Post Pandemic Era – 6 Great Customisations, Innovations And Choices To Get More Out Of A Home In The ‘Post Pandemic’ Era!

6 Great Customisations, Innovations And Choices To Get More Out Of A Home In The Post-Pandemic Era!

The post pandemic era has allowed people to think about getting more out of their homes, and to get more out of available spaces and time.

Pandemic was nothing short of a socio-cultural experiment where we were forced to stay indoors with our family members. Besides family members re-discovering one another, people have, knowingly or unknowingly, forged a new relationship with their own home! This relationship between home and its residents has been a natural outcome of time-spent at home by everyone across the world.

Global pandemic made us stay inside our homes for very long durations. Work from home emerged out of the blues as a new norm. A home got transformed into a place where we lived the full circle- that included sleep, eat, entertain, work, work-out, study and even socialize at home. Our family members got closer physically, and emotionally.

No one had imagined that our entire public life would happen inside our home. The world, virtually and literally, got right under the roof of our home, surrounded by walls, windows, doors and balconies.

customisations in post pandemic era

Having experienced varying degrees of lockdowns, home owners have been able to connect with their home like never before.

Even architects and interior-designers explored elements in a home that either don’t work for people, or are missing. The result is a plethora of innovations people have undertaken over the past 2 years on design and lifestyle changes.

Products and services that help ease life, provides for convenience, allow more space, gives more airiness or breathy is being welcome!

Sense of SPACIOUSNESS and UTILITY OF SPACES is being continually re-invented by home inmates across the globe.

This realisation resulted in the new designs being inspired with the new-found requirements. Home renovations were also done much more confidently by. Floor designs and spaces are being presented in a whole new package by builders. Architects and engineers have gotten inspired to present homes in tune with these times.

Frustrations of being locked in the home has led to many brilliant ideas being implemented to make the home more functional.

Changes And Customisations In The Post Pandemic Era

1. Rooms being re-purposed, re-designed and cross-utilized

  • Children need spaces to move and jump around, and not just sit on computer. This element has been recognised and incorporated by people across the globe
  • During post pandemic era, Unused rooms, and study rooms are being converted into multiple spaces like- work-from-home space, study-from-home spaces, exercise/yoga corners
  • Unused and space-occupying furniture being discarded, and moved out of home releases precious square-inches of floor space
  • Those with big unused rooms or even garages are being converted yoga spaces, or mini-gymnasiums, or even entertainment zones, playrooms, or home-offices
  • People are repurposing their rooms to add the much-needed space
  • Even living rooms besides unused or guest rooms are being used for multiple activities like gaming by adding big TV screens, lighting, and gaming chairs
  • Air circulation is being increased by opening up closed partitions, and to use the space to safely invite friends for social gatherings

2. Separate spaces to meet different needs

  • In the post pandemic era,Homes with open and bigger spaces are getting popular even with new home designs
  • They are helpful for social and even family gatherings
  • Families are both working at home, and schooling at home are happening
  • Spaces are being created in a way where family members get a balance of privacy, and adequate social distancing even within the family to allow overall- well-being
  • Well separated and well-divided helps family members respect one another’s boundaries, and not get into uncomfortable intrusions or situations
  • This is all the more necessary for elderly members of the family
  • People want spaces to be separated such that both children and elderly parents are kept safe, especially in a pandemic environment. Those with independent villas, and having open-plot spaces are even constructing additional dwelling rooms to serve this purpose. This allows family members to own their exclusive space, and yet have easy access

3. Adding proper ventilation and sunlight

  • Windows, doors, furniture and rooms are being renovated to add more ventilation and natural light to homes
  • Long and open windows with fly-proofing help easy ventilation and sunlight
  • As per Vastu as well, these are basic things that keep harmful microbes circulated out of the house

4. Fresh food, clean water, more storage and an ‘open-and-efficient-kitchen’

  • Air quality has been a priority ever since the pandemic began
  • Water quality has gained importance because of which water filtering RO (reverse-osmosis) units are also being installed at home
  • The idea is to have clear consumption of food, air, water, and to have minimal outside contact to keep family safe
  • Built-in water purification systems for kitchens are a great way to have access to clean and safe usable water
  • Cooking in kitchen has gone up with reduction on outside food dependency
  • Spends on travel and restaurant meals has gone down, and this has resulted in many households investing heavily in kitchen renovations
  • Redesigning of kitchen, as well as other rooms in the house is being done to optimize on space and functionality
  • Kitchens renovation budgets have witnessed sharp increase since all the family members are spending far too much time in kitchen in the post-pandemic era
  • Cooking ranges, cooking tables, baking ovens, and other electrical and mechanical gadgets/equipment in the kitchen are being bought much more these days
  • Built-in coffee stations and tea making capabilities are also being added at home by those who love their beverages

5. Energy-efficient electrical/electronic devices and consumption

  • During post pandemic era,Those working and schooling at home are using Wi-Fi, and consuming more energy
  • This means that energy efficiency is a priority to cut down on electricity bills
  • In the pre-pandemic era, people would work from offices, and were not much concerned about electricity or air-conditioning bills. This will obviously change when you have to pay for these added bills
  • Electricity bills have forced peoples into buying devices, gadgets, and appliances that save money besides being environment friendly

6. Consciously cleaning and de-cluttering of home

  • People are getting open to clearing out things they do not need
  • Plus, while shopping, we are seriously considering far more carefully about what we buy. Anything we buy occupies space, and we do NOT want to further clutter our homes, our wardrobes, our storage spaces, and definitely not our floor spaces
  • Plus, we are consciously filling and adding things to our homes that bring joy, well being and happiness. This can be a yoga-mat, flower-pots, gardening, space-saving devices or furniture etc.

Instead of being in a rush, more thought is being given to buy things that are beautiful, useful and sturdy. All this happening in the post pandemic era, because now we are all spending a lot more time at home. So, it makes sense to hand-pick things that add to beauty, utility and aesthetics!

“Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.”

– Franz Kafka


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