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Home automation options to secure your 3 BHK or bigger homes in Hyderabad!

Smart homes are being demanded by a lot of discerning customers in Hyderabad and elsewhere. Although Hyderabad is a peaceful city to live in, it is never a bad idea to keep your guards up! Safety and security features allow you to keep your family safe.

A futuristic home experience is possible with smart homes, where things can happen at the click of a button, or even a much simpler ‘voice command’. The gadgets that make this happen allow you to do a lot with home automation solutions.

‘Home security systems’ are perhaps the most critical part of these home-automation solutions viz. doorbells, locks, cameras, thermostats, lights, and smoke alarms. The moment these become part of home automation, we prefix them with the word ‘smart’. So, you could have .smart doorbells’, ‘smart thermostats’, or even ‘smart smoke alarms’. The options are limitless.

Let us get a glimpse of how these home automation solutions apply to ‘home security systems!


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Smart doorbells for your home security

  • This is a common with smart security systems, and come with a small camera in your doorbell button
  • This means that whenever some comes to near your door bell or rings the bell, you get an alert on your phone. With the alert sends an alert to your phone and activates the camera, allowing you to see the visitor through your phone camera
  • Your video door bells works to keep you updated on visitors, and even a potential burglary or break-in
  • The doorbell cameras give you high resolution videos, are capable of motion-sensing, and also permit two-way audio

Smart locks for your home security

  • Smart locks give you both security and convenience. They allow you to go completely keyless
  • These smart locks have the ability to connect & communicate with your mobile phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Many also automatically lock and unlock when they detect your phone approaching so that you can come and go without ever having to worry about whether the door is locked
  • You could have a ‘number pad’ or ‘touchscreen’ based lock where a code ‘unlocks your door’. The other one is an ‘app’ based option connected to your smartphone for ‘locking’ and ‘unlocking’ functionalities
  • Smart locks can be enabled with both ‘key’ and ‘no-key’ options

Smart cameras enabling home security

  • These cameras incorporate Wi-Fi connections that allow them to be viewed and controlled remotely using a smartphone app
  • We can also store the recordings (footage) on the cloud for retrieval and storage at a safer, more dependable location
  • You could choose from ‘indoor’ or ‘outdoor’ cameras
  • Important features include being high resolution, covering a wide angle view, ability to detect ‘motion’ (movement detection), and option to record/capture ‘audio’ recording
  • All this are enabled with wi-fi connection that remains switched on 24×7

Smart thermostats

  • Smart thermostats are handy devices that help you save on your electricity bills. Thermostats are devices that cut-off the power supply upon reaching the desired (targeted) temperature just like in air-conditioners or refrigerators
  • These are both ‘environment and wallet friendly’
  • These are also connected with home Wi-Fi network and are smartphone ‘app’ controlled
  • You can choose your climate preferences, and also specify times that you are NOT at home to minimise consumption
  • Smart thermostats help you manage heating or cooling of your home VRV systems, or other ‘temperature regulating systems’. They prevent the temperature in your home turn excessively high or low. This in turn helps prevent situations like outbreak of ‘fire’ or a ‘freezing of pipes’ of your air-conditioning unit

Smart lights in 3 BHK homes

  • This too gives you both convenience and better security
  • For instance, the Wi-Fi enabled LED bulbs are controllable through your smartphone app. You can switch your LED bulbs ‘on or off’. You could schedule (pre-program) the lighting options or turn them on/off manually
  • You can be worry-free during vacation, and don’t have to be memory dependent on the electricals in your home
  • You could even switching on certain light bulbs daily to TRICK burglars in giving an impre3ssion that someone is home

Smart smoke alarms

  • Smoke alarms help you detect where a fire is located, and communicate it to you using wi-fi, telling you the exact location of the mishap
  • Alerts received on your phone keep you aware about the safety of your home
  • You also have the option of ‘silencing’ your alarms when you are away, using the app-driven options

Safety and security has reached a level of great sophistication and convenience with these wi-fi-enabled security and safety features. The future of home automation is knocking on our doors in India. Hyderabad being a prominent I.T. hub with home buyers of discerning taste, home automation expectations and demands are all set to rise!


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