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Good Mental Health: A Responsibility To be Taken-Up Consciously!

In this article, we are dealing with two signification factors that adversely impacts our mental health: 1) air-pollution, and 2) our lifestyle and self-consciousness!

1. Does air pollution cause mental health issues?

Air pollution has a negative effect on mental health. Poor mental health resulting from air-pollution can causes ailments and issues like stress, loss of productivity, anxiety and even depression. Besides that, you must protect yourself from the ill-effects of air pollution and safeguard the mental health of your family!

Monitoring the air quality of the locality you live in, or are planning to buy could be a first step towards this direction. Unhealthy ambient outdoor air-quality can really have an adverse impact on your physical and mental wellness.

So, air-pollution and mental-health are directly related. One of the ways a new home buyer can avoid this kind of mental health issue is to buy a home in a locality that is relatively pollution-free within a city. For instance, areas like Sainikpuri or Yapral in Hyderabad are much lower on pollution due to the thick green cover of the adjoining Army area. The air-quality index of the locality matters. Within a city, it is prudent to pick a place that is low on air-quality index (AQI).

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2. Does mental health go beyond just factors like air-pollution?

The answer is a BIG yes! Creating a positive mental health environment for your family needs to be a deliberate and conscious effort! When the air-quality is bad in the city and surroundings, you will need to take measures to combat the ill-effects of air-pollution. You could use technology or make changes to your lifestyle to fight the negative effects of air-pollution.

However, good mental health depends a lot on how we deal with ourselves!

A healthy lifestyle goes a long way

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps you sustain positive mental and physical health
  • Traffic-related air pollution can cause increased risk of mental disorders
  • So, it is better to avoid living in areas that are too close to the main road, or main traffic hub generating poisonous gases that gather around our home
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle matters! Simple acts like drinking enough water daily, sleeping well, eating a balanced-meal, not over-eating, walking, exercising lightly everyday
  • Walk outside for exercise, to gather some fresh air, take-in some Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, and avoid traffic pollution
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Be knowledgeable of the problems associated with air-pollution

  • Get well-equipped about the information on ‘how air pollution can cause mental and physical ailments’
  • You must realise and gather knowledge about air pollution contributing to worsening signs of anxiety, depression
  • Air pollution can even lead to major issues like heart disease, respiratory problems and cause many other allergies etc.
  • Many sudden and unexplained symptoms of physical or mental are triggered due to the poor air quality in your locality. It is good to test the air-quality using technology-measures
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Having a healthy social-circle for a healthy mental health

  • Maintaining relationships is crucial to creating a positive mental health environment. Keeping and continuing to build those connections with people you love in your life will help with your mental health
  • Have someone to talk to get the support from people you love
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Seeking professional help when required

  • Seek professional help, and listen to your mind and body, especially when you see symptoms of increased stress and anxiety
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Taking life and yourself easy, and not fretting overmuch

  • Not be overwhelmed by life and give yourself a break when things get too busy- be it family or work related responsibilities
  • You deserve to treat yourself respectfully and not take yourself too seriously!
  • Seeking perfection at the cost of your mental health is simply not worth it!
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“It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.”

– Philip Green

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