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5 factors that make Sainikpuri locality a ‘fabulous location’- a perspective for 3 BHK flat buyers in Hyderabad!

5 factors that make Sainikpuri locality a ‘fabulous location’- a perspective for 3 BHK flat buyers in Hyderabad!

While Sainikpuri is known to be a superb locality owing to the beautiful, green surroundings. If you are considering buying your home in a place that gives you a feel of the city and allows you to breathe easy in small-town-like environs, then this article is for you!

With this background, let us explore the factors that make the Sainikpuri-Yapral belt a fantastic location in Hyderabad:

1. Close proximity to Locality Hub viz. A.S. Rao Nagar market, Yapral mini-market, Sainikpuri main road shopping hubs, and Hi-Tension road market adjoining Sainikpuri

  • Sainikpuri locality in Hyderabad comprises of many self-sustaining and self-sufficient micro markets. No matter where you pick your apartment in the Sainikpuri Yapral locality, you cannot be far away from the main markets
  • You will always be in closer proximity i.e. within 3-4 Kms of wherever you are planning on exploring your apartment in Sainikpuri
  • A sensible thing to do is to be slightly away from the Central Local Hub of Sainikpuri. We can call this hub the Sainikpuri Main road, which connects to the road that leads to A.S.Rao Nagar, ECIL on one side, and to Neredmet, Ramakrishna puram on the other side
  • Being in Sainikpuri-Yapral belt you get to enjoy the clean, green environs with open spaces all around you
  • There cannot be a bigger bliss than living in a low density locality. Sainikpuri offers you just that
  • Also this area is NOT a low lying area, and this means that even during heavy rains, you don’t have to live with water-logging

2. Neighbourhood and easy accessibility around Sainikpuri-Yapral belt

The kind of neighborhood you get in and around Sainikpuri is truly appealing. Sainikpuri locality scores high on:

  • Easy Access from all over Hyderabad
  • All amenities within a stone-throw distance
  • Overall feel and appearance of the locality
  • Bountiful green cover with trees and shrubs hugging the roads
  • A fine gentry comprising of Government/Armed-forces officials (serving & retired), business class, and service class people
  • In terms of accessibility, Sainikpuri is well connected
  • Public transport connectivity to the entire city is superb
  • All private taxis, auto-rickshaw operators operate in this area, which makes commute and connectivity comfortable
  • Sainikpuri scores high safety
  • Your family should be able to move around safely any kind at any time of the day in Sainikpuri area

3. A full-blown Social Infrastructure to support a superb lifestyle

Social infrastructure is critical in meeting the needs of the residents of Sainikpuri. You have many educational, shopping, employment, healthcare, and entertainment hubs in and around Sainikpuri

  • At Sainikpuri, you are well-supported with all the civic amenities
  • Important amenities like grocery stores, shops, restaurants, police station, fire-brigade, hospitals etc. are also nearby
  • Sainikpuri scores high on Healthcare institutions (hospitals), educational institutions (schools & colleges), markets, housing related needs, civic amenities like roads, drinking water, roads, sewage and so on
  • Excellent social infrastructure makes life truly livable and enjoyable thereby enhancing quality of life of the residents of this stunning locality
  • Sainikpuri allows you to be close to the Outer Ring Road, multiple flyovers, a well-managed and responsive traffic management etc.
  • All these make Sainikpuri a great choice regardless of where you choose to buy your apartment in the Sainikpuri-Yapral belt
  • Many ongoing projects, especially standalone building apartments are in progress in Sainikpuri locality
  • At Sainikpuri, the commute will only get better in the decades to come

4. High-end standalone-building 3 BHK flat apartments mushrooming in the beautiful, low-density colonies around Sainikpuri

At the Sainikpuri-Yapral belt, you can have your apartment anywhere in the approximately 8 square kilometers of the residential area. No matter where you choose to go, you will be blessed with a ‘balanced living’ experience

  • The biggest advantage is that you will not have to live in a noisy, polluted and crowded place once you make Sainikpuri your home
  • Sainikpuri location secures you from elements of nuisance that intrude with your comfortable living
  • You could choose an apartment that’s NOT too close to public places like public gardens or temples, function halls, schools etc. This way you can avoid all these sources of constant disturbance!
  • You have many options in Sainikpuri locality where you can enter and exit your 3 BHK flat apartment location easily, and won’t have to struggle with narrow lanes due to heavy public and traffic movement
  • A good precise-location in Sainikpuri offers you a noise-free and air-pollution-free experience

5. Apartment in itself is important, once you have made Sainikpuri locality as your choice

This is perhaps the most critical element. All you need to do is NOT choose for a low-quality apartment or an apartment that does not meet the family needs within Sainikpuri. With many options, and varying prices, you need to make the right choice, and QUALITY CONSTRUCTION is your single most important criteria to purchase your apartment in Sainikpuri

  • Choosing a good construction quality apartment in Sainikpuri means that you need to know what the specifications of an apartment mean
  • Choose bigger 3 BHK flat, which may be in the interiors for a more spacious apartment, and more peaceful living experience
  • Locations closer to Sainikpuri main road are more expensive compared to those inside by 2-4 Kms. Its wiser to get more square foot space for the same money
  • Over obsession about being closer to main roads sometime comes in the way of a healthy and better living experience. So, choose a bigger, more spacious apartment and NOT get carried away by preference to closer to Sainikpuri Main road

Thus, Sainikpuri does rise tall in stature to give you beautiful homes with all the relevant amenities like power back-up, lifts, parking, water, and electricity connection, etc. at extremely attractive price points. As the decades go b, Sainikpuri is poised to be the most preferred location in Hyderabad that you can call home!


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