a builder floor apartment becomes attractive and legally safe

How Does A Builder Floor Apartment In Hyderabad Look Like?

Home buyers in Hyderabad are exploring unconventional living spaces that are truly SPACIOUS, and offer 4 key elements- (i) more luxury, (ii) greater comfort, (iii) uncompromising privacy, and (iv) freedom or flexibility to design our home.

This is what a ‘builder floor’ apartment offers. With relevant amenities and superior construction-quality, many small builders offering all the high-end specifications in these ‘builder floor’ residences. This makes them luxurious and exclusive!

Home buyers with higher income groups now have access to home loans of over Rs 1 crore. With ‘builder floor’ projects being approved for a home-loan, they boast of a flourishing market for those seeking lifestyle, innovation and luxury in Hyderabad.

1. A mid-path between ‘Multi-Storey Apartment Building’ and a ‘Lavish Bungalow’

Builder floors, unlike skyscraper or multi storied buildings, boast of a better location, and are more spacious. What you get inside the house is now even more important than all the amenities like swimming pool, or a gymnasium to many home buyers, especially, in a post=pandemic scenario.

A builder floor allows you to come very close to a lavish living akin to owning a bungalow or villa.

With availability of home-loans, high-end quality construction, and superior specifications, home buyers in Hyderabad are moving towards a ‘builder floor’ that offer an unparalleled urban life.

2. A spacious 2200 sft Builder floor apartment In Sainikpuri within Rs 1.5 crore range

For instance, a villa or a bungalow in Sainikpuri built on a 400 square yard residential plot, with 2200 sft of built-up area would cost upwards of Rs 3.5 crore.

An independent builder-floor with similar specifications, with added facilities like a power back-up and elevator access to each-floor in Sainikpuri comes at an attractive price of Rs 1.5 crore.

Plus, a builder floor offers ample space and solitude just like a bungalow, and is NOT so expensive!

Builder floor apartment provide a middle path with the ‘twin-benefits’ of both regular apartments and villas. The concept is gaining prominence in almost all the good localities in Hyderabad such as Sainikpuri.

The home buyers of this segment are practical and look for luxury at an attractive price point.

Clearly, you get the massive spaces just like a villa for less than half the price with a builder floor in Sainikpuri!

3. What does a Builder Floor look like?

A typical Builder Floor apartment in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad is a 5-storey building where each family ‘owns the entire floor’. Built on plot sizes of between 400 sq yds to 700 sq yds, these dwelling units have all four sides open to sky just like a villa.

a builder floor apartment

A typical design of a builder floor helps us understand a builder floor better-

  • ‘One apartment per floor’ built on a spacious 400 sq yds residential plot in a preferred colony
  • 5 storey building with 5 builder floor, 3BHK, 2200 sft apartment
  • Each floor has ONLY ONE apartment with direct elevator, hence it becomes a builder floor
  • Exclusive covered parking on the ground floor for residents
  • When you buy one unit of a builder floor, you get to own over 70 square yard of the plot as well along with rights to your exclusive-floor
  • All 4 sides are open, so ventilation and sunlight are abundant. You don’t get this in a multi-storey-apartment
  • Complete privacy and freedom of expression for your family as you own the entire floor
  • The rooms are large, and you can be flexible in converting/designing them as per your needs
  • With all four open sides, you can be flexible in designing the spaces as per your family requirements- viz. work, study, entertainment, storage and workout related spaces
  • The corridor and spacious balconies give you a ‘villa like’ feel
  • The moment you get on your floor using the elevator, you are in the ‘exclusivity’ of your own private space
  • Builders of builder floor pay attention to your specific needs

Being ‘approved for home loan’, a builder floor becomes attractive and legally safe, especially with good builders with a good reputation. The social status that comes with an exclusive builder floor is indeed much higher than owning a regular apartment.

The specifications and build quality of such builder floor apartment projects usually matches those preferring a superior lifestyle living in well-established locations, and preferred colonies of Hyderabad. To put it simply, a builder floor offers happiness at a happy price!

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

– Dalai Lama


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