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5 reasons why exclusive, independent floors are a sensible option for 3BHK home buyers in Hyderabad

An exclusive, independent floor 3 BHK or higher configuration means it is an apartment with ‘One apartment per floor’. This is like having your own sky-villa, with unbeatable privacy, and luxury of living in a home that’s got all 4-sides open with clear view of the skyline as well as the tranquil green cover!

What’s more, Independent floors are perhaps the only configuration of apartments where the tenets of Vastu also apply perfectly well, to give you a harmonious living with nature and comfort for your family! This is simply because, unlike the cluster of multiple apartments tied-up on one floor, in an exclusive floor, all four sides (directions) are available to you with no common wall.

With standalone buildings dominating the Hyderabad residential sector market, option of an exclusive-floor is now even more sensible for a home buyer in Hyderabad than ever before.

Let’s further explore the reasons…

1. Luxurious, spacious homes offered at a much lower price point

  • This is about owning a piece of your own personal deck with ‘one apartment per floor’
  • Hyderabad is known to have many 5 storey buildings on smaller plots (400 to 600 square yards) in less crowded yet renowned residential colonies. Some plot owners even demolish their existing independent homes, and use their plots for development purposes to make multi-storey apartments
  • GHMC Hyderabad normally gives approval for a 5-storey building apartments for these plots
  • With lot sizes in the range of 400 to 600 sq. yds. It is NOT very attractive for a builder to construct cluster apartments on 5 floor
  • Considering the demand factor, builders find it prudent to construct one apartment per floor, and chase 5 home buyers in Hyderabad, rather than make smaller homes for more than 10 buyers
spacious homes
  • Besides, providing 10 or more parking spaces to 10 apartments owners to park is a challenging task
  • Hence, builders in Hyderabad are increasing to choosing to build spacious areas upwards of 2000+ sft of independent floors for 5 buyers within a RERA & GHMC approved project
  • A low-rise exclusive floor in Sainikpuri, for instance, would cost approximate Rs 5200 to Rs 6000 per square foot. So, a 2200 sft exclusive floor would cost between Rs 1.1 Crore to Rs 1.25 Crore, which is very cost-effective

2. Low-density living in a standalone building at a superior location

  • Low-density living means that you live in a locality that’s NOT crowded, and you get clean air, and lush-green surroundings
  • Standalone buildings with independent floors is normally built on plots ranging between 400 to 600 square yards
  • Additionally, the buyers who choose luxurious ‘one apartment on one floor’ also prefer to buy them in residential colonies whose location is excellent, and physically closer to micro-market they are located in
 Standalone buildings with independent floors
  • This is why you find such exclusive floor apartments being made across Hyderabad is preferred micro-market localities like Jubilee Hills, Madhapur, Kukatpally, Mehdipatnam, Banjara Hills, Sainikpuri, Yapral, Defence colony, Tarnaka, Uppal and many more
  • ‘Location’ is a definitive advantage in these localities. No wonder, people demolish their old homes to construct these 5 storey exclusive condominiums

3. Safer haven to live by avoiding pandemic-prone hazards, and pay for only ‘relevant amenities’

  • Pandemic has also taught us a new way to think and live SAFE
  • Lesser the crowd around us, safer we are!
  • With social-distancing there to stay in our lives, the pandemic-like hazards are also well avoided with lesser people frequenting your home
Safer home
  • This is good news, because unlike gated communities in high-density areas, where thousands of people live in one square kilometre of area, you lead a relatively safer life in low-density residential colonies
  • The air you breathe is far cleaner, and you also get more greenery to yourself
  • Plus, a BIG advantage is that you pay for only relevant amenities like power back-up, elevators, parking
  • With large gated communities, the problem is two-fold-
    • one, the location usually is not as attractive as standalone buildings
    • two, you end-up paying for amenities like gymnasium, play areas, swimming-pool, open-parks etc…which are NOT used very frequently. COVID-19 has seen these facilities to be the first ones to be locked away!
    • So, you actually end up paying a very high-price for your apartments, because the ‘cost of all these less used amenities is also baked-into your apartment price’
    • Effectively, when you buy an apartment in a gated-community with high rise buildings, you end up paying at least Rs 200 to Rs 500 per square foot additional towards these so-called extras, which may NOT be pragmatic in a post-pandemic world
  • You would much rather buy more space inside the house with a stand-alone building apartment, rather than pay more for a smaller apartment that’s part of a gated-community

4. Better social infrastructure

  • Smaller plots with exclusive floors range between Rs 5200 to Rs 10,000 per sft depending upon the locality in Hyderabad
  • With many self-sufficient micro-markets around West, East, North, South and Central Hyderabad, the social infrastructure remains impeccable
  • You get excellent access to your daily and general life needs- be it groceries, medical facilities, shopping hubs, educational institutions, entertainment spots, eateries, parks etc.
  • The gated community apartments requiring large-land parcels, on the other hand, are located a little far away from these comparatively better localities

5. Most relevant amenities now available viz. power back-up, parking and elevators (lifts)

  • Good news is that the builders are offering more luxury to discerning buyers
  • These ‘one apartment per floor’ units are now loaded with ‘relevant amenities’ like power back-up, exclusive elevators (lifts), and adequate parking spaces for your cars and 2-wheelers
  • This makes-up for a sensible and financial prudent decision, since you get more space inside the house, and get the luxury of lifts taking you to your own exclusive sky-villa

So, exclusive independent floors means you get a perfect Villa-feel in the environs of your home that’s open from all sides, balconies, and additional spaces like a utility room, an extra study/exercise/entertainment room, and overall more spacious rooms.

Effectively, with a standalone building apartment, you pay less for more space, and you do NOT pay for spaces and amenities that are not used frequently!

This is why ‘exclusive, independent floors are a sensible option for 3/4 BHK home buyers in Hyderabad. Home buyers get more space, more peace, more safety, more value, more-connectivity, more privacy, and more luxury out of them!

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