Tips To Check Construction Quality Of Your ‘Standalone Building Apartment’ In Hyderabad!

Tips To Check Construction Quality Of Your ‘Standalone Building Apartment’ In Hyderabad!

Standalone building options in Hyderabad are being preferred by home buyers as they are located in preferred localities with lesser population density. The economy budget home buyers look for regular 3BHK apartments in the range of less than Rs 1 crore. Those looking at luxury 3BHK options look for upscale, premium builder-floors above Rs 1 crore budget, where the home-owner owns the entire floor.

The biggest advantages with a standalone building apartment is- it allows you to spend your money for more square foot area inside the house. Plus, you get all the relevant amenities with it viz. power back-up, elevator (lifts) and exclusive parking among other things. The specifications of standalone building apartment is usually on par, or, at times, better than gated-community projects.

Tips To Check Construction Quality

Why Is Checking For Construction Quality Important?

A home buyers must check the quality of construction while closing the deal.

Standalone building segment comprises of a wide variety of specifications and pricing. So, it is important to know what to look for while evaluating apartment options.

One could be buying an under construction property, or a ready to move property. With an ‘under construction’ property, you need to look at past projects and the specifications of the project you are considering.

Things become easier if you are evaluating a ‘ready to move’ property, since you can actually go personally, and check for quality measure.

Quality checks which you can physically inspect include many things including sturdiness of plumbing materials like pipes, flooring quality, wall plastering, quality of electrical wiring, and alignment of doors/panels/grills including overall finishing.

Checks are a must to make sure that the apartment you are buying is safe to live in. Buying only on the basis of low-cost considerations, and ignoring ‘quality consciousness’ can be a blunder!

Construction Quality

The question is- How we know if the builder of a standalone building is a thorough professional and genuinely quality-conscious? What’s are some of the indicative checks we can undertake as a home buyer?

A builder can be termed ‘trust-worthy’ only if you know that the quality of your purchase will stand the test of time.

Professional and quality conscious builders have a dedicate team of projects, having a keen watch on quality issues. These builders will always be pre-emptive in their approach to construction at every stage. For instance, conducting soil-testing making decisions based on soil-test reports, undertaking anti-termite treatment, buying branded/reliable materials (cement, steel, sand, accessories/fittings, doors/windows, flooring tiles, DG, elevator etc.).

A Simple Checklist-

  • Check if the standalone building is GHMC/HMDA or RERA approved, as applicable
  • Be aware of the quality of the building materials- cement, TMT, tiles, bathroom/kitchen accessories & fitting, electricals being fire-retardant
  • Measures for fire safety being offered
  • Pandemic readiness, designs that ensure social distancing and preventive measures
  • Building with provision for security and safety element. To secure residents from all potential threats like fire, flooding, thefts/burglaries etc.
  • Pre-construction rigour like professional soil-testing, anti-termite treatment
  • Provision for water and electricity- a dual provision like municipal and borewell water are preferred
  • Check for thickness and strength of walls, especially in previously delivered (past) projects
  • Reputation of the builder based on word-of-mouth testimonials from owners of previously delivered projects
  • Check if the structural design seems sturdy, functional and efficiently designed
  • Wet areas like bathroom, kitchen must be well-ventilated with ample sunlight
  • Leakages, dampness and patches on walls
  • Walls made of branded Aerocon bricks or red bricks
  • Slopes of floors in wet areas should allow water to flows smoothly into drains
  • Check if the project is approved for home loan by a bank. Banks conduct thorough checks before approvals
  • Check for specifications the builder is offering. Compare specs. with others in the local area
  • Compare prices for similar specifications. ‘Lower prices’ in comparison to other builders can mean a low-quality indicator
  • Check for seismic measures on the building guard against earthquakes
  • Check if the building is lying in a low-lying area. Go for a property where water-logging or flooding of the area is not an issue
A Simple Checklist for Construction Quality

Checking on some of these items will give a fair indication of how strong and sturdy the standalone building is. This way both your investment and your family remain safe in the long run!

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