HMDA and TSbPass

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) and TS-bPASS – relevance for home buyers in Hyderabad!

In this article we shall get a basic understanding of HMDA, and the TS-bPASS, plus what they mean for those seeking a dream home in Hyderabad. The idea is to learn a bit about- (i) the civic authority of HMDA, and (ii) about the landmark TS-bPASS system implemented in Telangana.


The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) was formed by an Act in 2008 with over 7,000 Square Kilometres under its jurisdiction. This is an urban planning body was formed by merging the existing bodies– (1) Hyderabad Urban Development Authority, (2) Hyderabad Airport Development Authority, (3) Cyberabad Development Authority (CDA), and (4) Buddha Purnima Project Authority (BPPA).

HMDA was set up to plan, co-ordinate, supervise, promote and secure the planned development of Hyderabad Metropolitan Region.

HMDA includes 7 Districts, 70 Mandals, 1032 Villages which also encompasses the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

As per the HMDA official website-

  1. “HMDA was set up for the purpose of planning, co-ordination, supervising, promoting and securing the planned development of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region…”
  2. “It coordinates the development activities of the municipal corporations, municipalities and other local authorities, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board, the Telangana Transmission Corporation, the Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation, and other such bodies…”

HMDA is the second largest urban development in terms of area in India, and is chaired by the Telangana Chief Minister.

As per the new master plan the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region the territorial spread includes: 

       i. Tooran along National Highway 7 (North of Hyderabad)

      ii. Bhongir along the National Highway 202 (East of Hyderabad)

      iii. Choutuppal National Highway 9 (South-East of Hyderabad)

      iv. Yacharam along Nagarjunasagar State Highway (South of Hyderabad)

      v. Kandukur along Srisailam State Highway

      vi. Shadnagar along the National Highway 7 (South-West of Hyderabad)

      vii. Chevella and Aloor along Vikarabad State Highway

     viii. Sangareddy (Medak district) along National Highway 9 (West of Hyderabad)

Telangana State Building Permissions and Self Certification System (TS-bPASS)

TS-bPASS is a single window approval system for building permissions meant to reduce the hassles for applicants, by simplifying the building permission process. Earlier the system was implemented for structures equal to or less than 500 square metres or 600 square yards, and now has gone up to plots admeasuring 2000 square metres.

For the first time ever, self-certification was introduced, and no building plan was needed to be submitted to obtain permission. The applicants are required to simply adhere to the setbacks mentioned by GHMC in the permission proceedings, violations of which would lead to penalisation.

In a landmark move, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD) issued a Government Order in Telangana to facilitate the poor in the State to buy small plots to construct their dream home.

This means that developers are now allowed to develop 60-yard plots in layouts.

  • Government of Telangana has enacted “Telangana Municipalities Act 2019” to improve compliance with laws by citizens, increase accountability among officials, eliminate corrupt practices with an overall aim of delivering effective services to people living in urban areas
  • TS-bPASS is a single integrated platform for processing of various permissions required during development of land and construction of buildings through self-certification system
  • It is also designed to provide the required services within stipulated timelines
  • Random audits are taken so that citizens as well as officials deviating from the rules are penalized
  • TS-bPASS provides speedy layout approval process and building permissions in a transparent and timely manner
  • Strict enforcement against unauthorised developments in Telangana
  • Single window clearance facility including the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA)
  • TS-bPASS single window clearance for building permits in urban areas is a major municipal reform legislation

Salient features of the TS-bPASS Act

  • No building permits and occupancy certificates required for plot sizes up to 75 square yards
  • The residential plot from 75 to 500 square yards, and construction up to 10 meters height requires GHMC or municipal permission
  • Citizens can apply using Single Window System (SWS) using TSbPASS portal https://tsbpass.telangana.gov.in
  • Plot sizes above 500 square yards and height above 10 meters and all commercial buildings, high-rise buildings can use one common application using TSbPASS portal
  • Layout approval and Occupancy Certificates (OC) are also processed through this Self Certification Portal

Under this new Act for HMDA layout approval process, the municipalities and GHMC are required to grant permission within 21 days failing it is automatically granted on the 22nd day

Thus, TS-bPASS makes every applicant/citizen responsible. This ensures that they adhere to the building and layout permission rules

Implications of TS-bPASS

  • These new orders will be benefit both buyers and developers
  • In the past, finding a small plot was a challenge for buyers. But, with the new order, developers can cater to the requirements of low budget buyers
  • Owning plots at affordable prices, buyers will also get better amenities as the layouts have to be planned and developed with mandatory space for roads and social infrastructure
  • This will help developers focus on standalone buildings affordable housing segment
  • Layouts with small residential plots and all the mandatory amenities will help buyers with more options in the standalone building apartment segment

It is important for home buyers to know about these regulations which are a big relief from the past, and helps make the dream home with ease, and comparative peace of mind.


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