Why Is Independent Floor Residential Unit Considered Underrated?

Exclusive & independent floor residential unit for homebuyers in Hyderabad

Owning an Exclusive floor means you have an independent floor all for yourself. The concept is about offering one apartment per floor, with an added advantage of unmatched privacy for each floor. In Hyderabad, independent floors are usually constructed in small plot size that are between 400 to 600 square yards in size. With municipal permission granted for constructing up to five floors in smaller plot areas, the builders are increasingly choosing to go for constructing independent floor. The target market is the upper class consumer, who wants something exclusive for the price being paid for a spacious 2500 square feet plus of independent floor.

Hyderabad is a residential market where home buyers like to stay in localities that are well connected, and provides good social infrastructure. This makes the independent exclusive floor a preferred option for home buyers in Hyderabad.

In this article, we shall discuss what an independent floor offers to the home buyers in Hyderabad. This includes-

Locational advantage

  • Independent floors in Hyderabad normally have the locational advantages, because large land parcels are located far away from the densely populated areas
  • The town planning has not factored for big plots running in acres earmarked for multi-storey apartments or gated-community complexes
  • This is why the best localities are those where smaller residential plots are constructed
  • Naturally, the locational advantage follows, and the social infrastructure in these predominantly residential areas has been good
  • Hyderabad as a city also has NOT traditionally been a city of multi-stories
  • The change we find now in Hyderabad is standalone buildings with apartments
  • The most luxurious segment of standalone building is the one with ONE FLAT PER FLOOR
  • Naturally, there is demand for such high end, spacious independent floors
  • With home buyers willing to opt for these, the sizes are normally above 2000 sft, and the LOCATION is always a plus

Low price advantage

  • Another reason why these are preferred is the price advantage
  • Example 1- if you were to by an independent house in Jubilee hills, the cost of a 500 square yards plot itself would be more than Rupee 10 Crore. A big independent floor could easily be purchased for almost 25% of this cost with all the locational advantages
  • Example 2- The price of residential land as of May 2021 in Sainikpuri area fluctuates between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 80,000 per square yard. So, an independent plot measuring 400 square yards itself would cost anything between Rs. 1.6 Crore to Rs. 3.5 Crore. Now, an independent and exclusive floor (one out of five floors) could be available for almost Rs. 1.5 Crore including the cost of building and multiple amenities. That’s a huge cost advantage!!
  • The maintenance of independent floor is also comparatively negligible compared to multi-storey apartments. Much depends on the kind of common amenities the residents of these floors are being offered. More the amenities, higher is the share of contribution for availing them

Low density living becomes possible

  • The post pandemic era has forced people to think about moving away from crowded cities, and opt for more spacious spaces
  • The value of ‘space’ has been refined post the trauma of lock-downs. People simply want more breathing space, and more legroom to move around
  • A situation like pandemic or any other calamity makes it difficult for residents to move out freely. Whether it is lockdown, curfew or any other eventuality, people do NOT want to be confined in small spaces where the population is too high
  • The best option is to move a little further away to low-density areas where population is lesser than usual, and buy a bigger home for yourselves
  • Low density areas also gives you added advantages like better green cover, lesser pollution, and overall breathing space

A 2-in-1 advantage of an ‘apartment’ plus an ‘independent house’

  • This is the biggest advantage. You get to have no common walls with any other house or apartment
  • The moment you get into your own exclusive floor, it’s like entering your own personal villa
  • The best part is that you get to have a higher floor
  • Those who like to be at heights above 15th floor, in fact, get a SKY VILLA feel to their exclusive floor, assuming that the builder is making spacious independent ‘one apartment per floor’ for high-end customers
  • Builders even in gated community are offering exclusive ‘one apartment per floor concept’ in their high rise gated complexes

Independent floors more spacious than multi-storey apartments

  • Independent floors are by design more spacious. The very concept of having an exclusive floor is to have the flexibility of open sides on all corners.
  • Any home buyer wanting to buy an exclusive apartment would need an airy feel about the house, else you wouldn’t get an ‘independent home’ feel to it
  • Even the number of rooms, balconies, bathrooms, powder room, and additional living spaces are usually offered in independent floor
  • This is done to carve out a clear differentiation vis-à-vis an apartment
  • The multi-storey apartments are constructed usually in bigger plots which offer more amenities and benefits outside the home. On the contrary, exclusive independent floors are meant to offer more benefits inside the residential unit

More privacy for the family, less intrusive

  • Clearly, the moment you enter you own ‘exclusive floor unit’, you are cordoned-off from the others living in the same building
  • You have exclusive access to your own floor, and only your own family members would press the button to enter the floor
More privacy for the family
  • In fact, in technology enabled secure homes, the elevators to different floors open only for those authorised to enter the building
  • With no neighbours around you on the same floor, you have a sense of freedom that’s exclusive, and allows you to be reclusive
  • The human movement also is lesser, and this makes for a much quieter living experience with independent floors

A pandemic-ready home with no additional human traffic

  • The exclusive homes make for a ‘pandemic ready home’. Less humans, better ventilation, and lesser areas for microbes to get infested allows for a disease-free environment
  • The COVID era has taught us to have well ventilated, and non-microbes carrying environs which come with lesser human traffic
  • The purpose of having less traffic also allows for automatic social distancing in the building
  • An independent floor means ‘one home per floor’, which means you have lesser people in the entire building
  • This also serves the purpose of enjoying a low-density living

Vastu-compliant home becomes a possibility

  • The tenets of Vastu Shastra don’t quite apply to residential apartments, with multiple apartments co-located on the same floor
  • Vastu is based on choosing the right direction or orientation of the living spaces to optimize on sunlight and air (ventilation) to eventually result in a happy, contented living for the family members
Vastu-compliant home
  • This 100% compliance to Vastu is NOT possible in a residential apartment with common walls with other apartments on the same floor
  • This problem is completely obviated because, with an exclusive independent floor, you have all the directions open from four corners, barring the part where the stairs and elevators lead
  • Simply because an independent floor is NOT surrounded by other apartments on the same floor, it can be truly Vastu compliant
  • Having all the four directions to your own self allows the residents of an exclusive independent floor to truly experience nature
  • This makes it easy to come-up with 100% Vastu compliant homes, with all the elements of nature utilized for a fuller living experience
  • In a nutshell, those living in an independent floor can be more certain of the sunlight and air-ventilation positivity as compared to those in apartments, who do NOT have this luxury

Better utilization of spaces and sense of freedom

  • Exclusive floors allows you to do more in your spaces. The sense of freedom is felt the moment you land on your floor, simply because your floor belongs to you alone, and there is no sharing of walkways or common-areas
  • Besides those using staircase, no one would be motivated to stay on your floor for long. This sense of exclusivity is NOT available in a multi-storey apartment
  • You do NOT have the restrictions of regular apartments, be it maintaining your own home garden in the walkways of your floor
  • You can also greater flexibility to live your life with freedom like moving freely in balconies or common areas of your own floor

Lack of amenities compensated with superior social infrastructure

  • Although, large-scale builders may offer low-rise exclusive floors even in gated communities, most of the independent exclusive floors in Hyderabad are constructed on smaller plots that rise up to 5 floors
  • These small plots, of course, do NOT provide for amenities that come along with gated community (viz. Gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, play-areas etc.), but, these amenities are more than adequately compensated with the superior social infrastructure these exclusive floors offer
  • After COVID, the home buyers witnessed the common amenities getting restricted-for-use and locked-up for over a year. This also meant that the regular home buyer in Hyderabad questioned the added benefits of these common utilities which were ‘not to be used’
  • With lockdown, the home buyer was forced into a reality check, and the social infrastructure in and around the home became more important. For instance, if you are located in a good locality, then getting access to other common-use amenities and facilities is easy
  • A superior social infrastructure with hospitals, medical facilities, groceries, parks, and essential amenities is what’s required

Advantages of low vehicular traffic

  • Lesser the families, lesser the traffic
  • This allows for more than one vehicle per floor parked inside the plot, especially, if it is a 5 floor, 5 units configuration
  • Lesser vehicular traffic makes it safer, convenient and less polluted for the residents of the exclusive floors in their building

Separate water and electricity connection floor-wise

  • Unlike an apartment having multiple sewerage, water and electricity joining together in one floor, the clutter is much less in an independent exclusive floor configuration
  • Each floor has it’s unique electricity and water connection, which makes it easier to install, repair, monitor and maintain
  • The electricity/power back-up required also is smaller. The genset being smaller, the amount of noise and pollution it generates also is much lesser as compared to a horde of apartments straining these essential requirements
  • The usage of common areas, elevators, and other facilities is also minimal due to lesser population putting minimal load on the common resources

Higher market value due to luxury element

  • Exclusive floors command a premium price as compared to the regular 2 or bhk apartments, since these are meant for the discerning few, who are looking for a superior life experience
  • The location and other advantages are also usually more
  • The life of the building is also more considering that it is only 5 floors, especially in Hyderabad, and the return on investment is more
  • With time, the land parcels are getting more and more scarce, and the price appreciation of exclusive floors get higher, and more as compared to regular apartments
  • The exclusive floors will continue to attract the luxury segment buyers who value something special. These home buyers are looking for spacious units with greater privacy in low-density, yet well-located locales


The exclusive floors are simply for those who want an elevated sense of living, a bit of privacy, and yet seek all the advantages a location can offer! With more space, a low-density population appeal, the concept of ‘one home per floor’ will only gain preference. The post-pandemic era has propelled a changed outlook and a deep yearning for more space, reasonable price, better location and higher solitude! This is a niche which only an exclusive independent floor satisfies!!

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