The social infrastructure of Sainikpuri locality

The social infrastructure of Sainikpuri locality- Groceries, vegetables, food, and beverages!

While evaluating a great place to live in, one of the things we consider is social infrastructure. Be it taking a residential home on rent or buying it, we need to have all that we need for comfortable safe living.

Sainikpuri is a residential colony that lies in the North-East part of Hyderabad. Part of Kapra comes under GHMC East Zone in Hyderabad. What started out as a housing society for the Armed Forces Officers has now grown into a large area with over 5 dozens colony in and around the Sainikpuri locality which is now part of the Sainikpuri Post Office.

The Armed Forces Cooperative Housing society formed had plots size ranging from 700 square yards to 2000 square yards. Because of this, the houses have large open lawns and well-laid-out roads. The lush green cover is provided by both trees planted along the roads as well as an average of 8-10 trees in each plot.

The area has developed well over the last 3 decades, and now the place attracts home buyers from within Hyderabad and even abroad.

Sainikpuri locality

Besides the lush green look and feel, and the well-laid-out colonies in and around Sainikpuri, the ever-improving social infrastructure has truly been instrumental in accelerating the pace of development of the Sainikpuri area, Hyderabad.

In this article we shall briefly talk about:

1. Two major shopping hubs: Sainikpuri main road and Hi-Tension road

2. Colony-specific Kirana shops and vegetable shops

3. Access to A.S.Rao Nagar main market and Yapral main market

1. Two major shopping hubs: Sainikpuri main road and Hi-Tension road

The social infrastructure of Sainikpuri locality
  • Hi Tension Road is a wide 100 feet road that runs parallel to Sainikpuri main road
  • The long 3.6 KM stretch makes it a promising hub for shopping needs
  • While it started off as a residential colony, much like the A.S.Rao Nagar colony, the road fast became a shopping hub
  • Now you find over 3 dozen Kirana and general stores, more than 1 dozen pharmacies/medical-shops
  • Hi Tension road boasts many supermarkets like More, Pure O Natural among other
  • The Sainikpuri main road is turning into a vibrant shopping hub with stores like Ratnadeep, Pure O Natural, Polimeraas, Urban Kissan, Heritage Fresh, and Urban Supermart among others
  • Even vegetable vendors are turning their tinned structures into high-end concrete shops in this area considering the demand of discerning customers.

2. Colony-specific Kirana shops and vegetable shops

  • Each colony in Sainikpuri boasts at least 2 or 3 local Kirana shops that make life easy for the residents
  • They even supply vegetables and dry items like potatoes, and onions beside the daily needs like milk, bread, pulses, and other household items in demand
  • Home deliveries are done by these shops making the Sainikpuri locality a delight

3. Access to A.S.Rao Nagar main market and Yapral main market

Karachi bakery.| The social infrastructure of Sainikpuri locality
  • A.S Rao Nagar and Yapral main markets offer virtually all the stores for fruits, vegetables, and groceries besides a host of branded stores in clothing, electronics, etc
    • The A.S Rao Nagar market is a happening area and caters to all food, beverages, and grocery needs
  • The plethora of tiffin centers, fast food joints, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries include prominent names like Karachi bakery, Pista House, Café Coffee Day, Keventers, and Cream Stone among others
  • Ratnadeep, Ushodaya, and many more supermarkets are around this locality making life super convenient
  • All these have both daily needs items as well as fresh vegetables

“People forge bonds in places that have healthy social infrastructures — not because they set out to build community, but because when people engage in sustained, recurrent interaction, particularly while doing things they enjoy, relationships inevitably grow.”

Eric Klinenberg

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