Early stages of construction of exclusive-floor apartment benefits

Benefits Of Buying Exclusive Floor Apartment During Early-Stages Of Construction in SAINIKPURI, Hyderabad!

An ‘exclusive-floor’ apartment is one where you own the entire floor, because you have only ONE APARTMENT PER FLOOR. These kind of residential units are coming-up in Sainikpuri and Yapral Secunderabad because of the demand factor. Besides being spacious (upwards of 2200 sft), these are luxurious units being offered in the lush green environs of Sainikpuri. Sainikpuri as an area is considered to be up-market, and a home in this beautiful locality guarantees both peaceful-living, plus bountiful of nature. Plus, the advantage of having Armed Forces and Government officials in and around Sainikpuri makes it a very desirable place to live-in in terms of the gentry. Sainikpuri is very close to a very large land parcel of Army installations that occupy over 4 square kilometres of untouched green cover.

Exclusive floor apartment is usually constructed on plot sizes of 400 square yards to 700 square yards. This makes them very spacious with all 4 sides open to sky. Since the prices of residential plot have gone beyond Rs 50,000 per square yards, making an independent bungalow in Sainikpuri area has one well beyond Rs 3.5 crore. On the contrary, a 2200 sft ‘exclusive-floor’ unit costs well within Rs 1.5 crore with all the relevant amenities like ‘elevator-access’ to each of the 5 floors. This means, you virtually get to buy your own ‘sky-villa’ with high-end specifications at a very attractive price-point of Rs 6000 to Rs 7000 per sft.

Reasons to buy an exclusive floor apartment in early stages of construction

The standalone configuration of these exclusive floors in Sainikpuri, as permitted by GHMC civic authorities is- 5 storey building with ground floor reserved for parking.New launch properties are more economical as compared to ‘ready to move in’ apartments. Plus, with ‘exclusive floors’, the time to construct is usually well within 18 months, and you don’t have to wait too long to see construction happening fast. Making a first-mover and a fast-mover advantage when you choose a project being offered by a reputed builder in Sainikpuri area.

FIVE clear advantages of buying an ‘exclusive-floor’ during early stages of construction in Sainikpuri-

1. Early bird discounts and offers

  • When the bank-loans are at a pre-approval stage, and during early stages of construction, the builders are more amenable to discounts to kick-start the project
  • As the project of this 5-storey building crosses the 4th floor level, the incentive to offer discount to new customers disappears
  • So, early-on, booking your own ‘independent floor’ unit is an opportunity, especially in Sainikpuri

2. Select unit of choice early-on

  • When you approach the builder at an early stages of construction, you can choose the floor of your preference
  • Some people like higher floor, others prefer closer to the ground, and some may even want a middle floor
  • With only 5 floors on your, the choices disappear very fast. Hence, it is prudent to make the choice early-on

3. Sainikpuri as a locality is in demand

  • Sainikpuri as a locality is in demand, and your preferred unit may get sold and booked faster than you imagine
  • This happens more so when the builder is a reputed one, and the number of takers are more
  • New infrastructural development in Sainikpuri area is rapid. The ‘social infrastructure’ in and around Sainikpuri is excellent, and it is a joy to live in a beautiful locality like Sainikpuri
  • The face of Sainikpuri is only getting more and more beautiful with every 6 months
  • This leads to demand of the locality as well as prices going up every year

4. Price hike is rapid as construction progresses

  • Prices normally go up by Rs 300 to Rs 500 per sft when the structure is ready, and when at least 2 out of 5 are sold
  • When nearing completion, the price may increase by more than Rs 700. This means you can witness appreciation of property well before you take possession
  • This also means, that those who take the timely decision of booking the property can witness their exclusive floor apartment appreciation by Rs 10 to Rs 14 lakh
  • With rising labour costs and cost of raw materials you can save a considerable amount by booking your property early-on

5. Scope of customisations to suit your needs

  • This is the biggest advantage where you can get your preferred view as well as preferred layout when the structure is still on a paper
  • With a small builder in Sainikpuri, you can very well customise your unit to a great extent to suit your requirements
  • Once the construction goes beyond a certain stage, you have to accept all the design elements, and any dismantling of re-designing etc. is a cost you have to bear
  • Interior layout changes and minor changes in the design can easily be done when you book your apartments at early stages

So, all you need to do is to choose the right builder and the choice of your ‘exclusive-floor’ in Sainikpuri at the right time. This will give you a definitive edge much to the delight of your family!

Eventually, you must research well, and take a deliberate decision to own your exclusive floor apartment dream in Sainikpuri!

 “Every decision brings with it some good, some bad, some lessons, and some luck. The only thing that’s for sure is that indecision steals many years from many people who wind up wishing they’d just had the courage to leap.”

-Doe Zantamata


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