the post-pandemic era.

The utility room has now become irreplaceably important. Home buyers simply want a ‘utility room’ to help lead a fulfilling and safe life. Home buyers want to be well-equipped and well-prepared for lockdowns and social-distancing norms, and also have a sense of being self-reliant, in meeting one’s washing, cleaning/housekeeping and kitchen/laundry-related needs.

Clearly, a Utility or a laundry room in the new 2&3 BHK homes in Hyderabad is now a top priority for home buyers. Life is meant to be made easier and well-organized, and this is possible with a well-designed, multi-functional ‘utility room’.

After the onslaught of the pandemic, the laundry and utility areas have finally gotten their well-deserved attention.

What’s a utility room?

It’s all in the name– a utility room should stand for its ‘usefulness, its function and its practicality’ in giving you and your family a good living experience at all times. It should enable you to become self-reliant, particularly in the post-COVID era.

A ‘utility room’ helps us accomplish many activities and tasks in one room. A ‘laundry room’, on the other hand, is meant only for your clothing needs.

The question is- How to make these spaces optimally utilized?

Interior designers and home buyers in Hyderabad, and in other cities are now getting far more creative in turning utility and laundry rooms into beautiful spaces that are functionally optimal. A ‘utility room’ is finally being turned into a sought-after space that’s a pleasure to work in.

Given below are some tips on how to utilize the small spaces really well. Interiors can be magical, and make even small spaces filled with life, superb-functionalities, and vivid with imagination!

In this article, we discuss 13 interior-design tips & ideas focused on the quintessential ‘utility room’-

Let’s begin exploring…

1. Using wallpaper and lighting to bring cheer to small spaces

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  • With elegantly designed spaces, a utility room can be an inspiring place to work
  • The washing and drying machine could be tucked behind cabinet doors so that we see only the beautiful workspaces surrounding

2. Creativity and colours can transform the utility space

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  • A utility room can be filled with personality with the use of colourful wallpaper.
  • We could also use add colours by way of a few scenic framed artwork, enchanting tiles on the floor, or work-tops

3. Bright sun-lit colours painted all-around your utility room walls

yellow contemporary laundry room

[Source- https://hips.hearstapps.com/]

  • To give a rugged yet a Caribbean look to your, you could have stone tiles that are both durable and casual
  • Mustard yellow or sun-kissed yellows can add life to your utility spaces. These colours breathe life, and during monsoons, they are even more appealing and inviting

4. Blue skies on the walls lend a special open-sky feel to enclosed walls

small laundry room ideas

[Source- https://hips.hearstapps.com/]

  • Adding a sky blue colour to one of the walls, and placing nature’s treasures like mountains, clouds or even flying birds could give a very open feel to cramped-up spaces
  • The work area becomes an island of tranquillity with a soothing touch of calmness
  • To complement the walls, you could paint your cabinets, shelves and closets with bright white paint

5. Stacking washing machines and dryers vertically to save on space

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[Source- https://rb.gy/h3pily:*]

  • Stacking up the washing machine and the dryer is the best thing to gain both space-saving, and also to make work easier
  • With vertically stacked-up the washer and dryer vertically, it is so much easier to pull out washed clothes, and put them into the dryer with ease
  • Plus, the rest of the utility room can be put to effective use for household and kitchen items

6. Keep everything open when the utility room is sandwiched between rooms

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[Source- https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3]

  • When you don’t have a dedicated room and have only a 12 to 20 square feet of floor space nestled between rooms, then keeping everything open is the most sensible option
  • This way, it will not only look pretty but well-organized and well-optimized
  • One of the ways to do so is to have the colour of your machines blend in with the walls around
  • You could also place a colourful carpet to break the monotony, and create a sense of freshness by the use of a colourful floor matting right in front of the washing machine and dryer
  • The areas on top could have open shelves and minimal cabinets just enough to store the bare minimum essentials of your kitchen or laundry
  • Lesser the space, the more difficult it is to accommodate all your needs. This leads to compromise and adjustments in doing interior design

7. Decorate wilfully and give yourself a visual treat

  • You can decorate your utility room with items that are both stylish and essential for your chores
  • You could use various accessories like wooden hangers, wooden rods (painted in white or black)
  • Art and functionality can be wedded very well
  • Even the essential items are stylish. The black hangers accentuate the modern black ladder, which is both decorative wall art and a functional tool.

8. Bold coloured doors to conceal washing machine and equipment to make the area visible and special

small laundry room ideas

[Source- https://hips.hearstapps.com/]

  • This look can give the effect of a modern farm-house ( a Barn) with doors painted in mustard yellow or orange shades to demarcate the laundry equipment
  • Doors painted such give an impressive look and also evoke the curiosity about what’s behind them

9. Keep your washing detergent and other supplies out in the open to shout convenience and organized display

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[Source- https://rb.gy/zdkg5w:*]

  • Your washing machine needs to have everything handy, whether it’s the liquid detergent, the fabric soothers or other specialized cleaning materials
  • You could keep things in the open in well-organized trays or baskets to make life easy for you
  • For better and elevated aesthetics, you could deploy glass cans and tumblers so that the materials can be seen

10. Tiny curtains to hide your machines

small laundry room ideas

[Source- https://hips.hearstapps.com/]

  • It may be innovative to hide the washing machine and dryer under a curtain and have a tabletop shelf on top of it. This space could then be used for anything other than laundry, and can even be your ironing board

11. Hooks for hanging clothes and multiple household items on the walls

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[Source- https://rb.gy/p9gdrt:*]

  • A string of wall hooks is simply too convenient to hang a plethora of things like kitchen accessories, shoe bags, or even piling-up clothes meant for ironing or dry-cleaning
  • These hooks add beauty when painted with the same colour as your walls or cabinets/shelves

12. Have a pet-friendly utility room

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  • For those who have pets, it’s a great idea to prepare your utility room to take the load of your pet, be it a dog or feline beauty
  • Interior design can actually be the ideal mud room, with feeling bowls and cushions for your pets
  • To make it more pet-friendly, you could use wall-papers to complement the theme

13. Have lighting that’s just right for the task at hand in the utility room

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[Source- https://rb.gy/nmyzxj:*]

  • A utility room needs interior design with lighting in certain areas where you need to keep a keen eye while performing chores like ironing, shoving dirty linen inside the dark corners of the front-load washing machine etc.
  • The kind of materials used on floors, tops, cabinets, and ceilings can also double up well to reflect light where it’s needed the most
  • With a wash-basin, you could have a light fitting right above it for ease of looking while washing tiny clothes or taking on a load of heavy utensils that need special washing in the utility area
  • The utility area also houses your grains, dry pulses, goodies, beverages, condiments, masalas, raw food ingredients, dry vegetables (like onion/potatoes/fruits etc.), gas cylinders, crockery, cutlery etc. in Indian households, so lighting should be enough for you to see and pull-out things on-the-go


Interior design elements of the ‘utility room’ need to be well-thought-out by the home buyers. It is only with good prior awareness and knowledge that you can accomplish having an efficient utility room.

With the ideas or tips coupled with your needs, you can make a list of how your utility room should look and feel! While the interior designers may share ideas about your utility room, no one knows your specific needs better than you. So, rather than depending on the interior designer, think of what you and your family needs, and plan your ‘utility room’ accordingly.

As a potential buyer of a 2&3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad or elsewhere, it is good to plan and think ahead of time, and then carve out the spaces for your dream utility room.

To know more about “Utility Room Ideas For 2 & 3 BHK Home Buyers In Big Cities Like Hyderabad!.Click here!

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